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Twin Fighter Guide by Chaostwinz

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 02:45 PM

The Path of the Fist


Twin Guide by Chaostwinz


Last update 19.4. 2018

The character will be blocked due to the new policy regulation. So I hope you will still give twins a shot!

I will be hiding in the underground and move to Canada so if you wana ask questions just ask them below so I can answer them. 


Hello guys. It's me, Chaostwinz! This is my first large written guide so I hope not too much typo since English isn’t my native language. Enjoy!

This guide should help you through the jungle of skills that twins have. This is not a document of how its done the only right way. I want you to be creative yourself to test experiment with the class to your heart's content.

There were as well some issues copying it from Word into the forum. So small mistakes may be there regarding fonts and sizes. I apologize in advance for them.

I will try to keep the guide up to date as soon as changes occur.


A big thanks to Funnyfacez and Micropath who corrected most of my spelling and syntax mistakes!


  1. Introduction

  2. Twin Fighter skills

  3. Twin skills

  4. Mirage skills

  5. Jumeaux skills

  6. Skill builds

     6.1 Skill builds for PvE

     6.2 Skill builds for PvP

  7. Gear

       7.1 Normal Gear

       7.2 IM Gear

       7.3 Medals

       7.4 Pets

  8. Combos or how to make your own ones

  9. Macros

10. Skill Points

11. My leveling path



     1. Introduction


Welcome to my PvE / PvP guide on Twin fighters. Twins have been my first end-game character on this server but I had to test all classes to see which is better suited for me and I ended up on twins.


There is no need to be concerned of this overwhelming amount of skills. This is what makes the class fun and of course you don’t need all of them.


Twin fighters excel at defeating their enemies effectively at high speed. They are strong fighters with a very flexible way of fighting. They synergize 2 individuals to simultaneously attack enemy.



Basic informationSingleStrokeCut.png Yellow skills are performed by your main twin


                                          RocketBlow.png Green skills are performed by your twin brother


                                          ReleaseFighterForce.png Purple skills require to be in Fusion mode





     2.Twin fighter skills


One Sword, One Cut


Throw punch towards ground, making enemies fall down.

PvE and PvP: This skill is a prerequisite to unlock Power Fist thus 1/5.

PvE 1/5; PvP 1/5



Power Fist

Throw a powerful punch to enemies solar plexus. Attacks enemies with inflicting Stun.
PvE – This is a skill that won't be frequently used.

PvP – One of the most important skills to go for. The higher level, the better.

PvE 1/5; PvP 5/5 or 10/10



Tornado Spin

By spinning in a face pace, raise the body an attack enemies in air 6 times.
PvE – A useful skill that helps you clear mobs combined with skills of your twin.

PvP – It is mainly used in mid air combo. It deals a lot of damage combined with elements because it has multiple hits. However, further level doesn't offer significant change thus 1/5.

PvE 1/5; PvP 1/5



Bunker Buster 


Attack standing or fallen enemies with a strong kick from the air towards the ground and launch them into the air.
PvE and PvP: It's not really useful due to its long animation. However, it's a prerequisite skill to unlock Infinite Turning Kick thus 3/5.

PvE 3/5; PvP 3/5



Metal Fist

Increases ATK by 2% each Skill-Lv.
PvE and PvP: Definitely worth for increasing final physical damage and attack speed! However, Metal Fist doesn't increase increase physical damage above level 5.
PvE 5/5; PvP 5/5




Allows player to move forward in a very fast speed. While skill is active, the user is invincible.

PvE – It's worth when you are fighting some bosses like Elga or Paris and you know you can't escape.

PvP – It has been prohibited but is to unlock Bunker Buster thus it must be learned nontheless.

PvE 1/1; PvP 1/1



Spin Kick

Perform a powerful spin kick against standing enemies and push them back.
PvE and PvP - This skill is a prerequisite to unlock Rocket Blow thus 1/5.

PvE 1/5; PvP 1/5



Rocket Blow

Perform a powerful spin kick against standing enemies and throw them into the air.
PvE and PvP - It's useful to throw enemies into air then chain with Tornado spin at lower level. Besides it's to unlock Dragon Kick thus 3/5.
PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5



Dragon Kick

Perform a powerful kick against standing enemies causing knock back and knock down.
PvE – A  very good skill that pushes enemies forward and deals a decent amount of damage.

PvP – It's a very good ability to catch or to move your enemies and combine other skills.

PvE and PvP - Above level 3 doesn't make significant difference and Non Stop Kicking requires level 3 thus 3/5.

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5


Non Stop Kicking

Perform a swift kick towards standing enemies 4-6 times (matters on Skill-Lv.).
PvE – A useful skill dealing fair amount of damage. One of your main damage dealing abilities at low level.

PvP – It's useful to flinch enemies.

PvE and PvP: Infinite Turning Kick requires level 3 Non Stop Kicking thus 3/5.

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5


Rapid Stance

Increases evade and accuracy by 10%.

PvE and PvP - Seems to be not working. Even if it would since evade rate is capped it is not worth to take it

PvE 0/5, PvP 0/5






Infinite Turning Kick

Perform a spinning kick against standing enemies, pushing them back and knocking them down. Higher levels widen the range of the skill.
PvE – A skill that you can use to deal damage with your main body while your twin is free.

PvP – Definitely a great skill that pushes the enemy backwards but does not do so in the last 2 animations. Compensate this with a Dragon kick or Slide kicking.

PvE 1/5, PvP 1/5



Hyper Knee Kick

Perform a fast and strong knee kick, penetrating standing enemies in a line.
PvE – Due to its long animation and low damage it isn’t useful but it is a prerequisite

PvP – Can be used in combos, depends on playstyle.

