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Sage Noob seeking Guidance

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#1 Alexsyko


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Posted 07 May 2018 - 11:16 PM

Hello Ragnarok online players
I'd like to ask for your assistance if you don't mind. Been playing Ragnarok for about two years maybe. Really liked the game so after I got used to everything I decided I'd join a guild and do some WoE ( WoE1 and WoE2 ) Got geared up and went into battle. And oh boy was I useless. After that, I was semi-disappointed with my performance. While I did do some of the basic stuff Sages are suppose to do I feel like I could have done better. So after doing some research, I wasn't truly able to find a guide that just simply taught me everything. Like for example. How to push with land protector. When to use land protector. What you should be looking out for etc. I tried asking a few guildies if they could help me understand but I only got a handful of tips and even then I was still kinda lost. I understand that RO is a very old game and that information might be limited ( Or maybe I just didn't look hard enough ) Which is why I came here seeking your assistance
Thanks for reading

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#2 gatineau


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Posted 23 May 2018 - 05:01 AM

My thoughts:

1) I suck yet still enjoy this game as much as anyone.

2) You are never useless (in WoE). If you are targeted then the "competent" players are not, if only briefly. That's all they need :)

3) Practice. Figure out what you can do, not what you cannot

4) Stay cheerful and helpful. It is always appreciated. If your guild mates are giving you tips, sounds like a good guild.

5) Much of the information in older guilds is still relevant. Some good tips there. For example, Sage at IRO Wiki

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