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RE:START VMod Position - Accepting Applications!

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Posted 25 May 2018 - 05:01 PM

Hey everybody, it's that time again!
Unfortunately some of our VMods will be retiring soon due to the terms of service updates, so we are looking to fill some spots.
We are recruiting for volunteer moderators from the community to help with moderating the Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok RE:START forums, alerting the staff when issues come up, and gathering general feedback from the community.


  • Send a PM to me with the title RO Moderator Application
  • Please write a short summary on why you want to become a moderator, and any previous experience you may have had in moderation/volunteering in an online community. Prior experience is helpful, but not essential. 
  • If you have organized and run events or participated in the creative side of the game, please make sure to note it. 
  • Please let us know what region you live in and what hours you would be able to be active. 
  • The CM team will look at the applications and look at your prior history on the forums. While warnings and past aggressive behavior on the forum are not necessarily deal breakers, it will be a part of the consideration process. We will be looking for good and helpful interactions throughout the forums and beyond when considering new VMods.
  • People applying should be current players of our games. Preference for this position is Ragnarok Online and/or RE:START players who know the community but are able to avoid or handle interpersonal/inter-guild conflict with finesse. We are not looking for enforcers to punish, but for peacemakers/diplomats who can bring out the best in the community. 
  • All applications will be kept confidential and viewed only by the WarpPortal staff.


Being a VMod

  • VMods start out on a trial basis of one month. During that time, it will be important for them to see how the CMs and fellow moderators interact with the community. If they find the position is not for them, they can walk out any time they like so long as they inform the other VMods and CMs.
  • It is important that this position is anonymous. VMods should not disclose that they are our "sleeper agents" in-game or outside of the game. Not only is this false, it's just weird.
  • Additionally, leaking moderator information such as the status of any given forum member or content of reports is strictly prohibited.
  • The personal accounts of VMods do not receive special treatment on the forums or in game.
  • VMods must be active. We do not expect people to put in hours like this is a part time job, but we would like people who have the energy and drive to help us here on the forums. 
  • VMods will be in close contact with CMs and fellow moderators. If a moderator's personal account is involved in a discussion that requires moderation, another moderator will be called in to perform the proper duties.
  • Moderator powers are to be used wisely, and with careful regard for each particular situation. Actions that require further moderation or more severe actions are to be escalated to the WarpPortal staff.

We will be accepting applications until Sunday, June 10, 11:59PM PDT.
At that time, we will stop accepting new applications and begin the vetting process, and your new VMods will be introduced shortly after that!
Thank you everyone, and best of luck!

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