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5

Dragon Uppercut

Duck down, run forward and attack up to 3 standing or airborne enemies with a jump uppercut.
PvE – Can be used in a great  mid-air combo combined with other skills, more of it later.

PvP – Its main use acts as a combo finisher or uplifter for continuing the  mid-air combo

PvE 1/5, PvP 1/5


Enter Fusion status by becoming one with the twin. Increased movespeed, attack speed and critical rate. Cooldown for all skil reduced. Consumes MP per second. Twin-active skills cannot be performed while in Fusion status.

PvE – Not much use here. Only for recalling your twin if its stuck or stunned.

PvP – A must have since it’s a prerequisite skill for other useful skills, plus you can recall your twin when its knocked down or somewhere on vacation without you :P

PvE 3/3, PvP 3/3


Decreases MP usage, increases movespeed and attack rate while in Fusion status.
No use since the stats are capped and are easily reachable in the endgame stage.

PvE 0/3, PvP 0/3

Definite Defence

For 1.5 seconds, become invincible. After 1.5 seconds, receive a Lv3 Critical Rate buff.
PvE – No use. You already have 2 blocks that do not require Fusion status.

PvP – A useful skill that helps you cast stuff like Ghost fighter. I only use it as a prerequisite skill for the other two.

! Warning ! people don’t like block skill users so I restrain myself from using it but it’s ultimately up to you and your own playstyle.

PvE 0/1, PvP 1/1

Impact Blow

Attack standing enemies, with 25% chance to inflict Stun and Breath Difficulty (decreases DEF and evade)
PvE – No use

PvP – Could be useful, the problem is the Defense Drop is just to base stats.

PvE 0/3, PvP 0/3

Release Fighter Force

By releasing the fighting force around the body, attack standing or fallen enemies 3-7 times (matters on Skill-Lv.).

PvE – It’s a good AOE skill but requires a lot of skill points to get it to 5/5 so just don’t spec into it.

PvP – It can be used for one of your combos, but it costs a lot of SP so avoid it unless you plan on farming SPs.

PvE 0/5, PvP 0/5 or 5/5

Spin Bomb

By concentrating the force into the end of the foot, fires two penetrating objects.

PvE – Deals a fair amount of damage, hits 2 times. It’s a prerequisite skill just take it.

PvP – Can be implemented into a combo, depends on playstyle.

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5

Rolling Grable

Roll toward front and perform a sliding chop, attacking standing enemies and make them fall down.
PvE – Prerequisite skill. Deals fine damage and is a good skill to start air combo chain with.

PvP – The knock up is great for starting an air combo. Can be used as a catcher as well, combined with other skills.
PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5



Smash Kick

Jump up to the enemies in air, and smash kick them to the ground.
PvE – A good skill for clearing waves in synergy with others. Your twin can finish the enemies mid-air while you can move to another group and start killing them.

PvP – Usually used as a mid-air combo finisher to keep the enemy in the Air.

PvE 3/5, PvP 1/5


Spirit Spear

Attack standing enemies with a charging spin attack.
PvE – Deals a fair amount of damage and has electrocute effect to stopcast some minions from attacking, it’s also a prerequisite skill.

PvP – Used mainly for catching or stopcasting enemy skills due to its electrocute effect.

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5


Slide Kicking

Sliding towards front and attack standing or fallen enemies with low continuous kicks.
PvE – One of your main damage dealing abilities. When the enemy is on the ground you can force them to stand up with this skill.

PvP – Used either as a catch ability or a great combo filler since the effect of forcibly standing up the enemy is very useful to chain other skills to it.

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5


The Ring from Hell

Summon a Ring from Hell. Decreases movespeed and attack speed in the Ring's range. Debuff is disabled once the enemy leaves the ring.
PvE – No use

PvP – You either don’t use it or it can be used in flashy combos. Its very useful in my opinion, in Emporia war when you attack you can place it near the statue slowing the enemies down making them an easier target to catch.

Insider info: The Ring from Hell and Roar of Lion at 5/5 reduce people at 400ms down to 286 ( 114 ms reduction ) That's plenty in my opinion and worth to use.

PvE 0/5, PvP 0/5 or 5/5



Heavy Blow

Don't let the description fool you! It adds 60% critical rate on max. Lv.!
PvE – Definitely the go too skill for extra stats. Max it!

PvP – Very useful to help you cap stats which is a high priority.

PvE 3/3, PvP 3/3


Power Weaving

While the skill is active, the user is invincible. Casting this skill initiates 'Immersion' buff, increasing aim and critical damage.
PvE – Great usage like Weaving against Elga instant kills or Paris Pillar attacks.

PvP – This one is extremely useful in PvP, making you pretty much immortal in BSQ. Still you are not completely invulnerable, skills like: Stumblebum ( Overlord ) , Hypnotizer ( Ninja ), Barbarian, Witches curse ( Invoker ) can penetrate through it and still give their full effects on you.

!Warning! This skill is considered overpowered by many, and in my opinion, it really is so its kind of unfair using it in Room PvP but that is up to you.

PvE – 3/3, PvP 3/3




Dodge Mastery

Increases evade by 15% on max. Lv.
PvE and PvP – Not useful but it’s a prerequisite so, suck it up.

Pve 5/5, PvP 5/5


Breath Control

Reduces cooldown for all skills by 1.5 seconds on max Lv.

PvE and PvP – A must have skill, seeing it decreases the cooldown of all the other skills.

PvE 5/5, PvP 5/5






Screw Dropkick


Drop down from the air in high speed and perform a spin kick, attacking standing enemies.

