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Arcadia Episode 1 & 2 The Story so far / All done thank you

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Posted 01 April 2018 - 12:59 PM

Arcadia Episode 1 & 2


Story so far




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Episode 1


Veron The vampire hunter thank you for helping get rid all the evil inside the Fortress (Vancliff mansion). Soon after we finished cleaning the fortress he found an old book in the library. The only 2 word Varon was able to read why ‘’Skygarden’’ and ‘’Legend’’ before the book crumbled in to dust.  He remembered about a tale that Alvin in Odelia told him about a Garden in the sky.


Go and see Alvin if you are interested to find out more about this mysterious place. So you when to Odelia and speak to the old man. Arriving there the old man told you there was not that information in it. But the gate keeper in Moonlight shore village could have more since he was interesting in old tales. So you went there to speak to him.

After asking Larell he told you that recently he found a book under a tombstone. And after decrypting it he found out a whole chapter about the tale Alvin told about. The book confirms the tale of a floating garden and some sky creatures living in it but contains even more detail.  But sadly the story was unfinished and one day something bad happen and the sky creature hide their floating city and themselves.


Larell ask you to talk to the Dark Magician Baron at ash mist village, as there nobody better then him with the knowledge about Evil and the Chaos. And we might get the truth about the tale. And so we went back to ash mist village to have a talk with Baron.


Talking to him seems to be a good idea. Baron tells you that the Floating garden was not just an old tale, but was real. The chaos inside Baron gives him vision about the Location of it. And Recently the Vision was getting stronger. But sadly those visions were not enough to found out where it was.

Barons ask you to go to Snowy Graveyard. According to him the Chaos in him was strong there. Arriving at the location, there was nothing special or strange.  Maybe it was just a Bedtime story…  But what if not?


Jess the Sneaky Thief was eavesdropping on the conversation. He confirms the existence of the place called Sky garden. And even tells you that he once used the Sky ship himself. And this ship is called a sky train. He ask you to collect some unicorn horns to create is down accessory in exchange for is ticket.


You try to use the ticket that Jess gives you multiple times but without luck. You came back to him and yell at him after realizing he did scammed you. The conversation was short. ‘’We had a deal the unicorn for the ticket now go away’’ jess reply. You finally accepted the fact that Jess was just another nobody that was not worth to be trusted again.


Few minute later after running around in ash mist village for a solution you ran in to your old Blue friend Pororing.

‘’Master! Master! Wait for me!’’

Your blue friend told you to give up on the ticket that jess gave you, and it seems to have something to tell us. He heard that we ask around about the tale. He told us that the sky garden was just a legend and there never was a sky garden.


Old tale always have some right in is, and it was not a garden but a Magnificent city with some Bird like creatures. Those creatures had a friendship with all earth bound people. Pororing confirm the existence of a ship that was transporting earth bounder to the floating city. But the paradise was ruined when the chaos took over and possessed all the earth bound people. The Bird creature tries to save they earthbound friend but failed.

He continues with to tell us that Paris filled with Chaos who used her dark magic to lift the invisibility spell of the city. And Paris search for something inside the city to become even more powerful. But seem to have failed because the bird like creature took everything the day they left out the city. So there was nothing to be found. The city is now an empty city floating in the sky. And it is now visible to all that have a good heart and the eyes to see.

Your blue friend ask you to close your eyes and to grab is feet and believe. To believe in only one word, ‘’ Arcadia’’ the name of the city.



This is where your story begins. Saving arcadia city.


After a few moment walking around in this huge floating city. You found out a weird creature floating. Her name was Arcadia. She told you that she was the city. She was in the past present and would still be there in the future.


She asks us for help. The city was running low in energy. And the city was barely able to float. And that Paris last attack took down the invisibility spell and ate most of the available energy. To save the city Energy core would need to be installed in big city on the ground.

She asks us to go and ask the Town Chief at Odelia if we could install the first Core collector there. Arcadia Teleport us there and after a small talk with the town chief he accepted to installed the  first Energy core there.

The same thing was done in Port of the wind, Libra, Kazura. With enough positive energy arcadia told us, that the last energy core would to be installed in Ash mist village. To make a balance between the good and the negative energy. And this place would have more than enough negative there.


After the energy problem now solve.  Arcadia ask us to go back on the ground and ask around for some who wished to go with specific job need to make a new living there. After a few running around.  All the people needed were found. She was glad that we helped the city to be back full of life.


End of Episode 1 story.






PS:  the short version of the Episode 2 is in writing mode and will be added there later. i hope the text is not to bad, i tried to put the must useful information cause there is so much dialog and story during those quest. 


If you are lost in the quest of Arcadia part 1 still of are going to start them i did a full game play the episode 1 and 2


Lv 65

Lv 66

Lv 67

Lv 68



i did the same for Arcadia Episode 2 so if you need help in for it too. i did them to just go on my youtube chanal and click on Video so you can see all the video.



Arcadia Episode 2


The Story so far.





Episode 2


(Every dialog with Arcadia will be added in the recap because it happening between the dialog and have some funny moment)



Arcadia asks you to help her again, and of course agree to it. While talking with her you notice some memory gaps.


Arcadia: Hello (your character), Savior of Arcadia, population transcript 537a got activated and successfully completed. According to script 1122a2 I need to inform you about … error …error …404 file not found….


Earthbound being… Savior of Arcadia… data crystal transaction incomplete…error…processing


During this weird chat with Arcadia, she tells you that she send a message to a Well-known and very skilled scientist Dr. Alber Tesler, to help her with this ‘’data corruption problem’’. And so you go and visit him on the top of the floating city.


Arriving to the Laboratory, The Dr. Welcome you.

Dr. Tesler:  Hello, hello! You must be (your character). I’ve been expecting you. Did Arcadia send you over?


