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Rain of fire Wrong damage and hit box

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Posted 02 March 2018 - 05:16 PM

Fiirst we need this Formula to show the problem


Magical ATK


The attribute INT is needed for calculating the Attack amount


Calculation of Min/Max MATK

MinMaxAtkUp = log10(INTUp) * INTUp  The calculation is based on a base-10 logarithm
MinPAtk = FinalWeaponPAtkMin + MinMaxAtkUp
MaxPAtk = FinalWeaponPAtkMax + MinMaxAtkUp

Calculation of Skill Damage

If the description states: Weapon Magic Attack, the skill damage is calculated from a random value between the weapon's base Min/Max Matk.


Calculation of resulting Damage

BonusDamage = 0
FinalDamage = ((MinMAtk…MaxMAtk) * 1.5) + BonusDamage + SkillDamage


Rain of fire Lv 10 : ''Weapon magic attack power  : >>>>>420% +750<<<<<<


The game nice on this cause it show the damage of the weapon for me



(7731-20 080)*4.2+750


(7731*4.2)= 32 470.2

(32 470.2+750) =33 220.2 (min Weapon damage)


(20080*4.2) = 84 336

(84 336+750) 85 086 (max Weapon damage)




After there the element damage but we don't need that since we have the normal damage show from the game with element damage include and it quite low already


(33220.2-85086)+9600 total elemental damage


Now game damage shown ----------------------------------


44911 to 57910 On lv 21 monster so i know the damage is not to much reduce from monster deference


What we can see here is the Minimum damage seem higher but well dint test it hard enough since i keep doing critical... but the max damage seem low and not much damage difference.and we are far from the 85k damage. and that not include my elemental damage and all the other % bonus from item.


my basic attack damage in the game seem fine ( 33k to 48k normal no skill bonus one shot bullet)


>>>>>can hit up to 12 monster with a 6 combo<<<<


Now for this other problem. many many time i test in PVE and PVP > moving and not moving target. and the problem seem even worst with none moving target.


The skill have the problem to have a wrong hit box. The animation and the real hit box is sightly in the front of the animation. Most of the time if the monster is right in the center of the animation he wont get hit at all or only get 1 of the 6 suppose combo hit.


When i use Magnet lv 5 on a pack ( drag 5 monster) and i cast a rain of fire in it and only 3 monster get hit and not by the full 6 combo. it happen a lot. Before with a lv 5 there was some minor but when the skill would only hit 4 time and not 5 but now that it lv 10 the bug seem even worst.


The skill say 12 monster but i never saw a full 12 monster hit ever only 8 max.


in PVP vs a none moving target the skill tend to hit only 2 time or 0 it rare the skill will do a full 6 combo hit..

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