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How I Lose a Friend

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#1 keanny1


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Posted 29 August 2018 - 09:44 AM



Screw this topic. I'm not some comment king here or a person "washing my own hands". I'm not telling you to read or you understand this but THE BALL IS ON YOU.


I had this clanmate i've met 8months ago. Well i've been teaching "new potential" players in my clan. Now he is my deputy. He farms alot, WAY LOT better than anyone else in this server. I've seen him do 20k-30k valor a day. People reporting his shop with 999 of this 999 of that 999 of those. Well it's all legit. But having that friend QUIT the game makes me feel really sad. Because of this gem issue (item issue) i think Rose will lose another GEM. I am not getting anything from this person, nor asking something from him. He is a real friend I met in-game. He already done alot of tickets, but everyday he chat me "I really quit bro if this duping issue not fixed", "i bought alot of this but i made a ticket about this, still not fixed". This duping issue too old in this pages of topics. We just need "more actions" rather than 7-30days investigation. Yep i know the "so called" team cannot disclose any information about the issue. I suggest remove all the ill mannered b10 that was duped a week ago. That's the action I am waiting for. 

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#2 GokuBlackBR


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Posted 29 August 2018 - 10:05 AM

i hate dupers!

i'm sorry for your friend.

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#3 kojek


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Posted 29 August 2018 - 10:34 AM

this has often happened ... there is no point in sending a ticket if this is the way, even making topics in the forum is same ... if banned just surrender, survive to play from the beginning, or stop playing ... what it feels like to buy things we don't know it is a duplicate item or not, and when it is banned, and when sending the ticket only gets a reply "there is no sorry, because you have worked with the duper", really ?? why work with the duper if only to be banned, it is a very stupid thing ... especially when sending a ticket to speak honestly, and they have a game history, but there is no reason to release the ban. already very tired of sending a ticket, even making the topic of non-justice as a victim still has no response, and the topic will be locked. so I was very bored with this problem. they don't respond to us even don't care. they only read our complaints but did not respond, if they create a topic or comment such as a threat or provocation, they will immediately comment on the topic or lock it ... just look at it, my comment will definitely be deleted by them. They will say " terms of us or Privacy policy ".no hope about complaining. so, just enjoy it.
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