During the conversation, Tesler inform you, that he discovered some note regarding ‘’Biodome Gates’’ while studying on the data crystal. And those Biodome gates could hole the fix to the ongoing data corruption. The Dr. continued with is study of those Biodome Gates and he found what those gate where use to travel from A to B in a blink of an eye no matter the distance.


And one existing Biodome gate somewhere in the ice region of the Continent of the Chaos is mentioned. Even though Dr. Tesler is almost sure that the original Biodome Gate no longer exists after all the time that passed. But fragments of it survived in the ice and even in the DNA of the creatures living there.


So he sends you to a quest of DNA gathering in the Ice Region of the Chaos continent. Your job is simple do what a true hero is made for slaying monster; a lot of monsters and at the same time collect some scientific data, the perfect combination.

A few hours later slaying tones of monster you came back with the DNA fragments the dr. was needed.


Tesler: Wow, your back already. That was fast! Thank you so much for bringing me the needed fragment. Time is ticking. I will start the analyzing process right now.


(Since it’s a game, we don’t have the time perspective of the Dr. analyzing process speed. So I will say it took few hours every time he need to do some analyzing. Or if the Dev team can tell us how fast he is working :p_devil: )


A few hours later




Arcadia : Go and slay Arcanist Pablo in Libra! Error 505 Pointer not pointing...


Tesler : perfect timing. Take a cup of hot tea and relaxed my friend until the Recreation process is finished. I will get back to you once it done.


A few min later Tesler inform you that the recreation process is still not done but stopped at 85% and giving out the error code 714 … resource missing. After a other study of Arcadia working data crystal it seems a crystalline energy source is needed with the recreation process.


The Dr. knew where to found some and so he send you to a other mission in the Ice region, but this time with a precise area ‘’ the Land of Temptation’’ and slain some ‘’Golem Spodumene’’ to gather the missing energy source ‘’crystalline structures’’.


(During the conversation with Dr. Tesler.)


Arcadia: Why did the Choppy cross the road? … Error 505 pointer not pointing

Dr. Tesler: To get to the other side. Why else would a Choppy do that Arcadia? Why am I even discussing this with you?!  My friend you had better hurry. The data corruption is getting worse it seems.


You: (That joke Arcadia made was a bit funny)


After a few hours of fighting and collecting you came back with the needed resources. The dr. took those resources and start working on the recreation processed again. He would come back to us when all would be done.


After finishing with the process he found out a good and a bad news. The good news was some Biodome Gate coordinates


Meanwhile with Arcadia.


Arcadia: Aram, Bram, Cram, Dram… …Xram, Yram and Zram… error 505 pointer not pointing


The bad news was, every gate could only hold one set of coordinates. And we would need the help of Arcadia to do it. But with the data corruption it could be dangerous.


Dr.: so why wait any longer, let’s do this. I will insert the coordinates now, done. Arcadia it’s your turn. Please install the biodome gate in Arcadia City


Arcadia:  Always brush your teeth before going to bed! Error 505 pointer not pointing

Tesler: Arcadia, concentrate! We are in need of your help. Please focused on the matter and get this job done. Come on, function!


Arcadia: Biodome Gate Installation process 127 started. I’m processing the operation, please stand by...


Biodome Gate installation process finished... 


Biodome Gate has been added to the Biodome Gate network...


The Biodome Gate now is available for transportation purposes. Feel free to use it whenever you like.



(I have to use the original text for this part because this is the first time we activate a gate, for the other one I will only write Arcadia activate the new gate. Since the message will be the same every time.)


Arriving to your first destination Biodome gate 1


It was time to go in to the unknown. Without fear you went in to the gate. In a blink of an eye you arrive in a ‘’beach looking place. It was beautiful, full of life, crabs, weird fish’s and birds. After a few running around, you went back to Dr. Tesler. The Gate testing was a success.


After arriving Tesler ask you to go back there and take some few simples of the life form there for future test and maybe find some information for the Data corruption fix. And while taking simples to look sharp on anything that could be out of the ordinary there.


During the simples collect you notice a weird giant crystal. You tried to interact with it but nothing happen. So you finished the task from Tesler and go back to the laboratory to report back.


Tesler thank you for collecting the simples. And while examined the simples do some data study to see if there was any information relating to the giant crystal you saw.


Few hours later after his finish examined the simples. Tesler notice that all of them contain some remains of very old but unknown technology.


Dr.: The sample you brought me from the giant crystal is even more interesting. According to the record within Arcadia’s working data crystals, it is a piece of a so called ‘’Guardian Life Capsule’’


The purpose of this is still unknown to me. All I was able to find out is that the remains of the unknown technology and the so called ‘’ Guardian Life Capsule’’ are related in some way


I’m sorry but this is all the information I can give you right now. I need to continue my studies to find out more. This could take a bit of time unfortunately.


Meanwhile with Arcadia.


Arcadia: Farrell had a little tank, little tank, little tank. Farrell had a little tank and now he’s fat and green. Error 505 pointer not pointing


Tesler: Okay I promise to do my studying as quickly as possible. This is getting out of hands.


Few hours later…


The Dr. Tesler found out some new information. Some sort of program in Arcadia should have been started a long time ago when the city was safe again. But for some unknown reason that dint happen. He tried to start it manually but sadly without success. All he was getting is the same error code over and over again.  So he started to look the code in another way. Step by step, line by line. And after a few hours he finally understood part of it.


The error he was getting, was to do with something called ‘’ Crystal Wake Up Procedure’’. Something regarding this procedure was failing. Sadly he was not able to learn what was failing or why. But this program code came with some emergency situation.


According to the note, we were able to perform the ‘’Manual Crystal Wake UP procedure’’. But it would need to be performed directly on the giant crystal itself.  After more investigation he found out a note. This note says to not remove the giant crystal from its environment or else a chemical process would be started automatically with makes the entire thing useless. All that is written down regarding this chemical process is ‘’Security reason’’.


