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Changing Skills From Avenger to driud

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Posted 13 April 2018 - 09:15 AM

Hello, i was thinking about some crazy ideas...

How About move all knuckles Skills from Avenger to Druid Inferno? this can change some things and bring us a fresh new playstile like a mini warlod but this one uses kunkles  :P

Move Cry Of will to Battle Magician Skill tree instead of Ragining Strike so we can have the buff active while we are transforming and de transforming and still be lvl 70 prerequisite skill.

Right now Inerno Have 4 Physical Damaging Skills :

Double Slash
Inducing Honey Bee (this is a long range propiety dmg skill with a loooooooooooot o cooldown and low dmg - 30 secs cooldown)
Bleeding (6 secs cooldown, this is skill is really good btw. inst OP but inst weak) 
Storm Slash (aoe stun - 24 secs cooldown)
Heavy Blow (single target stun - 24 secs Cooldown)
And Batte Magician Have only 2
Absorbing Energy (12 secs cooldown, cool skill btw and its on the point)
Raginig Strike (14 secs cooldown with no use... gives you a tiny buff that needs to be increased with dna to have more dmg and still with dna is useless)

there almost no skill Cycle due the high cooldown on skills if you want to do a full PHYS DMG combo also you loose some survivality cause if you want to deal dmg you have to waste your stuns and healing.

Adding i dont know
Hunter Strike
Double Strike
Maybe... YES MAYBE... Kunuckle Strike
AND IM Still Thinking about avenging strike cause we have a dash already

would Bring Some life to a new weird variety of builds, right now you should play Druid as a Mage with stuns, how about the variety? people sometimes doenst like to stick with the common builds

this would be nice to see on aeternum Server work cause right now on triri is impossible to play any build you want cause you get punished SO HARD

the new skill tree shoul look kinda like this (i have an image that i eddited but i cant post it here and i dong know why):
-some image should be here tell me i you want it and i will send it via pm-

Why in this way?: well lets check it out

Swit Arm Lvl 1 Skill: Why?
To Help AA Druids rom The Biggening o the game and want to have top DPS since lvl 1 and not wait till lvl 50 and get wercked by monsters till you can hit lvl 50 also having this skill as a battle magician allow us to have it even we are transormed.

Cry of Will lvl 30 skill: Why?
or the same reason to help AA Druids and keep the buff

and the rest o skills on the Inferno path:

First the stuns should have more lvls to doesnt have it ealy and make us a power house character so early. then the dmg skills ealy:
lvl 50: inducing Honey bee, double slash and double strike
lvl 60: beeding, avenging strike, Knuckle Srike, hunter strike.
lvl 70: Heavy Blow (we cant max it reduce the stun duration to 2 secs from 3)
lvl 80: Storm Slash (max skill lvl= 4 that means 2 secs Stun and we can ubgrade it to be like lvl1: 1sec stun, lvl2:2sec stun, lvl 3:3 sec stun, lvl 4:4sec stun)

what you guys think?

comment below i you to change anything or somethign like that

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Posted 28 April 2018 - 10:10 PM

Totally not trying being offensive but... Go home, you're drunk.
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