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new to game and want to play archer

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#1 Drex5150


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Posted 24 October 2018 - 04:00 PM

havnt even downloaded the game. just want to play casually. no raiding or pvp and such like i use to with WoW and games like it. how easy is arch class and rebirthing. seen a few youtube videos and it says its still a decent game to play even for its age. so many RO games which is the best? RO restart the one with updated questing mentioned in the videos i saw?

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#2 Minabe


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 01:41 PM

If you're gonna play, play the Renewal server. Re:Start is pretty much dead. Archer is the easiest job to level and it is easier to level in Renewal too.

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#3 Zoltor


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Posted 03 December 2018 - 07:08 AM

Yea like the other guy said, play on the renewal server.


As for the archer class, while it is byfar the cheapest class to play, and be actually effective, I disagree with people starting out with this class, because while they're cheap to use, they don't make zeny, infact as a 1st char, they'll do nothing but ensure you are broke for the forseeable future, as their maintenance fee while pretty cheap, is enough to render a player undable to make zenny if It's your only/1st char.


I would advise you to make a Rogue frist, as for the most part you don't "need" and special equipment  for a really olong time, and they are the fastest zenny makers in the game, which will allow you to beable to support all you characters you want to make. Seriously I have probally spent aroun 6-8b zenny on my characters over the years, and only 10% of that came from selling kafra items. Hell 3b(2.7b of that wasn't obtained from kafra items at all) was just made post renewal, and not only is it somewhat harder to make zenny post renewal(although trading is easier now), but I haven't been really playing all that much, compared to how much I played prier to the renewal expansion.


It's also a lot easier for agi char to lv post renewal, which outside of end game levels, rogues are just faster grinders, where archers spend 50% of the time keeping their distance from enemies.


Also make sure to create a Merchant as your 2nd character, aside from the vending skill, they can get discounts when buying stuff from NPCs, and they have a skill to charge NPCs more for stuff you sell to them. The idea is is to sell all the common fodder loot you find with your rogue, with a merchant with r10 Overcharge(also any super rares you find, use vend to open a shop to sell to players).

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#4 BossKi91


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Posted 29 December 2018 - 10:05 AM

hey ther, archer class for casual and woe sounds great :3 see you in game after downloading :3

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#5 Wyndor


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Posted 04 January 2019 - 08:53 AM

Do you guys play renewal n just check other servers forums so you can suggest people playing on garbage renewal? Why would you suggest a new person to play on that mess of a server? So they can be told where to lvl via the exp penalty all while having no gear or ohh they can pay irl money to reset gramps just to lvl reasonably lol.

If renewal was so great revo classic wouldn't exist. Most people hate renewal and suggesting a new person wastes time lvling where a decade worth of God items n mvp cards are abused in mvping/woe is beyond idiotic. New people have no chance of ever being caught up on renewal.
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