So I would need to go there and do the step required to do this ‘’Manual Crystal Wake UP procedure’’.


Again with Arcadia: A hero, a person who shows no signs of fear and finds joy in performing dangerous tasks. Common tasks are: Usage of Health potion, talks to NPCs, walking around in a city. Error 505, pointer not pointing


Tesler ask us to go back there and collect 3 key components from the life form 2 in solid form and 1 as liquid. So we went there do what we do best. Slaying and Collecting.  After a few hours we came back with the needed components. According to the note mixing them would make some kind of acid.


After a few minute the acid was ready. The note was clear, put the acid on the top of the giant crystal.


Arcadia: (your character name) I’m your father. *Heavy Breathing* Error 505 pointer not pointing…

Tesler: This is getting on my nerves… Oh holy science, please give me something to make this nonsense stop!


You went back again to the Tropical Beach place and use the acid in the top of the giant crystal. After doing so. The giant crystal turned in to a bird like creature.


This creature was surprise to see an earth bound after been wake up. And asked you many question. Before answering is quest he told you is name ‘’ Dr. Archimedes OneFeather’’


You tried your best to answer but, without been able to give him a concrete answers. It seems is main concerned seemed to be if Arcadia was intact. You told him that the city was full of life again, the earth bounder when to populate the city in the meantime. He was happy to hear that the earth bound Finlay found the way back to Arcadia city.


Even though you thought he was asking about the city, it turns out he was asking about the entity itself. During his story, he told you that his species left Arcadia in the city to watch over it while they were gone and this seems to be the reason why he was worried it could not be intact any more.


After you informed hum about the data crystal corruption Arcadia is currently facing, he ask you if there was enough energy resources left. You told him that the energy storage issue was in the past, and the problem was solved. Sadly it turns out this energy shortage is the reason why Arcadia was facing this data corruption today.


Thankfully you woken up the lead scientist of the Sky Creatures and he would maybe able to help you. He told you that in all Biodome there was a life Capsules standing around. The Guardian Life capsule let’s a guardian sleep inside for a very long time until the day it wakes them up.



(Since this is an important story telling part I will put the original text from the bird Dialog.)



Dr. OneFeather: At the time the evil came over the world with all of its magical power, we fought together with the earthbound. But it was a battle we couldn’t win. After we lost the connection to the Earthbound due to a battle we lost, we also lost access to magic. Our race has no magic power. This is sadly the reason why we lost the final battle.


All we were able to do was to use our technology to create different Biodomes protected by one guardian each. One of our kind was placed in a Guardian Life Capsule to sleep. Every guardian got the order to protect all the secured lifeforms of the particular Biodome once the battle against the Chaos would be over.


The Initial plan was to use Arcadia to start the wake-up protocol once Arcadia City was freed from the Chaos and all the evil. But sadly this never happened. I assume the ongoing data crystal corruption caused by the energy shortage of the past prevented Arcadia from processing the automatic execution.


Are you willing to tell me how an Earthbound was able to perform the Manual Crystal Wake UP Procedure without any knowledge about it?




And so you start to explain that Dr. Tesler did it. And he is a scientist too. And he found out all the data needed inside the data crystal. 


Onefeather wanted to thank Tesler in person but the manual crystal wake up procedure had a downside. He would be bound to the Biodome. This Procedure was an emergency protocol so the guardian could fight back against Chaos if needed. He asks us to go back to Tesler about the recent happenings and there more hidden Biodome Gates place all over Arcadia City and need to find them and activate them.


So you went back to Dr. Tesler who was getting worried of you not returning. He asks of you what happen there and why it was so long. You reply it was a long story. So after a few minute of storytelling he was now on the same page. Tesler realize the situation and it was more urgent to free the other guardian then fixing the data corruption. And so he stared a deep data crustal analysis.


Arcadia: Give me one moment in time, when I’m racing with an ongoing data crystal corruption… Error 505 pointer not pointing.


He did a deep investigation of the working data crystal and search the ones also affected by the corruption but nothing about other hidden Biodome Gates. And so he tells you to go back to Dr.Onefeather maybe he would have more information left to share.


After arriving there, you told him that we dint find anything good. And ask him if he had more information to give. But sadly he dint have any. That no guardian was given any data crystal in case of a Biodome attack. This was done to prevent any information to go to the wrong hands.


But he might have a other solution. The Genetic buffer unit he was keeping had a Data chip which in it was stored is genetic information.  It could be the scientist who created it left some emergency data in it. And he was not sure if the data chip was still intact after a manual wake up procedure.


It was worth to try, and maybe the data inside could hole information how to fix Arcadia from her data crystal corruption. He ask use to bring the chip to Tesler to see if he could get information from it.


After a short story you told him that he dint have any more information but that he gave you this little thing that could help. After seen the little thing he knew it was a chip. You told him that Dr. Onefeather told that a chip too. It was good to know they were on the same page with technology and knew how to do examination of it.


You told him that it might have been corrupted by the manual wake up procedure. And we only need to feed Arcadia with the gathered information. After analyzing the chip he found out some Coordinates to another Biodome Gates stored in the emergency file. Sadly no information on how to fix Arcadia. And the only thing left to do now is feeding arcadia with all the data gathered.  Arcadia was ready to reveal a new Gate to use. It was time to do the same had the first one. Go there and see how it looks.



Arriving to your first destination Biodome gate 2



After arriving in to the 2nd Biodome, you saw a volcanic lands scape. Lava monster everywhere, cute little dragon like creature and some living fire ball. After a few running around you finally found out the location of the giant crystal. And so you went back to the last to report what you saw.