PvE – It has not really much use in there since there are better skills for knock ups but it’s still prerequisite

PvP – Can be used for flashy combos besides that no use. Still prerequisite

PvE 1/5, PvP 1/5

Note – Keep in mind that this skill throws up enemies higher at level 3 and above which I would not recommend if you ever plan on maxing everything out.



Roar of Lion

Produce a strong shout, reducing enemy movespeed and evade.
PvE -  Not really useful due to its long animation time. Prerequisite.

PvP – It’s I think a very useful in skill combined with Ring of hell due to its slow reduction.

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5




Tornado Uppercut

Concentrate the energy throughout your body before regulating it, releasing a storm, attacking enemies.
PvE – Very useful skill when used correctly. If you use Infinite kicking with this skill it makes it hit more times since it wont lift the enemies up.

PvP – Useful only depending on your playstyle. I use it to get some damage off and building up Harmony stacks.

PvE 1/5, PvP 1/5 ( Can be upgrade with a IM earring )




Upon reaching 0 HP, instantly revive self with some % of your max HP.
PvE – Come on. We are twins we don’t die we block stuff. Might be useful for instant hit skills but I’m not using it at all.

PvP – Its blocked

PvE 0/5, PvP 0/5



Iron Fist Training

Attack with your fists and legs, tempered to the extent of iron, giving a chance to reduce your enemies' movement speed, evade and DEF.

PvE and PvP – Seems to be not working besides that it would be a useful skill.

PvE 0/3, PvP 0/3



At Light Speed

Increase movement speed and attack speed by 200% for 30 seconds (on max Lv).
PvE – A must have skill when you are not yet capped with your stats

PvP – A useful skill when you are not capped with your stats but is one of your weaknesses as well when you cast it you are wide open making you easy prey for few classes so be careful when you use it!

PvE 3/3, PvP 3/3



Fist Harmony

Allows twins to accumulate Harmony Points. When successfully chaining combos between a twin active skill and a main skill, initiates Saving Harmony buff for 10 seconds. If 'Finish Move' or 'Finish Impact' is cast within this 10 second time frame, player will gain a Harmony buff, increasing movespeed and inflicting Bleeding and Weakening to the enemy.
PvE – Sadly no use at the moment but I hope it gets a rework.

PvP – Depends on your playstyle if you deem this skill useful or not. I myself am using it because of its effects. In a combination with other skills it can be a 100% stun with hp and defense buff duration making it a perfect combo finisher to boost your defense up to a whole minute.

PvE 0/3, PvP 0/3 or 3/3

Note – This skill works in this way – You have to make combo attacks with your twin following each other. You have to start with a yellow skill ( main twin ) then with a green skill ( twin brother) and continuing this chain yellow green yellow green to gain Stacks. The stack counter is horrible you can see it only on your glow. 1 stack there is a small blueish aura around your main twin, 2 stacks a small yellow glow, 3 stacks a really sparky yellow glow, 4 stacks a purple lightning, 5 stacks a orange yellow lightning where you go Super sayajin 3 and stuff gets serious ( wish it would :D ) You execute the stacks with 2 skills – Finish Move or Finish Impact. A colored ring will appear every enemy in that ring will get stunned gets a bleed and a max HP reduction. Orange ring is 1-3 stacks. Blue ring is 4 stacks. Purple ring is 5 stacks. The amount of stacks increases the duration of the max HP and defense buff.
You get a 100% stun only at 3+ stacks from the Heavy blow passive.

This is one of the coolest mechanics in game in my opinion and way too underrated



Harmony Mastery

Increases the possible max level of Saving Harmony by 1. Saving Harmony grants the player a Harmony buff, increasing movespeed and evade, DEF and inflicting Bleeding and Weakening to the enemy.
PvE and PvP – Enhances the Fist harmony stacking up and making the skill last longer. Again just useful for PvP under a certain playstyle.

PvE 0/2, PvP 0/2 or 2/2



Fusion Boost

Removes the animation delay for Fusion skills, allowing them to be chained together more efficiently.
PvE – Sadly no use since its casted and there aren’t that many fusion skills for now.

PvP – Its not useful due to lack of fusion skills and that cast time. Still its prerequisite.

PvE 0/1, PvP 1/1



Finish Move

Spin low once and do cutdown skill, attacking standing enemies.
PvE – No use

PvP – Prerequisite skill. My favorite skill to execute Fist Harmony stacks.

PvE 0/5, PvP 5/5



Finish Impact 


Jump low and do cutdown skill using one's fist, attacking standing or fallen enemies.
PvE – No use

PvP – Prerequisite skill. Can be used for executing Fist harmony stacks the problem is that it knocks enemies down which sometimes is a problem to continue the combo.

PvE 0/3, PvP 1/3



Ghost Fighter

Rapidly attack enemies within attack range. Inflicts stun with each hit.
PvE – No use

PvP – Its the must have skill for PvP. It teleports you to the enemy that was in range when you casted it doesn’t matter if he escaped or not. BUT! Be careful this skill is a double edged sword. You can teleport into skills you do not want to get hit by like a Fire emblem, Blizzard ( Warlock ) getting you stunned and killed. You can use Definite Defence before you cast it to make a easier cast for you


!Warning! People consider this skill as well unfair when used as a catching skill. It is still very useful if you use it as a combo filler like me and that gives people less things to complain about you.

