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Renewal FAQ Friday 11/2

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#1 CMAstra


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 09:19 AM



It's been 2 weeks, but we're back and ready for your questions from the previous thread!

Got new ones?

You know what to do - post them below!



Renewal FAQ Friday


With your recent efforts to address the community's concerns about the game, what concrete plans do you have in store to improve players' experience?

Campitor: The studio has promised that we can get the Rune Knight/Mado gear balance update immediately after the next illusion dungeon. For 2019 I would like to push hard on getting us the Quality of Life and Fun updates as quickly as possible in addition to our normal content patches.


because we have OCP boxes from jRO is it possible that iRO will include MVP Cards in the future boxes like in jRO?

Campitor: We have no plans to sell MVP cards.


Can we have cannon ball seller on eden and teleporter to nameless island, if its possible?

And about high value item trader for bullion etc, how do you think of it? Did you find any irregularities on ppl selling loot yet? Or maybe just anything you feel you can share about it, would rly appreciate if you can update us with how it works (success/failure) :D

Campitor: We will look at adding the cannon ball seller to Eden. Unfortunately I cannot share the details regarding the update.

Any news about the 16.2 Sealed Swords and the Yin Yang Talisman? i know, i've asked this 2 weeks ago but i want make sure that will not stay with this effect since the autocast chasers was waiting something for our build since months ago.

Campitor: The 16.2 Swords from the update have their intended effect. We are investigating if it would be possible to get the jRO swords.


any update to vip subscription to make it more Attractive for player?
like make the exp/drop 100% not just an event 
and eden buff not just +7 all but make it give oda miracle elixer this is just some ideas of mine
i think it will make alot people consider getting vip for there accounts

Campitor:  We will consider these changes.


For my question, is it possible to have more Costume versions of some old headgears? Like maybe the Sea Otter Hat? If so then can we make it happen? + _+

Campitor:  We can certainly request that.


Office question: Do you guys ever find yourselves calling eachother by your staff names instead of real names when at the office? lol

Astra: ...yes lol

Campitor: ... I don't even know their real names.

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#2 CMAstra


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 09:22 AM

Is it possible that you guys can bring back Skull Hood [1] in boxes or as some type of quest reward, or maybe put it in KP shop? I've been searching for one for years but i never seem to be active when they're around. Also it would be fitting since it's Halloween month, although maybe im asking a bit late..

Campitor:  Thank you for your suggestions we will consider it!


do you have plans to make the game a little bit newbie friendly? hello prices
that "zeny break" does not seem to have any effect

Campitor:  Yes revisiting the new player experience is something we would like to do. Currently we have employees who never played the game before letting us know what the stumbling blocks they encountered are.


I think with these questions every week, it is confusing as to what is WP working on. Why not we have a list of work-in-progress list from WP on the OP of every FoF topic with expected implementation time, so we stop asking when and what repeatatively and know what is going on and expected delivery time. Is this nice or ok?

Campitor:  Unfortunately due to unknown delays studio side we can't commit to certain things. We certainly will do our best to work on things that player has asked for.


so many ppl coming back playing iRo  again, so when  oda will coming back?

Astra: Oda has job changed to Priest! He will not be coming back as CM, but he may return as a guest on streams in the future whenever he likes.

Can we have a usable quest from that cat on the Eden Kitchen. I don't see the usefulness of it other than (being cute?) but costumes is much preferable nowadays.

Campitor: We are always looking to add more events and quests and will definitely consider this.

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#3 CMAstra


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 09:24 AM

So is loading screen coming back yet?

Astra: Unfortunately I have no updates as to when we can have loading screen contests again! You'll all be the first to know when that changes though :)

Can you enable Ninja/kagerou  mobility skill Shadow Leap inside woe castles? All mobility skills from other class are working Snap,Lope,Fallen Angel,Backslide etc. I dont get why this one doesnt. 
Also please update Alora npc and include community HG,MVP drop HG and most importantly ,the panda hat.

Campitor: Which WoE environment are you referring to?


I logged on today to go try Gramps Low TI on my Whitesmith.

