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Summer Games Round 1 08/03

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#26 buenaventura


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Posted 03 August 2018 - 11:31 PM

Why does'nt have a ressurection? I think its not best the solution for the game rules. Once you die it is lose of hope for the team, never came back to the fight. Specially for the classes unable to tank or low of survival.

Maybe it should make a responding time instead:
When the player die can freely ressurect but when the time past like 3 seconds automatically out of the game.

And also 5minutes time breaker it is too short for them, for those tanky classes minutes ago before it will down. 10minutes i guess is good for the battle.

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#27 meocutduoi


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Posted 04 August 2018 - 03:17 AM

May i ask what's purpose of participants list if we can change it anytime and as many times as we want?

May i ask why would resu is not allowed lol?

May i ask where's your respectful for players after an awful event? Many of them had to stay up late last night (3AM-6AM). No explain no apologize at all? Just change the rule and schedule?

After all may i ask what's the meaning of a CM if he/she always ignore feedback/suggestion from community?



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#28 IFreeBird


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Posted 04 August 2018 - 04:55 AM

Please DO NOT disable the revive skills, instead be smart about the decisions and listen to the suggestions from the community for a change :p_sad:

If you do disable the revive skill then we better finish that tournament next livestream as matches will probaly be done in less then 1-2 minutes each.

Obviously a major balance update is required, like drasticly increase some of the cooldowns for certain skills like revive and give other classes some sort of survival mechanic other then a massive amount of HP.
lets face it if u needs multiple revives in less then a minute ur probaly doing something wrong

(Doesnt matter if its PvP or PvM, your just not ready)


Lets also talk about some taunt/sacrifice diminishing returns and other missing features, the community has brought this up a number of times already but never realy gets any attention.

My hopes is that with this small fiasco during the matchup someone will read this, and start the realize the community members are actualy right and deserve some attention in these matters, that it might ACTUALY be time to make some nessesary changes to the game for its longevity and to keep the community calm.


The way I see it, the ROSE team should interact with its player way more often to ask for feedback, here on the forums but also ingame.

A Developer should have joined that AA match when you first heard about the crashes that were going on, and do some live debugging.
(Now I feel its to late, you lost the major part of the "PvP" community and 2/3rd of the gamemodes dont even run anymore, unless its rigged with a dozen clients to farm the honor points!)


The game is starting to become a spek of its former glory, the countless negative feedback, game breaking bugs, poor quality costumes & decisions made by the team whos running ROSE.

You should seriously start with a balance update and to keep it short and simple here is my point of view on this.


-DoT can have critical hits but HoT can't?  whats the deal with that, thats not balanced imo.

-Diminishing returns for taunts and sacrifice is nessesary, ive seen a few topics from a few years back players are right!

-Raiders/Scouts might actualy have TO MUCH dodge at this point.
  (with the current reinforcement system, there gear starts with the lowest durability compaired to other classes so they will gain the most from this update, making them even more unbalanced!)

-Bourgs still have a HUGE damage output, dispite the fact the AOE mitigation took place, its still THE BEST AoE class with the highest damage output, I would like to see the DoT/Skillpower slightly lowerd.

-Axe champions having trouble keeping the Critical Damage stack up and running, it currently maxes at 5 stacks and you cant refresh it when it reaches those stacks, thats aside from that fact the stack only lasts a few seconds.

  (Not to mention there survivability of a axe champion "Just like artisans" is like that of a potato)

-Scouts wind arrow stack can be refreshed and also this passive along with other passives should have its stack timer increased by a dozen seconds, this was also mentioned and requested by the class veterans

-Cleric flames and bonefire need to go!  Instead maybe they could summon a becon that players can click to recieve a good chunk HP/MP (Once every xx seconds) 
(This might actualy reduce the FPS drops and give more stability in general) & stop players from attacking AFK, help deal with the majority of the bot users and give rose back some more active gameplay)


There's should be a big balance update to addres all the problems the community has mentioned over the years but little to none as actually happend dispite the reports!




Oh And the livestream was poorly executed, the screen resolution was way off, people obviously couldn't realy see anything that was going on, not to mention you made the mistake of showing the command lines that were used.

Remind me to  /call Genesis next time  ^^,

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#29 henrycao


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Posted 04 August 2018 - 02:02 PM

@meocutduoi incase you hadn't watched the stream, AceOfSpades and OrganizationXIII battled it out for over 30minutes and the fight would have went on for even longer if an OrganizationXIII member hadn't disconnected. I was in the lineup with AceOfSpades and the revives were being abused non-stop neither team could wipe each other out. Unfortunately for us, kills weren't accounted for. 


@ [CM]Andrasyte being unfamiliar with PvP as a spectator or player, many of the deaths weren't even noticed especially because of the instantaneous revives.

Poor camera angles blocked off the first death on PiiQuin. Other times it was Inattentional Blindness until maybe 15-20minutes in. (Zilp was part of the ground, he never died ^lol^ kidding)


PiiQuin from OrganizationXIII even admitted on stream that AceOfSpades should have gotten the first win.

Instead now, OrganizationXIII gets to come back and fight AceOfSpades again knowing exactly how our off-meta team composition works which isn't exactly "fair" play for something that should have been a one time deal. Along with the rest of the community given an extra week of time to strategize a counter.


However, aside from criticism, thank you [CM]Andrasyte for trying your best hosting this event.