PvE 0/5, PvP 1/5

If you want a lower cooldown and can afford the SP for it then go for 5/5




Jump and attack standing or airborne enemies 5 times with fast stamping steps.
PvE – One of your main damage dealing abilities. Definitely worth getting since it’s a prerequisite aswell

PvP – necessary PvP skill one of your biggest damage dealers. Prerequisite

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5



Spin Blade

Phoenix Kick twice while moving forward, attacking enemies 2-6 times (matters on Skill-Lv.).
PvE – No  use for this skill it deals very slow damage compared to other skills that have really low cooldown. Has to be taken since its prerequisite

PvP – Can be used as a catching ability but there are way better catch abilities. Prerequisite ability

PvE 3/5, PvP 3/5



Infinite Kicking

The upgraded version of Non Stop Kicking. Attack standing or fallen enemies 6-10 times (matters on Skill-Lv.).
PvE – Pretty much the strongest damaging skill you have in your repertoire of skills.

PvP – As well one of the strongest skills to go for and one of the best catching abilities.

PvE 5/5, PvP 5/5



Swish Kick

Move forward and attack standing or fallen enemies followed by a spin kick.
PvE – Not much use for this skill. Prerequisite

PvP – Not much use as well. I still will do some experiments with it but before that cant give much insight about it. It hits targets on the ground at level 3. Prerequisite

PvE 1/5, PvP 1/5




Rising Drop Kick

Recoil the body and perform a long distance drop kick, attacking standing or airborne enemies.
PvE- Again one of the most damage dealing abilities. You can maximize its damage output when the twin is further away from the main body. Combinations like Dragon kick and Rising drop kick or Slide kicking and rising drop kick give the most damage output.

PvP – As well one of the most damage dealing abilities and as in PvE part explained depends on the positioning of the twin. It hits targets in the air as well if its needed.

PvE 1/5, PvP 1/5



Twin Impact

Increases damage of Twin active skills by 10% (on max Lv.).

PvE and PvP – Definitely a worth skill the damage increase isnt so much but still worth it

PvE 3/3, PvP 3/3




     5. Jumeaux



Whenever you use MP during battle, your Awakening bar will fill up. This allows you to perform certain special skills which consume Awakening points. These skills also consume MP, however the MP they consume does not fill your awakening bar.

PvE – I think its definitely worth it to go for this skill.

PvP – Depends on playstyle I use it for flashy combos. People don’t have to if they are in need of SP

PvE 1/1, PvP 0/1 or 1/1


Awakening Charge

Consumes MP to recharge % of the Awakening bar every 3 seconds.
PvE and PvP – depends again on your playstyle if you want the awakenings definitely go for it.

PvE 3/3, PvP 0/3 or 3/3



Infinite Scuffle

[Awakening Skill] Perform a legendary combo. Dash forward and perform a combo with the twin against standing or fallen enemies. When in Fusion status, the attack is performed by oneself.
PvE – there is not really much use of this skill but its prerequisite.

PvP – Its attacks are sadly too slow to keep Movement speed stacked people in one place. I am still trying to figure out how to implement it so it will get usefull I will update it when I get one because this combo is legendary!

PvE 1/5, PvP 1/5



Consecutive Hit

[Awakening Skill] Perform a legendary combo with the twin. Twin holds the enemy down while one stabs the enemies 4-6 times (matters on Skill-Lv.). If in Fusion status, the combo is done by oneself.

PvE – A definitive yes from me when you are a F1 farmer. It instantly fills up the groggy bar from bosses when used on them.

PvP – Can be actually useful it’s a magnet why not? But depends again in playstyle.

PvE 1/5, PvP 0/5 or 1/5


Cross Fist

[Ultimate Skill] A special skill for twins that has been handed down across the Dragonkin generations. By maximizing Dragonkin Force and exploding the concentrated energy, it hits the enemies nearby up to 5 times and does additional damage at the end with an explosion. Final hit inflicts stun.
PvE – It deals a lot of damage yes but if its worth the 60 SP? Don’t think so. You can if you got some spare why not.

PvP – Cant be used in there

PvE 0/1 or 1/1 , PvP 0/1



Training Time

Transform standing enemies in range into a wooden training doll for 3 seconds. While in this status, enemies cannot move. However, the enemies' base DEF is increased by 50%.
PvE – No use there

PvP – Very useful skill that transforms the enemies into a wood log that you can punch for a while! Would like to have that in real life :D

PvE 0/5, PvP 3/5 or 5/5 depends on how much skill points you have.




     6. Skill builds


     6.1 Skill builds for PvE


Level 20 – Don’t use your skill reset scroll, save it!


Level 40 – Again save your skill reset scroll, still not needed!


Level 60 – Nope, you still don’t need it.


Level 85 – Now you can use one of the scrolls to get the right skills!




     6.2 Skill build for PvP


Level 85 – You will most likely need to use a skill reset when you just finished leveling.



Note to the PvP skill build– Twins require a high amount of skill points for proper PvP, so you will have to farm a lot of skill points (Hunter G quests / Market) if you’re going for max efficiency. It gets more exciting the more skills you have at your disposal, I swear!





     7. Gear


     7.1 Normal Gear


Getting any set until level 40 is futile. You can use gada coins at the end of F1s to get set parts [Chaos difficulty if you want chaotic parts].


Your STAT priorities are:

  1. Critical Damage
  2. Attack speed
  3. Movement speed
  4. Critical rate




Lv. 40 - Lv. 54 :
Lv. 40 Hidden Dragon 3 parts => +18 Agility, Final Critical Rate +2,7%
Lv. 47 Soullinker 3 parts => +22 Agility, Final Critical Rate +3,3%

                            =     +40 Agility, Final Critical Rate +6%


Lv. 54+ :
Lv. 47 Soullinker 3 parts => +22 Agility, Final Critical Rate +3,3%
Lv. 54 Fist Master 3 parts => +26 Agility, Final Critical Rate +3,9%

                                       =      +48 Agility, Final Critical Rate +7,2%


Options for this level range include items obtainable at “Red fox Delta”:


( Best ) Hydron Templar shoes – giving you +10 ( if best +12 ) INT and Attack Speed.



