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[Suggestion] More Slots for Inventory via IM-Item/ Kimart-Wings

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 04:07 AM

Hello guys,


I am an old DragonSaga Player from 2010, so i have seen many many changes happen to this game (back then when br + jb leveling was a thing, c-ellu etc.).

During the time, there were some changes, which i never understood why they have been made (for example turning libra from a dreamy nightly city into this muddy-ugly city).

Two of which i want to ask for yet another change:

1.) Inventory slots:

I remember that back in the days there were more slots in your inventory, after PSB-Patch, the inventorys for new characters were smaller.

But thats not the issue i am having; people including me have adapted to this and i doubt that anyone except for a few remember that this change was made.

The issue i am having is, that with this change also the max slots limit has also been decreased. I have reached this limit and since i am farming all day, i have trouble with the space i have left.

so my suggestion and question is to please increase the limit of slots you can add with the IM-Item. The pros for me are clear: we as the players have more itemslots available and you as publisher(or something else, dunno :D) earn a bit more money from it - we both earn something from it. (i know it is possible, i played on a pserver after gpotato got shut down and there the limit was so high, the inventory reached over the complete screen)


2.) Kimart-Wings

With the Heirloom Event i remembered the Old Days where u had kimart wings, and several other mob loot from the hidden maps that disappeared shortly after PSB patch.

In gpotato times, i had them bought for 12k gold and i remember it giving +48 Agi.

I never understood, why those things got removed (not from the game, but from the loot of the mobs) and recently i looked in the market, and not a single kimart wing was there :(

so first i have a question about this: have they been removed from the game completely or are they just so rare that you barely find any of it?

and the second thing: is it possible to put them back in the game? i remember having a conversation back then that it was "too op" - a statement to which i disagree.

If it wont be added, can i please have an explanation on why it was necessary to remove them or why you decided to not have them anymore?


thanks in advance C:

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