I found it almost unplayable due to the multiple AFK Auto-caster. For the most part I tend to avoid scenarios that are unfavorable to me on iRO; however, this is a really difficult one to get past.

Even when I first started there were many mobs to go around but now it is getting even more difficult, would be tough for newbies that start on here to get that early game level boost from gramps with these many AFK Auto-casters. Again, I'm not against them it's just the nature of this game to reach this kind of build eventually. We've had this kind of thing with auto-reflect paladin in the past (or I've seen it in other places) but Gramps Low TI is just one of those maps that newbies get a really good start in and get them into iRO.
My question is: Will there be any solution to the lack of monsters for the high amounts of people that show up to this map? 
Any Solutions to this dilemma Campitor? Is the staff at least aware of how troubling it could be for new players as well?


I'm gonna re-ask the question, I saw the solution that involves having an NPC respawning the mobs in low TI but that doesn't solve the problem.

The actual issue is that the majority of monsters in gramps go to all the AFK Autocaster that are located in multiple areas of the map. People cannot Kill Steal because that is against the rules, so we can't touch that. Even if the monsters respawn the amount of monsters that go to the AFK levelers is much greater than the ones other people in parties get.
Again, I am aware that OCP items came out and their combination of high DEF/Resistances and auto-cast skills and so forth enabled this; however, at Nightmare Clock Tower Level 3 we see different classes standing in certain areas, mainly the large squares in the map and I have noticed that the majority of them have very high neutral resistance and some of them manage to make the enemy monsters Miss that causes them to build up more and more and more mobs while decreasing the mobs in the area. If you want a full analysis of this feel free to ask for it.
Once more, I can still complete my boards and whatnot there is not a whole lot of trouble there given the size of the map, since I can still avoid it, but what I am getting at is how the AFK leveling builds up a concentration of mobs that die very slowly over time depending on how much DPS is dealt from the auto-cast and the level/HP/MDEF/DEF the monsters have.  What I am explicitly getting at after such a long explanation is that adding more monsters is simply not gonna fix the problem, making those monsters respawn will only go to those AFK levelers that already have a very high concentration of mobs.

Sorry for the long explanation that should have been just a question but this is required given the fix proposed not actually solving the problem. With all due respect, go to Gramps Low TI on Friday night, from 5PM PST to 8PM PST, go to Nightmare Clock Tower and check the maps and count how many monsters stick to one person while dying a very very slow death. You should see what people have continuously been trying to point out. Your efforts are appreciated with the mob check script in low TI but we still need to look at the consequences caused due to this witholding of mobs.

Thanks for reading this long post.

Campitor:  Having consulted with the elder ones from the before 2010. The traditional ruling regarding kill stealing as as follows.

Please do not engage in ill mannered behavior against other users. Kill stealing from players is ill mannered behavior and can result in punishment. As the players in question are not actively engaging the monsters or leading them back to their party they have no claim to hold the monsters perpetually.
If someone is kill stealing from you please submit a ticket so that the GM team can assist you further. Do not engage in ill mannered behavior against a user you are accusing of kill stealing as that will only result in both users being in trouble. If the GMs are not properly investigating your ticket please PM Barracuda so he can review your case. Please note that the best reports include a short replay file of the kill stealing action.
That all being said. Don't use this as carte blanche to harass afk levelers. If they are fighting face tanking one or two monsters leave them alone. But if they have hordes of monsters than they cannot expect to lock down a large percentage of the maps spawn table for a significant period of time.


November is around the corner. When will Rune Stone Improvement be arriving?

Campitor:  After the next illusion update

November is here. When are the updates gonna be released? Rune Stone Improvement when?
What are your fave Halloween Trick or Treat Candies? Campitor, Cinnamon and Astra?

Astra: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Sour Patch Kids :D
Cinnamon: Salted 70% dark chocolate, if that counts as Halloween candy

Campitor: I am particularly fond of fun dip.

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#4 Scrappy51


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 09:25 PM


Campitor: Which WoE environment are you referring





its not working on every woe castle, im just asking Shadow leap it should be enabled since it works like snap,lope,fallen angel which are all working.

Not to get confused with Shadow Slash which works like PPA,KA,Dark illu,Charge attack which are all disabled .

