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[Valk] Rapture 70+ Pro Active, Lvling, MvPing, WoErs

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Posted 07 August 2010 - 12:57 PM

Welcome to the Rapture recruitment thread. Allow me to introduce myself. I am King Of Jokerz a high wizard on the Valkyrie server, and I have been playing Ragnarok Online for over 6 years. I have decided that after 6 years of RO I will put my knowledge to the test as a guild leader.

Rapture is a new guild on the Valkyrie server. Currently it is a small guild(I hope it will grow) of people who are attempting to make RO more fun. Rapture will be a leveling/woe guild that is focused around partying and doing things as a guild. I would like Rapture to become a mini family. Rapture is a leveling guild, that levels together as a guild, and Rapture will be a small WoE guild that will be a fun and challenging way to WoE. Because Rapture is so small and new it will be exciting to see us get a castle. We are "The Under Dogs of valkyrie"

We are currently recruiting anyone who is 70+. If you are an Active leveling main we are looking to recruit you.
The set level is 70+ because we want the best for WoE and so it is easier to keep everyone in share range.
NOTE: If you are trans the set level does not apply to you.

I only ask of you a few things.
1. Please be active.
2. Please be loyal, seeing as Rapture is a brand new guild I need people who can stick it out in the rough moments, if there are any.
3. Please be a character around level 70+ (Or trans)
4. Also, please be mature, and friendly.
5. Be somewhat self reliant.

So if your a MvPer or a hard core grinder, or even a casual social gamer looking for a chill guild to talk to, then we want you.

If I just convinced you to give it a go, then...

Try to pm one of my characters...Try...
King Of Jokerz
King 0f Jokerz
Or, leave a post here/ pm me on the forums.
I'd prefer if you left a post so I can find time to pm you in game

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading/visiting my thread!
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