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Some QoL ideas.

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Posted 19 March 2018 - 05:32 PM



I would really like to see some little QoL changes made to the interfaces.


1st one would be selecting the channel to log on by using Arrowkeys and enter. Kind of bothers me everytime i log in, type name and pw, use the mouse, and back to keyboard for selecting char xD


2nd one would be the possibility to navigate through your inventory by using keyboard only. having the option to turn on a "selection box" that hightlights the current inventory slot(just take the "new item in your inventory" white highlight and make it blue or red or costimizable) you're on (default top left.) that activates when you open a merchant shop. making it possible to go left and right in your inventory and selling items by pressing a rebindable key. Maybe even the possibility to use the tab key (that currently opens the chat whenever i dont want it :) ) to switch to the merchant side and buy items this way / or use tab to go thought your equip. cons, misc tabs..




what do you think of it? xD

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