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blocking here and there

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#1 GhasMov


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 07:26 PM

easy fun read...


On Sep.1 my char. Y*kibi was blocked, this char was vending 24/7.. I've sent a ticket, and I was block because of....

"we found out the account was suspended for having some traces of ill mannered activities, particularly in Game exploitation."


Sep.5: "Upon further, investigation the account is now concluded innocent from any malicious activities." [glad Y*kibi was cleared of suspicion]


Sep.26: I sent a ticket because I am missing some stuff... "Please be informed that we remove some of the item since it was came from an illegal activity. we restored the zulie you used to buy the said item. Kindly check your account bank and character storage."


so while vending i kinda bought dupe sigils?..(interesting... what?) Good thing i noticed my missing SOW, 6h & 1h sigils.. and sent a ticket.. and it was given back along with the zullie.. but what if i didn't notice it (scary thought) since wp would only take action if you send them a ticket..


Nov.4: one of my raider was blocked. I'm not entirely sure but there was this guy who claims to be quitting and traded my raider, to cut the story short it was suspended.. now after this I did a check on all my alts and vendors.. and what do you know.... Y*kibi is blocked again.. lovely ain't it? ... I've sent a ticket for my raider, but wp won't even start to check/investigate because they need me to look for my old email.. yes the email i used to register my raider (this was about maybe 10 years ago?) and register that long forgotten email to wp support and send them a ticket using that(I don't even remember the email that was used, let alone the password) funny innit.


Nov.4: again I've sent a ticket for Y*kibi. but same as my raider, wp won't check if the account is Innocent or guilty not until I've sent a ticket using the email i used to register Y*kibi..  I'm still trying to remember the password for Y*kibi's email..  and I think I'm almost there..


Oh the guy who gave me free stuff is >snip< btw, not sure if this guy is ROFL knowing the players that accepted the tradeS(yes with an S) is now in deep sh*t.. OH i even have a screenshot of the actual trade with >snip< .. i sent 'em along with my ticket.. didn't help one bit.


Nov. 5: I've again sent a reply now with breaking news, >snip< on Adventures Plains and >snip< on Junon are giving away free items, oh boy its happening again(what i muttered to myself) .. then on clan chat another player needs help. Since he accepted a trade.. and wanna know what to do to the MAYBE dupe items he got.. (hell 2 of my account is suspended, how would I know what to do with dupe stuff) so i ask other guys like >snip<.. (he said to sell all the suspicious items on npc) that MIGHT save his account from being block.. and someone from another clan said to (don't use, don't trade, don't sell the items you got) since it will be used as evidence.. evidence against whom exactly(that's what i thought)..


here's a scenario an old player checks out rose after a long time (2009~2011) and well lets just say he accepted free items from a random dude(despite there having a saying to not take candies from strangers) and then *poof* account block.. nostalgia gone, and to recover the said accounts the poor dude must undergo wp's trial..


I've seen an increase in trade/shouts lately MAYBE from players who are returning after being not able to play rose for a long time(they miss rose despite its.. *ehem* uniqueness? nostalgia reasons most of the time).. can i ask what is keeping these good 'ol players from being blocked via trade-able dupes?


whenever I ask  wp support to check/investigate my accounts It always comes back to these words "We require this for security purposes" & "so we can address your issue properly" oh.. and I've seen this message too much cant remember how many by now..

( Ooops. Something went wrong.)


the game is exploitable(for others, even now) so wheres the security AND the IssueS(again with an S) is IN the game.. players are being AUTO blocked with OR without evidence right? but not being AUTO checked/investigated.. whats worst is. Why is wp waiting for a submitted ticket oh and if that isn't bad enough it should be from the Original email that was used ..