After a brief chat with Tesler, he told you to get some DNA simples like in the Biodome one so we could analyze it to make the acid, to perform the manual wake up process.

And then Arcadia did it again.


Arcadia: It is important to prevent skin irritation base on heat. So never touch a burning dragon. Error 505 pointer not pointing…


And so you went back there to collect the DNA so Tesler could see what would be needed to create the acid.


Few minutes later after completing the assignment.


Now told you to gather some Ashes from the flame monster, lava blocks and Barrels filled with Cybernetic liquid to create the acid. And so after few hours of collecting, you went back to Tesler with the needed material.


After getting the material Tesler started to work on the acid immediately… After finish the acid…

Arcadia: Why did nobody design square shaped wheels yet? I like squares. Error 505 pointer not pointing…


Tesler: I don’t care if you like squares or not Arcadia. What a stupid question. Nobody created square shaped wheels yet because these would not be able to roll. Gosh, why am I even answering?! 


After this brief joke from arcadia you went back to the volcanic Biodome to wake up the bird creature. A strong looking bird woke up right in front of you.


???: Earthbound, my name is General Thor Hammerwing and you are standing in the Smoking Volcano Biodome. It’s an honor to meet you.


He asks you what was your name and rank, you told him your name and your rank: True hero. Since he was wake up in manual mode, he assumed the Biodome was under attack and he would need any information regarding the situation. And so you clarify the situation


That Dr. OneFeather told you to wake up every guardian because the existence of the Biodomes was revealed and would need protection. After hearing the situation he told you that he would contact the other. But how? He was bound to this Biodome. He told you that why were equipped with implanted communication chip and he could talk to the other without to worry about the distance.


After a few minute of talk between the general and the science of the bird race, the General was now up to date with the situation. He was not able to help with the data corruption problem.  But has instructed by Dr. OneFeather we could give out the chip from is genetic buffer.


With the chip in hand you went back to Dr. Tesler. You inform him that you successfully woken up General Hammerwing and he gave it is chip buffer. But he was not able to help with the data corruption problem. You told him that Hammerwing was able to contact is friend on his own with is technology.


After few hours of examinations of the new chip. He was able to find another hidden Biodome Gate and comes with another set of coordinates. And Feed Arcadia with is new Data.

Arcadia: Open sesame! Error 505 pointer not pointing.


Tesler: Dang! My bad, I picked the wrong data crystal! Give me a second to correct my mistake. Give me a moment. I installed the data into the same working data crystal we used before. Yes, I’m sure it’s the correct one this time.  Arcadia please processes the data…


After a few sec of processing Arcadia reveal a new Biodome gate. And so it was my turn again to explore and find the giant crystal in the new area.


Biodome 3



You entered the new zone; this time is was a swamp. And so you went walking around to search for the giant crystal. And it seems to be intact too. It was time to go back to the lab and report back to Tesler


Reporting back to Tesler about the environment and the giant crystal. Tesler told me to hunt some Diles monster since they would eat a lot of different things it would be the best solution for the Acid component.


Arcadia: Save the woodies, eat more beavers. Error 505 pointer not pointing…


Tesler: can you please go back in the Biodome and collect those stomach contents from the Diles.


A few Diles hunting later, you went back to the lab. Tesler took the stomach contents and did is work… few hours later… he finished with the examination and ask you to gather some ingredient for the acid creation.


Few hunting hours later… you went back to the lab with the needed ingredient… after finishing with is mixing… it was time to do the manual wake up procedure.  


(I will skip this arcadia joke, because you would need to know the text of Tesler and I found it not even funny and annoying against us heroes you can check it yourself by watching the let’s play Arcadia Episode 2 Part 5)


 You went back to the crystal location and used the acid on it… after doing so, a girly like Bird appears. Her name was Robina Featherhood and she was the leader of the hunters. She told you this Biodome name was Everglade Swamp. And thanking us for wakening her. Just like with the General, she asked pretty much the same question. You told her everything there was.


And just like the general she uses her implants to talk with Dr. OneFeather to have the full story.

After a brief conversation with her guardian friend. She told use she might have some information regarding Arcadia’s problem. Before going in to her long sleep. A scientist mentioned ‘’pointer not pointing’’ and was asking for a backup disk. That’s was all the information she could give. And also given us her genetic buffer chip.


And so was the road back to the lab again, but this time with some important information and of course a new chip. After arriving you told Tesler everything Robina told you about the ‘’pointer not pointing’’ problem.


Tesler: So the pointer not pointing problem was already known by the Skycreatures of the past. Believe it or not this is good news, because this means they dealt with that problem already.


A back up disk was mentioned? This is even better news. It means there is hope. Maybe we will be able to fix Arcadia’s data corruption soon.


But now please hand over the chip Hunter Featherwood gave you. Time doesn’t stop ticking and I have examination to do. This will take a bit of time.


And so you waited until he finished with the examination.


After finishing Tesler told you this chip were different from the other, there was more data stored on it. He assumes there was some kind of documentation saved on it. But sadly he was not able to access it. He was not sure if the chip was properly working and it seem to be partly corrupted. But he was able to gather some new Biodome Gate related information.


Arcadia: (Your character name) I have an important task for you. Please go to Don Morgan at Odellia and tell him… Tell him too… processing data please hold on… Slay Arcanist Pabolo in Libra! Error 505 pointer not pointing…


Tesler: Is it just me or has Arcadia some kind of problem with Arcanist Pablo?


After feeding Arcadia with the new data a new Gate appear.


Biodome 4 time…


Same as always you went in the Gate. This area was full of Pine trees, no really warm, but not cold either. After looking everywhere, a new giant crystal was found and seems intact too. So you went back to the lab to do your report.


