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Dragon Saga Bug Report Status

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Posted 28 December 2010 - 03:28 PM

I'm taking a page from CM Helium over on the Requiem side so that issues can be resolved and seen.

Dragon Saga Bug Reports: Community Status List

Last edit: Thursday, 07 July 2011
(Note: Not all reports submitted are included. Some reports contained information which warranted removal from this list.)

Status Legend
Open: report sent to development and remains an open issue
Reopened: report sent multiple times to development and remains an open issue
Pending: report not yet submitted (still investigating or preparing the report)
Improvement: request sent to development
Not Seen: cannot reproduce the issue or verify it to report to development
Closed: report sent but issue is no longer relevent or has been addressed
Fixed: report sent and the issue was fixed

[Submit Date] [Status] [Summary]
12/28/2010 Open Punctuations in the creation field for guild names, party names, PVP names, or etc� causes an error.
12/28/2010 Fixed Medal: "Last Action Hero" not removeable.
12/28/2010 Fixed Libra cut scene is not displaying after 0.1.19 patch.
12/28/2010 Pending AoE spells cause floor to display improperly at Skypie Sanctuary F5.
12/29/2010 Open Error occurs with older character cards with transferred accounts.
12/29/2010 Fixed First class promotion for Mages states Wizard for both options.
1/3/2011 Fixed Married characters are not receiving the Just Married Medal.
1/4/2011 Fixed Text translation at NPC William
1/4/2012 Fixed Monk quest translation issues.
1/4/2011 Fixed Quest: Monster Hunting (2) from Innkeeper Nyla at Libra, changed quest dialogue to make it appear less ambiguous.
1/4/2011 Pending Option to "Display HP Bar" causes the HP bar to disappear upon changing of maps or map levels.
1/4/2011 Pending Ability to use the Mouse to view stores does not always work
1/4/2011 Open Ahtoo's petrify attack freezes players in the air.
1/4/2011 Pending Pressing "Quick Start" on Stage 9/10 of F6 causes a removal from the instance.
1/5/2011 Open Client Error: 0x0002 during start up.
1/5/2011 Open After marriage, all couples and married users have the marriage icon.
1/9/2011 Pending HP bar random drop to 0 during monster killing at Vancliff Fortress
1/9/2011 Fixed Dragon Saga 2010 not removeable for some users.
1/12/2011 Open Mailing causes a loss of items. (Sent almost a month ago)
1/12/2011 Pending Macro does not maintain settings upon map change.
1/12/2011 Open Warlock skill Blizzard misses target in PvP.
1/23/2011 Pending Jumping area heading to Alvida has an endless hole
1/23/2011 Pending Random gargoyle in the ground at Van Cliff causing disruption.
1/24/2011 Open Login screen randomly appears over Game screen while in-game.
1/26/2011 Open PVP medal requirements are shifted off from what they should be.
2/1/2011 Pending Random closing of client during minimization.
2/14/2011 Fixed Party member leaving F7 causes it to bug and stop the monsters.
2/14/2011 Pending Random loss of points from F7.
2/14/2011 Open Hero of Sign not being received from BSQ.
2/15/2011 Open Purified Spirit of Paris changes to level 0 upon log out.
2/22/2011 Pending Disconnection and client issues at F7 for levels 40+
3/27/2011 Pending F7: Monsters don't die to passive damage
3/27/2011 Fixed F7: Glitch occurs when monsters are killed at the same time it hits the stone.
3/27/2011 Fixed F7: Player disconnection causes glitch at the beginning of stage.
4/6/2011 Open Client closes randomly upon doing anything.
4/6/2011 Open Wizard Skill: Witch's Curse at level 5 is currently not working 100%.
4/18/2011 Pending Shootdown and other skills cause players to become non-damageable in PvP mode.
4/20/2011 Open Insurance Scroll stays colored when users switch an item incorrectly in the enchant/craft UI.
4/26/2011 Pending Throwing Dagger may glitch and not do damage, though the hit is seen.
4/26/2011 Pending Brass Armor Guards on the Botanic Garden floors 6 and 8 do not count for the Wanted Quest.
4/27/2011 Open Guild Ranking system points are not reflecting the tournament and emporia status.
5/3/2011 Open Resting Bonus EXP for MyHome items not functioning.
7/7/2011 Open MyHome item Candlelight returns to the user when leaving and returning to the MyHome.
7/29/2011 Fixed Guild Vault Items Disappeared
8/4/2011 Open CP Requirement is not displayed or taken.
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