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#5 PIayboy


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 11:03 PM


^ just want to add to earlier suggestion

this would be more enjoyable & fun 2lb2ogn.jpg

if people like me and other doing too much damage for these event boss?? just nerf the damage to 1 from all incoming attacks/skills


just a suggestion :heh:


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#6 KunKnee


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Posted 03 November 2018 - 11:29 PM

Question for Astra and Jello:
Have you guys played this game yet?! =D

Another Question for the RO1 staff:
What do you guys think of having a Creative Contest about bad recorder covers of Ragnarok BGMs

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#7 kappakeepokupo


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Posted 04 November 2018 - 02:40 AM

And when is the ETA for this next illusion dungeon? I was so expecting to have the RK/Mado Balances this year, but now it's just a pipe dream. 

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#8 Kirito927


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Posted 04 November 2018 - 07:42 PM

Lolllll , i can feel that the second illusion dungeon will only update by Dec , so see you Rune stone improvement and Mado update by 2019
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#9 Batima


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Posted 05 November 2018 - 06:58 AM

Do u guys have some plan to bring back the janeway jumper someday? for bring more new players \o/

We r like 2k on, but I think, 1.2 is only sellers  :pif:


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#10 8464131223201318730


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Posted 05 November 2018 - 07:50 AM

any eta for global timer?

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#11 Legendario2300


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Posted 05 November 2018 - 08:34 AM

If we don't get the RK/Mechanic Update this year, can we suggest which hat campitor is going to eat? because i would like to see him eating a  Red Baby Dragon.

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#12 Ashuckel


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Posted 05 November 2018 - 09:01 AM

If we don't get the RK/Mechanic Update this year, can we suggest which hat campitor is going to eat? because i would like to see him eating a Red Baby Dragon.

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#13 MoonJoo


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Posted 06 November 2018 - 04:07 AM

Is it possible to add Fenrir Scrolls to GMT as Coin Rewards?

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#14 Rmon


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 09:10 PM

Hello WP's Staff and moderator of this sub-forum


Just 2 Questions, before take hiatus


1. What method will WP used on next year to keep interest on this games and keep "massive multiplayer" alive, especially for old players and party (group / raid) run, beside updated OCP and create events?


2. What method will WP used to make trading in RO more easier and safety, beside GM trade or whatever ?

Like we all know, the balancing of max zenys trading and the prices of some OCP's item is …….. (speechless)


tks you,

best regards,



NOTE: Pls move my post on new thread Five for Friday of this month, november.

VModCinnamon: Your post is moved to the correct thread.

Edited by VModCinnamon, 07 November 2018 - 09:21 PM.

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#15 activista


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Posted 08 November 2018 - 11:12 PM

Thor players down to 140-160 players? Chaos down to 1300? what are your plans for iRO servers in 2019?

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#16 CaptainSunbear


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Posted 09 November 2018 - 09:38 AM

I made a post in the thread that talks about the lower population these days.

As I've been streaming iRO I have received several feedback from viewers once they see the good the bad and the outdated that iRO has to offer. Many people are interested, some have joined.
The real issue is, there's so much potential to iRO but outsiders that do not play on official servers have a different perspective of what iRO is about, those who have seen the stream have a better idea of what goes on and why after being informed given what I've read on here and shared. While knowing this feedback and seeing how much potential iRO has then suddenly declining in population I can't help but come and post.


The question is:

Have you guys had a plan ever since you began reading the posts about the lower population count? Would the studio become aware of the situation?
Is it even possible for the playerbase to reach the studio and find a solution to this? A way to get ourselves up to date, in comparison to kRO?
And finally if possible, what are you guys allowed and not allowed to do with the game? You guys have so much potential and have done some wonderful events and a lot of features are actually adored by many viewers on stream (faceworm nest GSS to EMB, the Merry Badges, Gramps up to 150, Safe Cert Creation, etc) yet we are not updated with Old Glast Heim Hard, Brasilis/other region Cards, several class updates, enchants for instances and instance cards as well.


iRO could have a potential boost yet we are all tied because we have no way of making this happen.

I know this seems like a large set of questions but, these are questions I deem important.

Thank you.

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