After reporting what you saw it was time to figure out how to gather data to make the next acid. The Dr. told us the best bet was the Squirrels in this area. Since those creature love collecting and burry pine cones all around they habitat. And by doing so they would be very close to contact with any pine cone they carry around. Collecting those pine cones would be filled with their DNA.

And so pine cones hunting began.

Arcadia: IF a pine cone falls from a pine tree deep inside the forest and nobody hears it. Does it still make a sound?


… But I don’t want the pine cone getting hurt, poor pine cone… Error 505 pointer not pointing…

Tesler: sigh, I have the strong felling the data crystal corruption is deteriorating rapidly. However, we should focus on awaking the guardians for now. I have the hope one of them has the information we need to fix Acadia’s data crystal corruption. The faster we are able to wake them up. The higher chance gets to find a fix.


I went back to the new Biodome and do some Pine Cones collecting. After few minutes I went back to the lab.


Few hours of examination later… he was able to figure out the ingredient needed for the acid.


Arcadia: The itsy-bitsy sider climbed up Drakos Tower.

Down Came Paris and killed it with her power.

Error 505 pointer not pointing…


After getting the list of ingredient needed from Tesler I went back gathers them…. It was time to create the acid and wake up the new bird… After receiving the acid, you went back there and do your thing.


???: Welcome to the Spree Forest Biodome my lovely Earthbound! Thank you for performing the Manual Crystal Wake Up Procedure. My name is Feodora Glitterbeak. I’m the leading culture minister of our race. It is a pleasure to meet you! Would you willing to tell me your name?


After you told her your name, she asks the reason why you woke her up. And you told her everything that happens since the start of your adventure. And she fully agreed with Dr. Onefeather decision to wake up all the guardians.


Just like the other guardians, she uses her implant to talk with the other to have the bigger picture. After talking with the other guardian, she told you she had no information regarding Arcadia corruption problem. And give you her genetic buffer chip so Tesler could analyze it.


She also told you to Store any working data from this chip to a Working data crystal so Arcadia would be able to keep it for future generation.


And so again you went back with the new chip to Tesler lab. After arriving, you pass down the chip to Tesler and told him that the chip had some additional cultural data.


Tesler: Of course I will examine the chip carefully and store all the cultural data in a working data crystal. I completely agree on the importance in saving the cultural legacy of an entire race.

In the meanwhile I think it would be good if you pay Arcanist Pablo at Libra a visit. Because Arcadia’s strange Pablo problem is getting worse.


Maybe he knows the reason for Arcadia’s strange behavior regarding him. Hopefully Arcanist Pablo can give you the answer why Arcadia wants him to be slayed.


And so on the demand of Tesler you went to see Pablo in Libra… After arriving Pablo told you he dint know the reason why you should slay him but, he knew a reason why you should pay him. It seems Arcadia bought some fire scale dust from him bur never paid him. He asks for 5 Sadonyx he is waiting for, or somebody would get slayed. Arcanist Pablo made it clear this somebody wouldn’t be him. So you decided to bring him what he asked and went back to the lab.


After arriving Tesler told you that the chip was 100% intact and found all the data stored on it. And all the Cultural data was stored on it was transferred and saved in a working data crystal. That was not all; he also found a new destination Called Snowy Mountain, Which would be a snowy area in a mountain region. And according to the data this Biodome was often visited by the Sky Creature for some holiday resort.


Tesler: I’m sure you can’t wait to visit this place my friend! All the snow sparkling in the sun, it must be beautiful!


Arcadia: There’s no business like snow business! So let is snow, let it snow, let is now… somewhere else! Error 505 pointer not pointing…


Tesler: Hmpf…Words fail me… Just… sigh…let’s go on.


Please give me a moment to transfer the Biodome data into a working data crystal.


And there it was the snowy mountain Biodome.



Biodome 5 Snowy Mountain.



It was time. Time to enter the snowy magnificent world, and so you enter the gate. After arriving to the other side was not what you expected. Not even a drop of snow. Where was it… It was a complete desert lands. Why was that, so many questions? There was still the question of the giant crystal. And so you search in this wasteland zone. After a few hours of search you finally found it. But sadly it seems broken. You went back to the lab to do your report.


Tesler: you are back! I didn’t expect you to be back that soon! Oh no, what is the matter? You look like a drowned cat my friend.


And so you explain the situation…


Tesler: Oh holy Farrell, a desert?! The Biodome turned into a desert?! What the Farrell!


Arcadia: What do you call an ice cube in the desert?

Water… Error 505 pointer not pointing.


Tesler: Arcadia, stop it. This is not the right situation for stupid jokes!


To sum it up, the Biodome turned in to a desert, the guardian life capsule is broken and the guardian inside is lost.


And so Tesler ask you to go see Dr. Onefeather about this situation we are in right now. And so you went back to the Tropical Beach Biodome to see him.


Onefeather: Welcome back! What brings you to me?  Oh, you don’t look to good at all. What is the matter?


You told him what happen to the Snowy Biodome…


Onefeather: I understand. This are really devastating news. But let me assure you every single guardian was informed and agreed to the risks that come with being a guardian. Believe me it is not your fault.


I’m sure even if you had reached this Biodome earlier you would not have been able to change anything for the batter, or to rescue the guardian. The information you are giving me indicates the chaos found a way into this Biodome. What you saw is the outcome of a chaos invasion.


You can’t turn back in time but learn from the happenings of the past. This is just another lesson that had to be learned. It is just another reason that shows the importance to continue to fight the chaos.


Highest priority now is the genetic buffer chip inside the broken guardian life capsule. Tell Dr. Tesler to proceed as normal. Even though there is no guardian to awake this time, the genetic buffer chip has to be recovered. He has to prepare the needed acid as usual to start the Manual Guardian Wake Up Procedure.


And so you went back to the lab and told Tesler what to do and expect.  Tesler told you what he would need and you went back to the desert snowy mountain. A few hunting later… you were back in to the lab.


