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My homunculus S pet does not want to attack anything!

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#1 Slothfulness


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Posted 22 January 2019 - 05:54 AM

Ive done my research and I came across all these threads.








Is there something im missing? Ive looked through all of these threads and followed instructions. ive replaced the old AI files with new ones and that didnt work so i deleted all the files and replaced them from scratch as in one of the threads recommends and that didnt seem to work either. Ive typed /hoai and that doesnt work. I have the "AAIStartH.txt" in the RO folder except when i click on that file it gives me this message. 

"AzzyAI (hom) version 1.55

Main version:1.550
AzzyUtil version:1.552
Constant version:1.55
Config: Custom, edited Default Configuration 1.55
Tactics: Custom, edited Default Tactics 1.54 
Time: 01/18/19 08:06:42
Lua Version:Lua 5.1
started successfully. 
 This AI is installed properlyChecking config...UseDieterLavaSlide disabled - you don't have the skill!"

and this is strange because i do have lava slide on my lv.150 deiter in one of my genes and this txt is telling me that i dont have that skill? 

im starting to think that this program is bugged, does anyone have any other solutions i can try? thanks! 


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#2 smackthis


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Posted 19 February 2019 - 06:25 PM

if you uninstall and delete the ro folder it might fix itsself


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#3 Hendra88


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Posted 20 February 2019 - 03:36 PM

AzzyAi works perfectly fine, and it is very usefull


try to set your Ai attack mode, and what you said make me confused because someone with lvl 150 dieter wont have any problem to set Ai and no need to change folder because when u installed Iro it already included with AzzyAi if im not wrong .. take it easy and follow it step by step

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