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A Player's Suggestions

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Posted 18 November 2018 - 04:58 AM

I have many. :p_laugh:


I'm not presumptuous enough to assume that all of these points are going to be taken seriously, but I guess I just feel like getting my thoughts out there as to some things I firmly believe will help ReStart out. I've prepared for the mocking, pessimism and flames so do your worst.  :heh:


In short, I would suggest trying again with a new, better-advertised server (I only stumbled upon the topic by chance through word of mouth that ReStart was even going to be a thing). Whether that's creating a second ReStart or redoing this one, I'm not sure because I do not understand fully the manpower that's currently being put into the current server and whether it's viable to do a new one. All we really see here is our hard-working "best boi ever" camp acting as a go-between for us and the rest of the staff (Props to the entire staff for their hard work).


If I haven't scared anyone away or prompted you to skip to booing me off stage, here are my suggestions for a different take on ReStart, because I think it has the potential to do much better than it is now.




Keep the ReStart mechanics, obviously (Leveling, Monsters, Stats, etc). It's a great challenge and makes levels gratifying.

Non-Trans Max Level: 99/50

Trans-Max Level: 115/80 - The reason behind this is because I suggest not adding 3rd class. The skills take an extraordinary amount of work to balance, and really make every class quite powerful, so powerful there is little need to party at most levels...or ever if you have the funds. 115/80 will allow the exploration of new builds while making trans strong enough to duke it out with some Renewal monsters, especially if a party is involved.


No Gramps Quests as they discourage venturing to other maps. I'm not sure if that was going to ever be a thing for ReStart, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Some players simply log on to do those quests then log out, leaving the rest of the world a barren wasteland.


Signboard Quests are fair, but should end at 99 to encourage venturing out rather than pinning oneself to a list of areas. Leveling has become to "formulaic" (that a word?). ReStart I propose should aim to change that. In addition, each quest should give about 5-10k zeny on completion - just enough for a newbie to be able to afford basic NPC gear.




One problem when the server launched is that WoE took a while to come out. I suggest if another attempt is made at a server in the future that it gets out sooner. It's an integral part of the Ragnarok experience for many players. One month should be good assuming there aren't any DDOS attacks like before :sob:

I also would encourage not using KVM since it makes other tradable items depreciate in value.




Zeny must be the primary currency. Not Silvervine, Not KP, but zeny. Also, it must retain its worth more consistently. I suggest eliminating Silvervine and the like, leaving only KP for Cosmetic items and VIP Services (See below).


VIP/Cash Shop:


For VIPs, there should be a buffer, dungeon warper and a special convenience store that sells tools in addition to basic class change items (I.E. Exclude Witherless Rose from bard test items, exclude holy water, elemental stones).




All I can suggest is muster up the same manpower that existed about 3 weeks-month after ReStart started to keep bots low. RO is an old game with easy to manipulate code. Botting, exploits, zeny sellers and cheaters are always going to exist. There are some measures that have been taken on official servers outside of IRO that have helped mitigate the situation, but as has been said by the staff, suggestions for bot software need to be run through the South Korea branch for approval.


We need to use what resources we have to maximize quality of life for legitimate players, keep the economy within bounds for any player to acquire what they need through natural zeny accumulation and reduce over-saturation of products (Perhaps set a cap on the amount of a single card that can be sold at one time?).



PHEW! Anyway, these are all just suggestions for what I think could help this awesome game. Maybe at least a few elements of this can be considered. :hmm:

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#2 Drengineer


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Posted 19 November 2018 - 01:41 PM

sloted mid for 2b zeny

bloody branches for 5m each

+7 guarantee refine for 1b each

that would make ppl spend their zeny.

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