After the analyzing of the worm scales Tesler gave me the list of what would be needed to create the acid. And so you went back there did your stuff and went back to the lab with the needed things. Few mixing later the acid were ready.


Back to get the chip. You ran out to the giant crystal and used the acid on it, took the chip and returned to Dr. Tesler. It was time to analyzing it. But since the guardian was dead, we couldn’t know the condition of the chip.  


During the analyzing…


Tesler: (Your character name) I’m in need of your help the chip examination is still going on. But I found something really worrying while doing my examinations. I’ve found samples of living Chaos bacteria all over the chip. I have done the researches by using Arcadia’s working data crystal and there is no doubt it is Chaos bacteria.


This is the solid proof the Snowy Mountain Biodome was not only attacked by the Chaos, it became infested by it. Since the Chaos bacteria I found on this chip is still alive this proves the Chaos is still active in this Biodome. But please don’t be worry my friend, the Chaos bacteria on the chip are harmless now.


I neutralized them with an antibacterial substance. But we are still in a really dangerous situation my friend. We are in an ongoing battle with the Chaos. You have to inform Dr. Onefeather about the current situation immediately. Please help him in any way you can.


Back to tropical Beach.


Dr. Onefeather: I dint expect you back so soon. What is the matter?


(You told him the new situation…)


I understand we have no time to lose. Only a true hero like you is able to help in the current situation. We have to stop the Chaos. Your job will be to free the snowy Mountain from the Chaos. Please give me a few minutes to contact the other guardians and to come up with a plan.


(After speaking with the other guardian)


I have spoken with all other guardians and we came up with a plan. I have to admit this plan is dangerous and according to General Hammerwing the execution of the plan normally would need an entire team to guarantee success. But since we don’t have one you will be on your own.


(The mission was to enter and clear all arcade mode easy/normal/hard modes)


After doing to I came back to report back tropical beach. Onefeather told you there was much more to do.


Going back there, and this time clean the Chaos mode / easy, normal and hard mode.


After doing so and reporting back.  The Dr. told you to wait a bit while he would talk to the other guardian again to see the next step. After this brief talk, Onefeather told you there was still more to do there. We would need to attack the Chaos at the roots to finally free this Biodome. The mission this time was F5 Mission Scenario. To kill Harkon!


And so you went back there and start the fight again it. After a fierce battle, it finally ended with a victory. And so you went back to report of your victory again Harkon the root of Chaos is the Snowy Mountain Biodome.


Dr. Onefeather: I can’t believe it! You slayed Harkon and freed the entire Snowy Mountain Biodome from the Chaos! We guardians are forever in your debt for all you have done! I want to thank you on behalf of all guardians and the entire Sky Creature race.


There is no doubt anymore. You are a true hero. It is a true honor we guardian were woken up by you. I will inform the other about your success. I’m sure they will be as happy as I am. Thank you so much for your help! But please go back to your friend Dr. Tesler now and tell him about your success. Please don’t forget to send him greetings from all guardians.


You went back to the lab


Tesler: You are back my friend! I kept my fingers crossed the whole time. I hope you are back with some good news.


(You told him what happen)


Well done my friend! To be honest I didn’t expect anything less from a true hero like you. Sadly my news isn’t as good as yours is. The examination of the chip is still going on. To be honest the chip turned out to be as damaged as the Guardian Life Capsule was you recovered it from.


I might have managed to find a way to access the data on the chip while you were away. But I’m not entirely sure if it will work. Please give me a moment.


After a long examination Dr. Tesler was finally able to recover some of is data, it was a long process and was risky but it was worth it. There was still no new information regarding the data corruption but he was able to gather new coordinate for new Biodome gate. It was time to add the data to Arcadia working crystal.


Arcadia: If you had one Bone Dragon in one hand and one Ryvious in the other hand, what would you have?  Massive hands… Error 505 pointer not pointing…


Tesler: Hahaha…Sorry, I couldn’t help laughing… Where was I? Oh yes the chip, I’ve transferred the information stored on the chip into a working data crystal. Arcadia should be able to process the data without any problems. Are you curious what happen next? Let me start the data processing now.


(And another gate was now open)


Biodome 6



It was time to enter this new land. After reaching the other side you appeared to be in a gigantic forest’s. And this one was compose of 2 separate areas, the biggest of the all. After doing some recon you found the location of the giant crystal and this time it seems intact. So you went back to do your report at the lab.


Tesler: Hello (your character name), sadly I have no clue which ingredients are needed for the acid creation. There are so many different lifeforms living in this big Forest Biodome that I’m not able to find it out without further examinations.


Since he was not sure of what DNA sample was needed. He asks you to gather one of each lifeform so he could do a complete examination to know the needed ingredient for the acid.


Arcadia: How does Larrell make the holy water? He boils the hell out of it. 505 pointer not pointing


(I really think that joke is funny)



Tesler: …Sigh… You better hurry my friend the data crystal corruption is getting worse


And so you went back in to the forest to gather the DNA of all living creature there and came back to the lab.


Tesler: Thanks to the holy science you are back with the samples! I will start to examine them now. I simply can’t stand another of Arcadia’s stupid jokes!


After a quick examination Tesler give you the list of the needed ingredients for the acid. After finishing collecting the needed ingredients you went back to the lab. After mixing all of them the acid was ready to be use.


Arcadia: Time is the processing of events which are ordered from the past through the present into the future. It includes the measurement of the duration needed for the event processing and of course the measurement of the intervals between the respective events.


Time is a very interesting concept. In some situation time passes really slowly, in other situation time flies like…like…like… processing data please hold on…


The best way to make time fly is to throw your watch out of the window! Error 505 pointer not pointing


Tesler: However, it is time to wake up the next guardian my friend!