John is working in a firmG for about 10 maybe more.. then one day

John while going home was mug by some random thug. Luckily a guard was nearby and saw whats taking place..unfortunately the guard didn't help (CANT i mean). that's not all John was taken into custody because he didn't know the thug left something in his pocket. (illegal stuff) and so he was locked up in a cell.
Before any form of investigation/intervention can start. John first needs to file a report about the incident and to clear any suspicion. he did(tried) and he even use one of his ID's.

but was denied because John needs to use the ID that was issued by (yahpp or gmale) "yahpp/gmale" was an agency that help John get the job at firmG(11~14years ago)


my raider ain't that strong like other runed chars.. its not that rich like the others.. its not even a pvp char.. but I've put a lot of time to getting the passives for it.. same with my vendor.. its not selling super rare stuff.. most are drilling drills and sigils and 1 dragon. but its a waste since some of the stuff I sell are from Mall (top up).. I even topped up again for the coffin and extra life .. if the fault lies on the action I did in game I'll own it.. and i won't >snip< about it like I am doing now..


Nov. 6: I'm not perfectly sure but >snip< said about a GM maybe? email'd or whispered her to kick someone from her clan because the said playerS are botting.. fair enough.. my clan mate understands too.. no problem.. but hey, wait a minute.. staff are actively checking the zones for botters but not the players who random trades and drops items on the ground?


rose as it stands is getting -_-(non-stop) by dupers, can you please get in their way and not the players who actually supports/plays the game...
most of the time I do event quest & collect event stuff along with some IM costumes.... I even did the frozen costume quest.. kinda long but fun I guess..

>snip< just recently said about quitting rose.. not sure if he means it tho.. I mean, there are lots of players who says they'll quit but just cant seem to leave rose for good.. the reason being its not fair for players who top-up(pays) and other just dupes they're way to everything.. I'm pretty sure >snip< doesn't top up.. but damn he has a keen eye for the obvious .. but clearly he knows whats really happening.. dang, my raider should have been full passive by now .. yes because I'm only missing a few books.

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#2 VModCupcake


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 08:44 PM

I edited everywhere you posted another player's name because even omitting a letter doesn't make those names unrecognizable and calling out other players is against the forum rules.  


No GM would ever tell a player to kick someone from their clan so your friend was obviously being trolled by another player, The GM's do check known botting areas but they do that in order to catch the botters in the act of botting and they do that based on tickets where botters are reported. 


As for the duping, we all know it's a continuing problem. The customers of the dupers are investigated along with the people accused of duping and it sounds like that's what happened to you.  It's unfortunate that sometimes innocent players are inconvenienced when there is a duping investigation but as a fellow player, I take some comfort from the fact that support is still actively involved with finding and banning dupers. 


I will leave this topic open as long as it does not deteriorate into a flame- fest. I would strongly encourage you or anyone else who suspects someone of duping to submit a ticket along with screen shots as proof.  if you are receiving an error message when you try to load the support page, please send me a pm.


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#3 GhasMov


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 09:35 PM

thought so ....


I'm gonna get my facts straighten..


Ok so my raider and vendor is somehow being aligned to suspected dupers or is being investigated for doing the duping itself.. got no qualms 'bout that.. its cool, got nothing to hide.. but once an account gets blocked it means its being investigated. That's what happening to my accounts now right, or am I wrong.. I mean wp won't just suspend an account and stop there right? the conclusion to every investigation matters its a simple guilty or not guilty ...


Oh and right now I'm still seeing the ( Ooops. Something went wrong.) problem.. on multiple browsers firefox,chrome,opera,edge,etc the only thing that makes the site load is to clean the cache or use (private browsing, incognito mode) is that really normal.. or am I doing something wrong here...

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#4 kojek


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Posted 08 November 2018 - 06:33 AM

I don't think your team has provided another way for the player that the dupers trapped ... I do not believe you are investigating on an ongoing basis, you only see at a glance, that if there is the slightest connection with duper (including buying and selling via trade or vending) that is something you do not forgive, even though it is a duper trap ... and the punishment received in accordance with what the duper received ... I asked this question repeatedly, how can your team give the same punishment to the victim (banned permanently)? You can do a continuous investigation and you can check the history of the character .. and you tell to send the ticket. but the responses obtained remain the same. namely "there is no sorry for the person who cooperated with Duper". you like not having a heart, where you can't consider that .. where we bring this problem to the public, you always say to discuss this problem on the ticket. and once again I said, it's useless to send a ticket ... the answer received remains the same. You only lock or delete if we bring this problem to the topic forum. we only need justice, we have been honest with what we explained. but the response is not good. if you want to make this game more quiet, you can permanently ban other players as you like. I was very disappointed, because obviously it wasn't just me who was the victim, and here other players also discussed this issue again when he accepted the same thing.
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#5 GokuBlackBR


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Posted 08 November 2018 - 07:58 AM

So was you buying sigils? probably in high quantity and for very cheap.