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#30 Ierire


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 02:58 AM

I don't know what you thinking.
To remove ressuraction from a full support cleric it's like telling raiders/scouts they can't stealth/cloack. Its like telling an artisan they can't cast aoe sleep/acid skill. Bourgs can't use their dual rigging/flame cannon splash/cannon stun burst skill. Knights can't use their sacri/taunts. Champs can't beserk. Mages can't use their shield/mutes/stuns.
Seriously do you think about it or atleast discuss it with someone who understand more about pvp tourney before u made this rules?
You taking a very important skill from full support cleric class.

You set up a rule that says who die the most will lose?
You letting us to change our line up till 9th?
Do you know we can even use a worse line up you can ever imagine... that none of us will die in 5 minutes. Then what will you do?
You set rules like a troll
This is hillarious
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#31 noobazov


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 03:23 AM

No ress allowed ? is that a joke?

I see that u placed a 5 minutes limit time , thats a good news and should ensure that we wouldnt waste our time on friday.

So why the addition of disabling ress is neccessary ? we pvp players are playing this game for a long time at its current meta , which involve ress , we used to play like that and we relate our tactics over it.

So agian .. im abit confused game won't last more than 5 minutes now , so why ur not giving us ress ? 

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#32 5902130503124339250


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 10:14 AM

All these people who are crying for the skill to revive is because they obviously armed their team with 1 fs and 2 mage to take advantage of the soul restore.
I think what should be done is how Phish said put wand required to use the soul restore and increase the cooldown to not allow abuse of it.

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#33 henrycao


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 11:58 AM

"Matches will have a time limit of 5 minutes! If the match hits the 5 minute time limit the team with the most surviving players will be declared the winner!" ~assuming that someone dies, but how is a winner declared if everyone survives? Or an even amount of players survive? What happens then if somehow both teams continuously remain evenly matched? Do the rounds just continuously end in a draw?



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#34 henrycao


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:17 PM

You guys are very aware that a fight between each team, really won't last more than 5min.... and with that being said only 6 teams.. might aswell hold it on 1 day cause Its summer, we have work, lives. 

This was such a poor comment... They listened to you buddy :) and 2 clans battled it out for over 30minutes until disconnect.

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#35 5902130503124339250


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:23 PM

Reminder to put the requirement of a wand for the use of soul restore and the mage will not be able to abuse it.

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#36 Kilauae


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:43 PM

This whole discussion is so narrow minded. The entire tournament was just simply terribly organized to begin with. You guys are making this too complex. 

  • There's nothing wrong with the resurrection skill
  • Mages are muses, the skill is part of their class
  • Mages have always had the ability to revive somebody
  • The cool-down is completely fine versus the MP Cost

If any of you actually played a mage, resurrecting somebody costs a ton of MP. The lower MP you have the weaker the shield and you won't even be able to shield.

Removing the skill altogether in the tournament is a bad move.


The 5 minute timer is alright other than the fact that Teams will now do things exactly why were in this situation to begin with:


Team composition 

2 Clerics(lol)

1 Knight

1 Champ

1 Raider


Okay this is a 5v5 Tournament, Not a 15v15 or 10v10. 

The entire reason this tournament match never ended is because one team decided to have 2 clerics for there 5-man team.

If that wasn't the case It's safe to say this match would've ended very fast.

I'm surprised nobody actually said anything about the amount of clerics allowed on 1 team beforehand, Like has anybody ever tried fighting a 5v5.... with 2 clerics on one side? 

Well now you have in the first failed match of the tournament. 

I don't really want to continue further on because I'm not trying to bash anybody or teams.

But like if you down a cleric and their players that many times and you can't finish it off. There's clearly something wrong with how you guys were playing.(Not leaving the 8 Salamander Flames camping in the middle of the map)

Instead of chasing down the remaining players. The mages revived multiple times, that leaves them with a like 1-3 hit shield? Lol.

Anyways 2 Clerics is a recommended amount for an AA Match not for a 5v5 lmao. 

Good luck to everybody in the tournament and the new rules. It's going to be another battle of the salamander camp fires with an addition of knights probably lmao. Great work. 


Oh and to anybody who is against with what I've said, you clearly don't have any experience trying to fight 2 clerics in a 5 vs 5 (DP Match) Considering there's never an outcome in the clashes and the players just choose to avoid the fight altogether and run eggs for 30 minutes lol.

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#37 Phish


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 04:42 PM

Lets say two teams ran a hyper defensive setup like 2 support clerics, 2 knights, and then like a raider or mage for the last member (something that doesn't die easily). If they vs'd eachother, even without resurrecting it's likely neither team would be killing the other at all. What happens in this situation? Who wins? Unless both kills and damage are tracked there would be no clear victor in this fight. Another way to avoid this situation would be to limit doubles of any class on a team, so that all 5 members are 5 different classes. 


This may have been okay from the get go, but now after teams have registered with their characters, there might not be a replacement, plus it would prevent people from entering if they wanted to. 


Regardless though, precautions should be taken before the tournament so problems can be avoided ahead of time, not afterward. Whats the correct answer? I don't know.

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#38 Feuer


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 04:56 PM

Personally, I think a few even slightly experienced PvP players (preferably more experienced than not, but it's better than people who have no clue how PvP works running the show) should put together a set of rules and restrictions for future tournaments. Obviously it's too late for this one, but in the future, having a well planned and thorough rule-set would be  greatly beneficial to the smooth operations of these types of events. 

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