After going back to the forest, you used the acid on the giant crystal. A new guardian appeared…


???: Welcome Earthbound! My name is Hermann Eggster and I’m the leading scout of the Sky Creatures. This place we are standing in is the Conkana Forest Biodome. As you can see it is a combined Biodome. The only combined Biodome our race ever created.


This fact makes this to a very special but very vulnerable place. But where are my manners?! What is your name Earthbound?


(after telling him your name and why you were there…)


You have done a brilliant job with waking up all the guardians.  But please excuse me. I need to talk to the other guardians to get the needed information about all the recent happenings.


After talking with the other, he told you that he was not able to help regarding Arcadia’s data corruption issue.  Sadly I’m not much of a help regarding Arcadia’s data crystal corruption issue. But at least I can confirm that the same issue already happened in the past and could be solved. I witnessed this happening myself but I’m sadly not able to tell you how the issue was solved.


You are now expecting me to hand out my generic buffer chip so that your friend Dr. Tesler is able to gather the needed information on how to wake up the next guardian, right? This is not going to happen.


There is no need to give me that look. You don’t have to be worried. I will give you the chip from my genetic buffer, so you can bring it to Dr. Tesler for further examination. But I have to tell you there is no need to look for further Biodome Gates and coordinates. The Biodome you are currently standing in is the last one we created and this makes me to be the final guardian.


You did it! You have found and visited all of our Biodomes and woken up their particular guardians! I have to thank you and your friend Dr. Tesler in behalf of all Biodome guardians and the entire Sky Creature race!


Here is the chip of my genetic buffer. Please bring it to Dr. Tesler for further examinations. If all went well he should find genetic buffer data stored on it. At the time we guardians went to sleep not all guardian life capsules were ready yet.


So we stored the remaining genetic buffer data on this chip here Hoping for the day to arrive someone will be able to take it with them back to Arcadia City. Since the data is still stored on the chip and so never was bound to this Biodome at least some of us have the change to return home. You have now the honor to bring it back to Arcadia City Please gives it to your friend. The hope of an entire race now lies on the shoulders of you and your friend.


So you went back to the lab with the last chip in hand. You arrive with a big smile on your face and told everything to Tesler.


Tesler: Holy science, we actually did it! Not that I ever had any doubts we would be successful… You have more amazing news the share? Please do so my friend! I can’t wait to hear them.


(And so you continue with your story)



Tesler: I think I understand what Scout Eggster explained to you. U will try my best to extract the genetic buffer data from the chip…


During the examination Tesler ask for you in an urgent matter…


Tesler: The examination of the chip is still going on but you have to return to Scout Eggster immediately! I have found ever more living Chaos Bacteria on this chip than on the one you recovered at the Snowy Mountain Biodome.


Thankfully the antibacterial substance I used previously was able to neutralize all Chaos Bacteria on this chip as well. So we are not in danger my friend but sadly Scout and the Conkana forest Biodome are in serious danger.


And so you went back in a hurry to Eggster in Conkana forest…


Eggster: Why are you back already? You look very worried. Please inform me about what is going on.


(You told him the situation)


I understand. Thanks for getting back to me this fast! Dr. Tesler is completely right. This is a really dangerous situation! I will talk to the other Guardians now and inform you about the next steps directly after the talk.


(Few minute later…)



Thankfully it seems only the mission map is affected by it yet. We assume the Chaos infected the Mission map to hide its true intentions. We have to stop and to defeat the Chaos before it is able to accomplish whatever it is working on and before it is able to take over the entire Biodome.


Mission Clear arcade easy, normal and hard mode. Next was Chaos mode easy, normal and hard mode too. After coming back to do the report…


Eggster: Good job! Another fight against the Chaos has been won! The measurement of the Biodome data shows the living Chaos bacteria inside the mission map are decreasing. But it seems we still have to continue fighting it. I will talk to the other guardians now to discuss the next step we have to take.


After a brief talk they decide the best action would be to take down the Giant cluster of living chaos Bacteria inside the Scenario mode. (f5). And this was quite sad cause this cluster was is old friend Ellu living in there. And he seems the infestation took control of him. He used to be a very friendly Woodie.


Eggster: To be honest Ellu was a really good friend of mine and I’m worried. The Chaos is powerful and a Chaos infestation is able to turn you into something really evil. It even has the power to transform the entire body of the being it controls. I’m about sure whatever being now is living inside the scenario Mode of the mission map is no longer my old friend. We guardians share the opinion that we have to fight the chaos, even if this means we have to send you in to a fight and slay whatever is left of my old friend Ellu.


And so it was time to fight again Elluman the mutation of a cute little Woodie. After a long and deadly fight you manage to slain and Chaos and at the same time save the life of Ellu. You went back to report to Eggster…


Eggster: All living Chaos Bacteria inside this Biodome are gone. I can’t thank you enough for freeing this Biodome from the Chaos and for saving my old friend Ellu! We, the guardians of the Biodome are forever in your debt! Your good deeds will never be forgotten! Please return to your friend now. I’m sure he is already waiting for you.



Every Biodome was now safe from harms you went back to the lab...


The end of the last Biodome



(Last part Chat between NPC and fixing Arcadia’s)


After reporting on what happen and the situation…

Tesler: Sadly the news I have to share is not as good as yours. The examination of the chip is still going on. The entire process is really slow. I’m unsure if this is based on the massive data amount stored on the chip, or if the ongoing data crystal corruption is the cause. I have decided to give the examination process a little bit more time. Maybe the problem will fix itself and the examination process speeds up. Let us wait a few more minutes please.


(Few minute later…)


No, it doesn’t fix itself it seems. The examination process now is processing even slower. Oh no, it seems it stopped completely now. I have to figure out what the problem is. Please give me some time to do so.  I will get back to you as soon as I found the problem and know how to solve it.