Lv. 60+ :


Hero Undead Bone set – The complete set bonus isn’t ideal, but the individual set parts give ok STAT bonuses.


Hero Undead Bone gloves -> Gives attack speed ( 15 % I think haven’t seen one for now I will write it when I can confirm it )


Hero Undead Bone shoes –> Movement speed 10%


Hero Undead Bone top –> If you want more survivability [+40 HEALTH]


Hero Undead Bone bottom –> As well for some survivability [+600 HP]



Lv. 70+ :


Hero Secmathian set – The overall complete set bonus is just an upgrade on numbers, take the same approach as the Bone Dragon one, individual set part bonuses.


Hero Secmathian gloves – 20% attack speed –> this one is useful and would recommend it.


Hero Secmathian shoes – Movement speed 10% -> can be combined for getting the set bonus of HP with other parts.


Hero Secmathian top – More “tankyness” is always great [+45 HEALTH]



Lv. 81+


Hero Protector of the Stars set – This Gear build is used for PvE as well as PvP. The Best One.

Set bonuses:

2/6 - HP +3120

3/6 - Agility +97

4/6 - Health +71

5/6 - Absolute Def Rate +32.5%, Def Rate: 325

6/6 - Final Critical Success Rate +3.8%, Four elements resistance: 2600, Four elements resistance: 65.0%;

Note – There are 7 parts in total, making it useless to wear all of them. Seeing as the set bonus completes at 6, 1 part is left to be modified at one’s own criteria ( trading the 1/7 part for whatever other gear you think will suit your playstyle )


Helmet ->  Strength +85

This is one of the set parts that can be switched out for Elluman’s Crown ( 15%MS, 25% AS, 10% CDMG )


Shoulderguard -> Movement Speed +18.1%


Cape –> Try to go for max 3 OPTs here. However, the main ones to go for are Critical damage, Critical rate


Top -> Health +61


Gloves -> HP Recovery +218.0%

Another part that can be switched out – You can go for Harkon’s Glove of Chaos with HEALTH for survivability or AGILITY for more Critical rate. – You can also chose Hero Secmathian gloves if you‘re have trouble capping Attack Speed.


Bottom -> HP +670


Shoes -> Attack Speed +27.8%



Endgame accessories





PvP, PvE recommendation


Hero Sign of Arcadia – Definitely the best choice here in terms of balanced stats

22,5% Max HP, 22,5% Max MP, Strength +17, Intelligence +17, Health +17, Agility +17


PvE hardcore

If you are by any chance rich and bored, you can farm yourself a 10* Kyrab Solar Necklet.

+1673 Magic and Physical damage 





PvP, PvE recommendation


Hero Element Spirit beltGives nice overall stats.



PvE recommendation


Aram’s Belt of PerservanceIncreases your Physical damage to a max of +830 (+20 Enchant / Legendary Soulcraft)





PvE recommendation

15* Cerberus Solar ring 2x The must have rings for having damage late game.


PvE Cheaper placeholder

Hero Element Spirit ring 2x – Gives you 600 Min and Max Physical attack and Magical attack.


PvP Recommendation

Hero Element spirit ring 1x + 1x Cerberus Stella ring – Going for the element set bonus is necessary and getting the extra HP for “tankyness“ from the Stella ring aswell.





PvE, PvP recommendation

Hero Element Spirit earring – Gives more set bonuses plus 10% Critical Rate and 12,5% Critical Damage.


PvE, Damage - you can use this alternative if you manage to cap all stats and can go for more damage output

5 Star Kryos Solar Earring - 1152 - Magical and physical damage


Shield / Kickball / Bracelet


Hero Element Spirit bracelet – The choice here is limited. This one I would recommend in order to complete the elemental set for both PvE and PvP. There is also the Physical and Magical damage drop by 15% as a bonus.





Until Lv. 27
Wooden Gauntlet (Lv. 20)

Until Lv. 37/40
Aqua Spiritual Gauntlet (Lv. 27)

Until Lv. 49
Dark Soul Gauntlet (Lv. 37) - PvE
Don’t bother getting a element weapon at level 40 unless you want to PvP


Until Lv. 55

Magma Lord Gauntlet (Lv. 49)

You can go for that weapon but it’s not necessary. I will explain my leveling path later on.

Until Lv. 70

Magichenge Gauntlet (Lv. 55) +10 enchantment

Later I will explain why

Undead Bone Gauntlet (Lv. 60)

Until Lv. 77
Zauharant Gauntlet (Lv. 70)

Lv. 77+
Elga Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Gauntlet (Lv. 77)

Optional PvP option as well for endgame


Lv. 81+

Hero Protector of the Stars Gauntlet

This is the one I am using for both PvP and PvE – The difference between the black dragon lord elemental weapon and this one is around 3500 physical damage and just 100 elemental damage if you have all sockets maxed out.



     7.2 IM Gear


IM gear depends strongly on the stats you want to go for and depends on the player as well.