The same duper join in many clans just to make you think ''oh that shop is from a honest person'' 

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#6 Feuer


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Posted 08 November 2018 - 12:24 PM

Stop, buying, other, players, items! 


For the love of god seriously, if you haven't gotten the hint yet, every item you buy from someone else is a risk. Your account is not worth 1 deal, it's not even worth 1 normally priced item. They're not going to fix the dupe, because it presents the options as followed.


[1] Buy vended items from players, risk your account being terminated and having to start over (No refund on any IM you spent, IE, you have to spend more)


[2] Buy IM yourself with cash, like the company wants you to do, and you're safe from being banned.


Those are your options. If getting banned is too much for you to handle because you bought some items that were duped [knowing they were or not doesn't matter] then just STOP buying vended items and cough up the cash! It's simple. Jesus christ. 

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#7 GhasMov


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Posted 08 November 2018 - 04:36 PM

Actually with amount of the zullie I have.. I can't buy Sigils or any items In high quality.. and nope.. I don't buy stuff too cheap too..


a Duper/Scammer Entrapment Operations sounds fascinating and all. If only the higher management would stop for a sec. and consider do something like that. (nigh impossible though)


I've sent a ticket.. gotten a reply and its confirmed.. right now they're not doing anything.. at all.. they auto block accounts and literary stop there.. CupCake is that how it really goes. I mean really? you said you take comfort knowing there's an active support in finding and banning the dupers. But what about us the players?


dramatization ..


lets say the higher ups have a list, a list of suspected dupers..

now some players reported and/or repeatedly reported "player1"


Staff A: hey man, player1 is reported again for duping.

Staff B: how many time's was player1 reported?

Staff A: about 3 times now in a week..


"player1" is now added to that list...


now since player1 is a suspect.. WP will now conduct a THOROUGH investigation, checking player1's activities (trading,dropping,vending, chat, IP, logs maybe?) AND if found guilty. Block hammer gets use. Justice is serve...


Staff A: what about player2?

Staff B: the one that is SOMEHOW related to player1?

Staff A: yeah that one..

Staff B: block it.

Staff A: hold on a sec. you sure? shouldn't we first check this guys activity too before we block it.

Staff B: no. there's no need for that. just block it.. well start our investigation on player2 once he sends us a ticket. IF he/she can. :gg:


now for the victims of dupers (we get blocked first) and. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . that's it??  oh wait.. WP will do an investigation too.. BUT first send us a ticket using the email you used to register :hmm:



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#8 zerostar


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Posted 15 November 2018 - 02:15 AM

just recently came back too. with my Mage and got my account banned by accepting a trade from someone.

how should I know that It was an illegal trade?


Support team takes forever to respond. might as well make all Premium Items account bound.

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#9 Vertumnus


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Posted 25 November 2018 - 12:03 AM

I guess they'll never put effort to actually fix the duping issue. Especially now that I've seen some of WP games are starting to even grow bigger. Can WP give ROSE some love? Geez. I am not playing anymore but I can already feel the lack of update in players' security. ROSE's potentials are being kept as just 'potentials' up to this date. I wanna get mad to the company coz I wanna play so bad without thinking that the game is unfair.


*ugly cries in the corner

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#10 DarthKarla


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Posted 25 November 2018 - 10:21 PM

I do hope that they go thru proper vetting first before confiscating items and banning players, this is how you lose players fast.


This is really getting out of hand there are more players getting unfairly banned than what the Moderators and developers see in the forums.



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