I found out what the problem is! The biocatalyst is missing. Thankfully this is just a little problem which is easy solvable. I need you to collect one Biological Component from each of all the intact Biodomes. So I can create the needed biocatalyst from these and the examination process of the chip can finally be finished.



Arcadia: When the data crystal corruption gets very bad send some hot chocolate. It doesn’t fix the problem but at least is chocolate inside! Chocolate makes me happy. Error 505 pointer not pointing…


Tesler:  Chocolate… yummy… I’m sorry. This is really not the right situation to get distracted.


And so one by one you entered every intact Biodome and collect the Biological Component from them and went back to the lab.


After implemented in to the chip, the speed process when back to its original speed. And in no time the examination was complete.


Tesler: I have some really good news my friend! The data gathering was a full success. All genetic buffer data is completely intact I will now feed Arcadia’s working data crystals with the gathered genetic buffer data and start the data processing program. If all goes well the entire program should run automatically.  I’m sadly not able to guarantee a positive outcome but I hope for the best.


Arcadia: Processing data… please hold on… genetic buffer data accessed successfully… lifeform data recognized…accessing lifeform data now…lifeform data of being 1 restored successfully… lifeform data of being 2 restored successfully… lifeform data of being 3 restored successfully…


Transportation module activated… processing data… please hold on… lifeform transportation in progress… transportation process of all 3 lifeforms executed successfully…


Welcome back Chief Updraft.


Welcome back Guard Bonkers.


Welcome back Marchant Feathercurl.



Tesler: Mighty science, what a wonderful outcome! It was a complete success! The Sky Creatures returned home! My friend we saved an entire race from its extinction! We just made history! You should go and welcome all our new friends at Arcadia City and inform Dr. Onefeather at the Tropical Beach Biodome about our success!


After greeting all the new friends


(Not gone do all the 3 bird dialog only the important one.)


Chief: I returned home. I thought I would never see Arcadia City again. Thank you so much on behalf of our entire civilization!


Arcadia: I am Arcanist Pablo and I will slay you all! Error 505 pointer not pointing…


Chief: Who the feather is Arcanist Pablo? It seems the pointer is not pointing again. Return to me after you finished your current talk, I might be able to help you with that problem.





(Quick running to Dr. Onefeather)


After a brief recap and small talk with Dr. Onefeather you return to Chief Updraft.



Chief: Hello Earthbound! May I know your name? Calling someone Earthbound sound so impersonal.


After telling your name…


I assume Arcadia is currently facing an ongoing data crystal corruption and the error 505 ‘’pointer not pointing’’ does sound pretty familiar. I think you and your friend Dr. Tesler, whom I just met 5 minutes ago, are trying to find a fix for the data crystal corruption. I’m happy to tell you your search for a fix is over. Here is the Backup Disk. It should fix the entire Data corruption within seconds.


I have kept it with me since the day the Biodome Guardians started their long sleep and the data of the rest of us was stored on the Conkana Biodome chip. To be honest a data crystal corruption is nothing uncommon for us. This is nothing to be worried about. We have dealt with and fixed a lot of data corruptions in the past already. It is a very common thing, it usually happens every few centuries. I just hope the nonsense Arcadia was saying wasn’t too bad.


Please bring the Backup Disk to your friend Dr. Tesler. All he needs to do is to feed Arcadia data on it. After he has done so the entire problem should be solved and the data corruption fixed.


Time to bring the Backup disk to Tesler…


Tesler: Holy science! You have a fix for the ongoing data corruption?!


(Explaining how to do the fix)


Okay, let me do this



Arcadia: Processing data… Please hold on…data crystal backup recognized…Installation process of Data crystal backup started…Processing… Internal data crystal structure restored…data crystals working within normal parameters… No signs of data crystal corruption can be found…data crystal backup installed successfully…All data crystals are working as intended and they are available for data storage.


Tesler: Holy Science, it worked! It actually worked! I see no signs of data crystal corruption in any of the data crystals anymore. My friend, we did it!


The job I came here to complete is now done. I originally planned to leave after I finished my job but this place is very interesting and the Sky Creatures are really friendly. Chief Updraft has allowed me to continue using the Arcadia City laboratory and so this is what I will do. I will stay right here at Arcadia City my friend!



After went back outside of the lab, Arcadia was waiting for me…


Arcadia: thank you for saving me Dr. Tesler filled my data crystals with all the recent information. The data crystal corruption is fixed. I’m finally back to my normal self and completely up to date. My data crystal tells me you restored access to the lost Biodomes and they tell me you woke up all guardians by performing the Manual Wake Up Procedure.


The data transmitted to me by the Biodome Guardians show you faced, fought and defeated the Chaos in tow of the six Biodome successfully I have stored the data about all recent happenings in my data crystal and I added the tittle Database Expert of Arcadia to your data records.


Please take this medal and wear it with honor.  You are the first earthbound in the history of Arcadia city who has been awarded with this medal. Even though you already battled the Chaos and defeated it please know the fight isn’t over yet. The Chaos is strong and it now knows what you are able to do. I’m sure your worst battle is still awaiting you.




Thank you for following me until the end and hope you like it. If you see any major text error let me know and I will try to fix it the best I can. Sometime when you write something you don’t really see it until a full complete read back of it.



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Arriving to your first destination Biodome gate 1


It was time to go in to the unknown. Without fear you went in to the gate. In a blink of an eye you arrive in a ‘’beach looking place. It was beautiful, full of life, crabs, weird fish’s and birds. After a few running around, you went back to Dr. Tesler. The Gate testing was a success. 


Hi, regarding to this, I went to the map for few round but the quest still can't be done. I've saw a yellow question mark there but after I passed by, the quest still can't be done. Do u have any idea?

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