My current IM gear set up would be for endgame:


FacePresident Husky Nose 2016

AS 5%, MS 5%, Final Critical Success Rate 0.5%


NeckPresident Husky Collar

AS 5%, MS 5%, Final Critical Success Rate 0.5%


Head – Fallen Angel Horns

MS 20%


Shoulder guardBest Ultimate Hero Shoulders

CDMG 22%


BackParis Vacation Wings

Max HP 5%, AS 5%, MS 5%, CDMG 5%, Final Critical Success Rate 1%


TopBest Ultimate Hero Top

Max HP 15%


HandsBest Gloves of Unity

Final Critical Success Rate 5%


WeaponHeartbreaker Gauntlet

AS 15%, MS 10%, Health +10


BeltIf you have it use it Player Appreciation belt

If you don’t have it go for the Lovely Gold Belt

Set bonus +400 Max HP


BottomFantasy Fox Bottom

Max HP +7.5%


ShoesBest Ultimate Hero Shoes

MS 30%


RingsYou have to wait for a good IM ring to show up in the vending machine besides that go for the level 20 Happy Job Change ring and leave the other slot free for the time being.


Earring Hero Tornado Uppercut Earring

AS 15%


BalloonTurkey Balloon

Max HP 5%, Max MP 5%, AS 5%, MS 5%, Final critical success rate 1.5%


ShieldIf you have it use it Player Appreciation Bracelet

If you don’t have it go for the Bracelet of Unity

Max HP +70, Max MP +70



     7.3 Medals


This is a list of recommended medals for all levels with stats included. You can skip those medals if you don’t


AS – Attack speed

MS – Movement speed

STR – Strength

INT – Intelligence

AGI – Agility

HLT – Health


Lv. 5+


Slay 333 Woodies

AS 3%, MS 3%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +3


Lv. 10+

Bat Guy

Slay 333 Scrappies

AS 6%, MS 6%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +4


Lv. 20+

Star Chaser

Slay Starry Lolos

AS 9%, MS 9%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +5


Lv. 25+

Happy Hippo

Slay 333 Hippos

AS 12%, MS 12%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +6


Lv. 25+

Rookie Monster Slayer

Woodie-Holic, Bat Guy, Star Chaser, Happy Hippo

AS 15%, MS 15%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +7


Lv. 30+

Metal Crusher

Slay 444 Spectral Knights

AS 15%, MS 15%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +8


Lv. 33+

Knockin’ on Wood

Slay 444 Mallet Mummies

AS 15%, MS 15%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +9


Lv. 37+

Pumpkin Pudding

Slay 444 Pumpkin Heads

AS 15%, MS 15%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +10


Lv. 40+

F®oggy Weather

Slay 444 Ribbits

AS 15%, MS 15%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +11


Lv. 40+

Veteran Monster Slayer

Metal Crusher, Knockin’ on Wood, Pumpkin Pudding, F®oggy Weather

AS 15%, MS 15%, STR – INT – AGI – HLT +12


Lv. 80+

Wind Walker Hero

Reach level 80

Max HP 3000, Max MP 2500, AS 15%, MS 15%, HLT +25, INT +20, STR +10, AGI +10



My recomendation for endgame PvP and PvE is definitely the Wind Walker Hero medal its a very versatile medal in terms of survivability and damage.


For low level leveling I would recomend to go for Starry Chaser Medal unless the player is dedicated than he can go for the Rookie Monster Slayer medal.


Later on Switch this medal out either for Metal Crusher or when dedicated for Veteran Monster Slayer.




     7.4 Pets


Here you should aim for a pet that has the possibility to obtain max options.

PvP stats – Health +72 and Max hp ( as much as you can get )

You can get any other stats as well if you can’t cap them with normal / IM gear.


PvE stats – Critical damage (CDMG), Critical rate (CRATE), Attack speed, Movement speed – This are the ones you should aim for faster clearing of dungeons


Some exemplary pets that can obtain already said Max opts

 ( +72 Health, 28% attack speed or movement speed or critical damage )

  • Elmar ( HLT , MS, CDMG, CRATE )
  • Cerberon ( HLT, MS, CDMG, CRATE )
  • Car Pets ( HLT, AS, CDMG, CRATE )




     8. Combos or how to make your own ones


In this section I want to talk a little about combos which help you increase your damage output or to make your clear speeds faster. I would like to start with PvE combos to help you with leveling. Afterwards a few basic PvP combos.


REMINDER! – These are just some basic combos, you are always free to try your own !

When you want to create your own combos just test what the specific skill does and find another one that profits out of it. An example is when a skill knocks down something, you need to chain one that either hits grounded targets or will make them stand them up. If a skill throws the enemy up, the next one should either bring them down or continue the lock mid air.




level 20+

  • Rocket Blow – Tornado Spin
  • Non Stop Kicking – Dragon Kick


Level 40+

  • Infinite Turning Kick – Dragon Kick
  • Infinite Turning Kick – Slide Kicking
  • Slide Kicking – Dragon Kick
  • Spirit Spear – Dragon Kick
  • Rolling Grable – Tornado spin – Smash Kick
  • Dragon Uppercut – Smash Kick – Tornado spin


Level 60+


  • Dragon Kick – Rising Drop Kick
  • Slide Kicking – Rising Drop Kick
  • Screw Drop kick – Tornado spin – Smash Kick – Dragon Uppercut
  • Stamper – Infinite Turning Kick
  • Infinite Kicking – Tornado Uppercut





Level 85


  • Infinite kicking – Tornado Uppercut – Infinite Turning Kick – Dragon Kick
  • Power fist catch – Fusion – Ghost Fighter – Fusion – Infinite kicking – Roar of Lion
  • Power fist catch – Stamper – Infinite Turning Kick – Slide Kicking
  • Infinite turning kick – Spin bomb – Dragon Kick – One sword, One cut – Slide kicking


As already stated, PvP is VERY situational, having to figure out on the spot the ideal skill to start a combo. Personally, I’m always annoying lots of friends to act as a punching bag for me in PvP so I can test stuff out and check if they can move out of the combo – The question remains: What’s the issue? Is my timing bad? Did I fly too far? Does that mean my positioning was bad? Due to animations can’t I break the combo?


