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Idea to fix lag-walking due to solid knockdown.

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#1 NullNullNull


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Posted 02 December 2018 - 02:31 AM

Hi! Guess we are all too familiar with what happens when you hit other player with sword dance, crosscut, jab, basically any skill cause solid knockdown or launch target in the air.

So how do we fix this? Well... aside internet and game optimization?

How about:
Add a new debuff for all solid knock down skill That make target movement speed down to ZERO.


WHY? I notice that the "lag-walker" have exact same movement speed like when they are normal. Which make sense after all, and the lag-walker still be affect by any attack/ slow debuff like normal, by make their  movement speed down to zero mean that they can't move anymore, so when lag-walking happen, the lag-walker can not run because no movement speed, they will stay still at where they got hit which basically how solid knockdown work.

I know, I know. Debuff duration? make it match perfectly with how long it take for you to get up and be able to move again after s
olid knock down, so there will be no game-breaking change to the "stunt" duration of solid knock down > skill work like they supposed to be except now the lag-walker no longer run away anymore.

Actually one and only problem is some player will try to use super-armor to counter solid knock down and with this debuff even though they not being knockdown they still get the zero-move debuff. yeah... big problem here. The only solution for this is... dev team, can you guy make super armor immune to zero-move debuff? So player can still counter this new solid knockdown like always.

Hope dev team will read this and try, If this really work as I predicted! Sword Dance and Cross Cut and so on will no longer cause lag walk which ruined your opportunity anymore.

Please note that this only fix for solid knock down, lag-walking due to launch is another story, we not talk about it yet. So what you guy think about this?

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#2 Coolsam


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Posted 02 December 2018 - 07:29 AM

I can see where you're coming from being an Overlord player and knowing full well the interactions of how the game works latency wise.

I like the idea as a buff for Dragons, Overlords and Savages as something has to be done about that latency-dependent form of cc. They fixed Specialists Flashbang and now it aided the Destroyer Class better than ever.

However you have to keep this type of knockdown away from Skypies Skill as that's essentially a level 10 Sword Dance given to every class that only needs Arcadia questline and level 84 to get. This skill has helped already strong classes further with additional catching. Even Sorcerer has a 1v1 catch now with it.
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#3 NullNullNull


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Posted 02 December 2018 - 10:39 AM

Agree! Skypies skill make strong classes that don't need anymore buff even more stronger but at the same time it sad that because sorcerer really need such good catching skill like this, and finally they have a chance until I remember that lag-walking exist...  :p_sick:  But solution for this is easy, make that only sorcerer Skypies has solid knock down, other classes just... well... hit  :p_laugh:   Kinda unfair? No, atleast, I don't think so, other classes good already they don't need that, beside this skill purpose is for DOD after all.


Anyway thanks for your reply Sam. glad you like my idea, I Hope it really going to work.

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#4 Popcorn



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Posted 02 December 2018 - 11:32 AM

Now I tell you what the real reason is:

It has nothing to do with latency. It has to do with cancelling skills which are not meant to be cancelled but they can be cancelled because of a bug. 

When you cancel the skill, the skill is not cancelled for the other players so the client of the other players means the skill is still running and does not sync the player. Outcome, you don't see the casting player walking because the clients of the others players start to sync it after the skill is actually "over" for them.

Because it's not constantly sync'd while the other clients think the skill is still running, the character of the caster appears as the character would jump (teleport) through the map. 


It makes no difference what I will change with these skills - stun or no stun - freeze or no freeze - it won't change the "lag" behavior. The bug needs to be fixed.



Fixing the bug. And that will be done in the near future. Now you can think of what this means for the skill itself.





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#5 Donami


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Posted 02 December 2018 - 04:38 PM

Hmm Just no Skill Cancel anymore  :e4:

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#6 NullNullNull


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Posted 03 December 2018 - 01:40 AM

What? So it is not because of latency? Well, good to know now.


But about skill cancel. I know some skill you can cancel by press jump button (it's a bug just like you said) but some you can't do that yet this bug thing still happen, for example: final decision, any launch skill like cut down, mage meteor, and sorcerer time freeze also cause this problem, clearly they can not be cancel by press jump..

Anyway good to know that It will be fix in the near future. Can we know how near it is?

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