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Review of Dragonsaga

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Posted 02 December 2018 - 05:06 AM

After playing the game for years, back then under the name Dragonica and now under the name Dragon Saga a lot of stuff happened. From several updates and patches to the ban of all EU-Player till now.


Over that period Dragonsaga worked manly on bug fixes, they made the game less pay2win with the introduction of silver coins and other stuff and they also improved the performance of the game.


The team also attempted in the last year(s) to do some bigger updates with Arcadia, they opened a second officially server for the PH region and more. I would like to review the recent changes of the game in this thread and maybe some people agree.



Lets start with the newest update that comes into my mind. Within the last days DS introduced a “new” Battlesquare mode with the feature to have no flags. Also Battlesquare is now every hour. I remember that there were discussions at the forum to even reduce the normal amount of BSQs per day to have fewer but stacked BSQs. Now we have BSQs every hour and every BSQ is pretty empty or completely empty. I don’t think that it was a good idea to flood the game with BSQs over the day and sadly Water BSQ is still the most unbalanced one map-wise


PvE Emporia:

The idea and the system behind it looks pretty interesting and since DS always had a big amount of PvE player this might be a good competition for pve based guilds. I like the idea.



After so many years finally a new endgame dungeon. Beside the critique of only recolored monster this dungeon at least appears to have monster which weren’t fight-able in pve before and contains a new feature (shield) + new skills which are needed to break the shield of the endboss. Good idea but not well performed in my opinion but I will come back to that point later.


The biggest path of the dungeon is a floor in metal style. The general atmosphere of the dungeon is dark but for me this is no excuse to give the most part of the dungeon (beside the bossrooms) no background at all. The dungeon doesn’t feel any better than Ryvius to be honest. You could have put more love for details in that dungeon.

The idea of multiple mini bosses is good but at the end its just plain attacking and killing of monsters without any new experience or needed teamwork.

The shield of the endboss brings smth new to the game along with the 4/5 hero skills but in my opinion it also isn’t something special. If the Dragon has a shield or not doesn’t make any big difference and it doesn’t require teamwork or strategy to break it. The system of Lavalons manabullets were more interesting for me. You could have given the groupmembers different tasks or anything which requires more skill than plain attacking. Theres no real new dynamic which you can feel.

The set and weapons itself are sadly only recolored but that was already often enough discussed. Sadly we didn’t evne get the merged weapons out of the livestream years ago.

Overall its nice to have a new dungeon but I had way higher expectations.


Element rework:

The idea isn’t bad and the execution wasn’t that bad either. Still the game felt heavily like tank meta and it was for some classes way too hard to deal dmg while other killed pretty fast. But luckily you can just adjust the formular or the classes dmg if needed.


Expert Modes:

Overall a nice addition to the game for leveling. Beside paris it didn’t seem worth for farming. I would have wished me something totally new but overall it is okay.



Sadly leveling seems to be way more difficult with the recent patches but I cant tell much about it since I haven’t made a new character since the patches took place. Feels bad for the newcomer.


Class balancing:

Its always a matter of taste and you can never make everyone happy but I will just tell what I like of it and what not.

What I like:

  • Chaincombo rework – removing the flinch of the first chaincombo attacks
  • Major adjustments like increasing teslas cooldown or removing emergency exit, nerfing magnet, adjusting summoners skills, fixing savages seven skill,

What I don’t like:

  • Complex system of healing in emporia and bsq.
  • Same atk speed and movementspeed stats for every class
  • Tank meta


And what I totally don’t like which also took away all the fun for me in every pvp mode are the DoD hero skills which are available in PvP like Sword Dance and more. It isn’t every entertaining to play vs runner who all spam sword dance now in PvP/ BSQ or the other skills. For me all of them should be disabled or from the beginning on only available as “item-skill”. For me it’s a no no to mix the classes skills like that.

And the fact that sword dance gets bugged and instant hits once you cancel it, doesn’t make it better. For my taste its very important for pvp that those skills remain pve or item skill pve only.


Cash Sets:

For my taste too many were released. from unity set to arcadia I was able to follow but after that it just became too much for me. Certain item mall sets also feel like pretty useless because every few months a new one appears with even better atk speed / movementspeed / crit rates. Not saying that anyone is trying to milk money but I cringe every time a new one releases.


Dragonica PH:

When I heard of it already took bets with my friends of how long it will stay alive. And when it went down DS NA forum post or statement felt like DS PH was a successful server and now merges with DS NA for the sole reason to bring both community together. But most of the times PH Port of Winds felt like a ghost town. I really hope that you were able to get many new player from other regions to the game but it doesn’t feel like the impact was big.



Maybe some player can relate maybe not. I hope that the game will survive the fight against the time and against new titles.


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