Insider tip

You can stopcast skills that your twin brother does with space bar.




     9. Macros


Yes, for Twins macros are a life saver, so go for that 100 IM stuff, it’s worth it! 2 action bars aren’t nearly enough.

You can help yourself out by making long combos with just 1 button. All you need is to insert skills in the slots with a delay if needed. 

I’m following with an example macro but don’t disregard the fact that you can use an almost infinite amount of macro combos, it’s only a matter of thought process.


CAREFULL! – There is sadly a bug with the macro. When you insert a twin skill on the first place of the macro it will be performed by the main twin character. Yes, it sounds good, but it is a bug after all and it has been reported with hopes to be fixed one day!

So, if you use it, be aware that it will get fixed and you will have to remake your playstyle from scratch.

This can be avoided if you place a yellow skill on the first slot, afterwards you can choose green skills as much as you want, to work as intended.


Example Macro:

Jump , 0.1sec delay, Screw drop kick, 0 sec del, Tornado spin, 0 sec del, Smash kick, 0.2 sec delay for positioning and turning around, Dragon Uppercut





     10. Skill Points


Most of you know this already, but some may not.


You can farm extra Skill Points ( SP ) by doing daily quests at the NPC Hunter G which is located in almost all major cities ( Port of Winds close to the Wanted board, Libra and so on )

The higher level you are the better monster capsules you get. The low-level capsules can contain a +1 SP Scroll which you right click to obtain the SP. Keep in mind getting a SP Scroll isn’t guaranteed.

At level 65 I think you will start to receive Hero Hunter capsules as a reward from Hunter G dailies. They can contain +1 or +2 SP scrolls.

There’s always the lazy option and buy them in the market for gold. 


Another way to get Skill points is farming Guild dailies. You can get +2 Skill Point scrolls from Dony's Support Bag (Lv. 40-85).


There is still more. Another way is when you level up at level 85 ( You can do it more times ) you are awarded with a so called ExCo token that can be sen under your minimap in your right corner - You can exchange it for 2 Skill points at a NPC called Lucifer in Port of Winds West.


There are occasional events from the Warpportal team where you get a quest from Gato in Port of Winds to bring him something or kill something for skill points as well.




     11. My leveling path


This guide is effective on EXP event which are held at Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays [ or when there are week long EXP events ]. You can and should use more experience boosters to quicken the leveling process, although I would recommend saving those for later Lvs. ( Biscuit, EXP device, x2 Potions, Jacks bean )


Level 20 – 30

  • You start at level 20 with your Twin fighter. You must do the job change quick and then go to Port of Winds.
  • At Port of Winds get some quests for the Bearded whale coast and stay there ( even if you don’t have quests, do some f1 spams ) until you reach level 24.
  • Don’t forget to pick up some HP and MP potions that suit your Lv.
  • At level 24 do the Dr. Farrel quest
  • After you are done with Farrel, pick up your Happy Job change package at Edeline in PoW
  • Afterwards you might have leveled to 25 if not, doesn’t matter. Go to Geffen town pick your first IM gear up and do all quests there besides the 20 times Orc hero. You shouldn’t need help with this one. It will take a while, but it gives immense amounts of XP.
  • You should be around level 26 – 27. If you’re not 27 yet grind some Alvida (F1).

Go to the fountain in Port of Winds and get the quest for the Water Temple Endairon and do it. Afterwards finish the whole questline to obtain the weapon. You can get the 250 souls for exchanging 5 Silver coins in the vending machine at the center of port of winds. It’s a Soul Box which you have to right click after buying it.

  • You should be around 28. Now you can pick up some quests for Alvida – Steven Trading port in Port of Winds and stay there until you hit 29.
  • At 29 You go to Kalygon fleet and do the quests from the Shark Pirate at the dungeon entrance and complete them until you reach 30.


Level 30 – 40

  • I start with exploring Moonlight shore first then teleport myself to Port of Winds and get all Hero quests that are related to Moonlight shore.
  • Next, I try to pick up all quests in Moonlight shore related to Milkyway Sanctuary and I will do them one by one until all are finished this should get you to level 33. Try to grind yourself the “Metal Crusher” medal as well making your life easier.
  • At level 33 do the Underground graveyard level 30 and complete all quests. You should be able to grind your way up to level 34
  • Repeat this circle with the following quest lines: Skypie sanctuary until 35, Underground Graveyard 35 until level 36. Afterwards you can complete the prerequisite f7 quests from Larell the graveyard keeper.
  • After you will receive a quest from the tomb stone to kill Artis 2 times chaos map 3 maps then Lord of Night 3 times 3 chaos maps. You should be able to hit level 37 by now with those quests otherwise you can grind some F1 until you’re there.
  • Don’t bother going for the anukus set. At level 37 you can equip your Dark soul gauntlet and you can go for the quest lines in Parmir sanctuary.
  • At Parmir Sanctuary, unlock the Spectress Tower. It is a prerequisite for a Job change quest later on. You should now be level 38 – 39.
  • Finish your leveling with quests at Dangerous Caverns from 38 – 40 and F1 spam. You could go F6 as well if you find the party for it but I usually solo level up until level 40.


