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An outsiders thoughts and proposals for our server

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#1 CharlieLovesU


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 06:51 PM

So as a new player I wanted to give my first impressions on what is working with the game and what isn't. I try to look more at the larger effect of things rather than individually what is fun or not as well. I'll touch first on the things I think are the most glaring issues we have on our server:





So from an outside perspective, this game is an incredible grind. You sink hours upon hours to finally hit that sweet 99 and it feels good. The work you put in is worth it in the end. The reason people would play through such a grind is because it makes it feel like an accomplishment and gives you so much to do for quite awhile. The issue with our server is that there are only really a couple efficient places to grind your EXP. The RO world is quite cool. It's got many fun places and interesting mobs, items to hunt for, etc. But for leveling? I've found you basically go from Porcellios (einbroch field) into Juperos. Specifically Juperos and Porcellios are so time efficient and safe relative to the investment that it makes other places feel like a joke even if their exp isn't BAD. As a result you have literally no reason to see the rest of the RO world. you will be killing red insects and small little robots for most of your time as you level up. and that's not really that great. No matter what, in an MMO you gotta be effiicent with your time, or at least most people will strive to be. So my suggestion is to nerf porcellios/Juperos and potentially buff a few other places that may need it. Give people a reason to see the rest of the world or farm elsewhere.  



And as a disclaimer I know it would suck to lose an awesome leveling spot like Juperos for new players coming to the server, but I will get into how we can fix this with my next idea:





So statted costumes or buff costumes initially seem really cool, but they take away from one of the core aspects of RO. Individuality. Costumes and how you look are a big part of the fun of this game as its aesthetic is really cute/cool for a lot of people. By introducing OP costumes and forcing everyone to wear the same one, you take away individuality and expression. Not only that, but costumes should not be buffing you in ANY way. The Meat buff on the Dog hat is kind of ridiculous right now. It's so ridiculous that you'd be stupid to not use it. It's cool. I'll abuse it, but there are better ways of doing the same effect:



  • Have quest for costume that no longer gives any bonus or buff
  • If you want to introduce a temporary buff, you can then make the quest give tokens that grant you a buff temporarily (much in the same way VIP buffs, Battle Manuals, and Bubblegum works) 
  • Alternatively you can introduce more EXP oriented events instead of costume ones. In combination with nerfs to juperos/porcellios people can still level at a similar rate, only at different places now. 






Zeny inflation is pretty high on our server. While its manageable, many high end items have become impossible to sell on a merchant due to their relative value. Players are finding a way around it, but the issue is there. There is too much Zeny on the server. Inflation will stay even with the Raffle until there are massive zeny sinks that are EASY to do. See, the issue with the Raffle isn't how cost effective it is, its that you have to sit there for a long time just to take advantage of it, and after a few weeks the advantage becomes less and less as the value of the items isn't worth it. When it first came out it was a great sink and an idea. Ori/Elu went from over 1mil to 600k and are now down to 300-400k. It hasn't solved the issue though as many people just don't bother and snow buy from other players rather than do it themselves due to the time commitment. My suggestion is to introduce rare/exclusive temporary cosmetic items on a weekly basis that players can buy tickets for at a chance to get. It won't work like the current raffle though, but in a literal sense of someone is guaranteed to win it. However many tickets there are, one of those will win. Some ideas for this kind of raffle I had were:



  • One of a kind, never to return costumes, or extremely limited (like cat muffler)
  • Different models for your halter lead (not sure if this is even possible, but different animals or colors for them would be cool)
  • Different color dyes exclusive to the raffle
  • A consumable that converts any headgear into a costume permanently while removing the stats. 


While some of those may not be possible, at least two of those are. By making really cool high end costumes that are limited/exclusive to that week, people can and will bid on them. Make the tickets very expensive. (like 1m + or maybe more) and those who want the costumes will sink a lot of zeny into them.  The consumable that converts a headgear into a costume would be VERY sought after and I think a lot of players would want it. I feel like this should just be an item in general, but by putting it behind a bigger zeny sink you get an opportunity to remove more zeny from the server.



The key here in  this entire point is that we need a CONSISTENT zeny sink. That is always there that will always have people putting zeny into it because otherwise between bots, and constant farming/selling to npcs zeny will keep inflating.





  • Juperos/Porcellios eat up all the leveling experience, nerf them/buff other places so we can see the rest of the RO world. 
  • No more stat or buff giving costumes, even temporarily. Instead make the event grant temporary buff consumables and/or introduce more exp events instead. 
  • Need Zeny sinks, I suggest exclusive costumes, consumable to convert headgear into costume, and other cosmetics in a raffle type format that happens weekly. 







Lastly, despite all the crap I see our server get, I don't think its in as bad as shape as people say it is. It's fun, we have active players, and its all manageable currently. I just think it could be a lot better with a few tweaks. 

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Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:49 PM



A really amazing post, too bad the mods will never read it. Well done <3

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#3 pints129


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Posted 04 March 2018 - 01:17 AM

+1 to the TLDR

We'll get more leveling maps soon with trans/hugel but still... 

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#4 Spoon


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Posted 08 March 2018 - 07:10 AM

Did somebody say warm cat muffler :)

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#5 Darvis123


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Posted 08 March 2018 - 11:20 AM

+1  :thx:

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#6 OrionSlayeer


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Posted 09 March 2018 - 03:09 AM

Good job there. Nice ideas.


But, as long as the duping problem is not solved, a zeny sink won´t do anything. Yes, it will sink zeny from players, the dupers will dupe more zeny and the demand for zeny is gonna rise. Only thing it will do, is put even more money on the zenysellers pockets.


You can see in game. The prices are slowly deflating. Not because of the zeny sink, but because the zenny sellers have realized that they dumped their own prices. So now they stopped pumping more zeny into the market, and are rising their prices again.


But hey, resolve the duping problem first, and all your ideas after that are very valid.

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