Level 40 – 60

  • Finish the F7 quests you have started at Larell in Moonlight. He will give you a quest to go to Libra where you have to complete Rokko F5 mission.
  • After that do the chain quest “Invade” it should have 2 killing parts and 1 talk part. Afterwards you will get a quest called Tactical Crisis and this is the chain that will allow you to open F7 mode.
  • Now go to Kazeura village and start your Job change quest.
  • Complete the “Fight to the Death Against the Drakes” to get the Happy Job change quest from Pablo in Libra ( Try to find help for this quest, ask in Trade Chat, people will join you! )
  • Grind your way up to level 50 in this F7 with parties try to use as much XP boosters as you can get your hands on ( x2 potions can be bought from the vending machine at POW for silver coins ) and Tactical fatigue potions can be bought on market.
  • At level 50 you can choose to either go to Forgotten village and get a party there for F7 or you can do all the prerequisite dungeon quests which you will need anyways later on.
  • I give myself a mental break from non-stop F7’s :D And start with unlocking Verdurous Forest, Kundara dungeon and Akia Cave.
  • Don’t forget to make your Magichenge Gauntlet from the Kundara dungeon quests.
  • Then you can go back to leveling to 55 at Valid Reath f7 or Forgotten village F7. (FV F7 gives more XP! )
  • At 55 you farm and exchange silver coins for enchant insurance scrolls in Port of Winds center from a shady guy for 5 silver coins each. Your goal is to get your Magichenge weapon to +10 Enchant to get the bonus for the expert dungeons. But it is possible to do the dungeon without it as well.
  • Once you’re done, go to Verdurous Forest dungeon [Expert Mode] and grind your way up to level 60. It can appear to be really quick if you get the hang of what skills are the most effective for each group of minions. DON’T FORGET TO TAKE A LOT, I repeat, A LOT OF HP AND MP POTIONS WITH YOU.


Level 60 – 85

  • At this level you can take a break from your grind and go for unlocking Red Fox delta dungeon
  • It’s time for job change. Get the PvE quest where you have to do all the dungeons. Ask for help to clear Van Cliff later on, but you can solo it fairly easily after so many runs of Verdurous forest. You will still need help for Bone Dragon [Boss] don’t forget that!
  • When you are done with your job change get back to grinding Verdurous forest until you hit level 68
  • Reaching level 68 allows you to do Arcadia quests as they give a huge amount of EXP
  • At some point you won’t get any more Arcadia quests because you are too low Level for them.
  • Time to go back grinding another level in Verdurous forest and afterwards you can clear what remains of Arcadia quests.
  • This way leveling isn’t so much of a torture as it used to be, purely F7. Now you have a healthy balance of grinding dungeons with some quests mixed in.
  • Now just continue completing the quests until there are no more and grind your way to 85. Finally, you can start farming Elluman F1 for golds or Elemental Dungeon, decide what works best for you and go get your endgame gear!



     Final Message

I hope my guide will be helpful to new players or to those who wanted to try this class but were overwhelmed with what needed to be learn.


Constructive criticism is very welcome from experienced players regarding what can be changed and what they would do differently.


Once I acquire enough experience in PvP against all classes, I will maybe add a PvP focused guide. With this in mind please know that my combos might not even be suited for you, learn, create and thrive for new ones. But if you want practical experience in PvP just message me in game I will help you of course.


If you have questions you can PM me here on the forum or leave me a mail in-game on the character Chaostwinz. I will try to answer it ASAP.



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Posted 05 April 2018 - 05:18 AM

Levelling up to 85, then filling once again your EXP bar, will grant your character an Experience container they can trade to NPC Lucifer for 2 skill points.

This guide looks pretty to me.

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Oh Right I will add that! Thanks

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 11:03 AM


Personally, I’m always annoying lots of friends to act as a punching bag for me in PvP




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See. If you want a professional sandbag Call 666 and ask for Ony xD

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Posted 03 November 2018 - 06:27 AM

Hey, thanks to your guide, I;m enjoying playing twin. For now I got stuck at executing their skills :sob:. I have try many skill combinations and only few works wonder. I tried the tornado + infinite kicking. It did work like you said but not every time. How did you manage to do it? I assume you cast infinite kicking first and then tornado? Would you expand tornado uppercut to 10? I also try dragon uppercut + stamper but dragon uppercut has a delay to execute and sometimes doesn't deal all the described hits. This annoys me to do air combo and what worse is that I noticed almost all the main skills are throwing mobs up which the twin doesn't have lot of skills to compensate this. I did try rising drop since it can atk air-borne enemy but the main skills throw the mobs to high. Anywho, how did you use macro for twin in continuous chain :p_sad:  I can only chain 2 skills and the next 3rd and so forth will take like 1 sec to execute. This is not the case when i put the same color skills in the macro. Can you help with this? Btw, do you x-spammed the main body when the twin use skills?

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For Riom im relying the message of Chaostwinz since he is one of the banned EU players and is inactive on this forum due to that.

With the tornado and kicking you have to use them simultaneously you can't wait for one to be cast and use the other one afterwards it has to be at once casted to hit 100% And no its not really useful since the damage isn't that high in PvP unless physical damage ratios will get changed. There is a new combo I developed you can try it I can't since im banned x) But you can combine Uppercut + smash kick gotta be at least lvl 3 though, then you jump up 3x X attacks to throw the target time and simultaneously u gotta hit infinite kicking like mad so when he hits the ground he will get catched on the ground by kicking. The combo goes further but if u learn this ur already doing great :smile: If you need help with macros you should probably hit me up on discord. And I tried to avoid X spaming since the class has got so many awesome skills its a shame to kill it with yet another x spam meme.

And he said if people want to contact him here is his discord people should feel free to message him he is always glad to help with questions

Chaos as in Twin The MasterRace#6858

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where do i can get Chaotic Hidden Dragon set?


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