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Renewal FAQ Friday 4/11

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 10:44 AM



Whoa, it's April already!

The last FAQ thread has grown and grown, and now it's time to deliver some answers!

Got more questions for us? Let us know in the comments!


Renewal FAQ Friday



 April & May Calendars:





Thanks for the response Campitor.

As for the free marriage thing I had a quest in mind, and some ideas that I'd be glad to share and the zeny involvement too. 

Additionally as for Malangdo I had an idea for a quest as well which would really still make it so that people would have to choose between VIP or some long quest/entrance fee

As for the amount of Coins vs time ratio for GMT: You can obtain 110 coins total per single run (should you complete the full instance.)
Magic Reflector and Revised Encyclopedia Cost 900 Coins.
Physical Enhancer Ring and Magic Intensifier Ring cost 1350 coins.

Anti-Magic Suit and Geffen Magic Robe cost 1800 Coins.
9 days to get a single Shield  (8.18 days)
13 days to get one of the rings (12.27 days)
17 days to get one of the armors.(16.36 days) 
(I rounded up the numbers as it would be the amount of times you complete GMT for one of these)
Now, now all of them may be not be the greatest items but that's the deal when it comes to having OCP. Making these slightly easier to obtain (and enchant in the future) would at least let players feel a progression as they are working towards something better and these gears will hold out till then.
As for Ghost Palace during spotlight, I ran HE BBG buff and i used Steal with my GX inside the instance. I obtained about 90~100 Gray Shards. Today I ran it without HE BBG and If I am not mistaken I obtained about 39~50 grey shards. other times I have obtained about 60 shards should I get lucky on the steals and the drops. Other times I've gone out with 70 at least and maybe the worst day has been about 20. Also consider that not everyone uses Steal.
If you wanna calculate using an average of perhaps 50 shards per run or even with 100(with spotlight) you can have the following scenarios:
4 days maybe even 5 to obtain a single Thanatos Weapon
2-3 days for each piece of Gray Armor
and as for Sakray Knight Card that would be about 200 days for the day.  (assuming 50 shards daily, and I mean DAILY.)
I strongly believe the rates for the Thanatos Weapons and the armors are very very reasonable. Enchanting wise, idk what to expect but I can assure you that outsiders LOVE thanatos weapons and the enchantments because it literally become one of the best weapons to use throughout leveling until you reach the point of "I want a +12 Red Twin Edge with 3x AK and the EA6 Enchant" or others. Reducing the amount of shards for a knight sakray card might make more sense than boosting the rate of the gray shard drop. 200 days assuming you do it daily and get at least 50 gray shards a day is way more than it took to get a single abusive robe or flattery robe from 16.1. 

I ran Ghost Palace today with a level 122 Geneticist and I obtained 17 Grey Shards, I ran it with basic gear, no Steal Clip (and of course i'd take too much damage, somewhat unrealistic for newbies to try and use steal as a class that isn't flee based) seems quite painful for it not being a higher number. Now, trying to get 10,000 for a Sakray Knight Card, not so sure  how much effort new players would wanna take, it feels like the time it'd take is just way too much for anyone who isn't accustomed or understands how this would play out. Thanks for reading. (This isn't really my question for this FAQ, I just wanted to give you numbers based on what I was asking that could be changed as a QoL for new players and attract people to play and not feel overwhelmed by the time it takes to collect instance loot vs how rewarding it is in comparison to OCPs already existing

Campitor: Thank you for the feedback and information! 


Giant's Protection

Can we have its full combo includes gaint boot and giant bow?

Campitor: We will request them.


Hi Camp,

Can you also request some new jro mvp combos when asking for missing contents? This will bring back the value of many ET mvps.

Campitor:  We will request them.

If i try to organize an event will the rewards be from you guys or do i have to shell it out of my poor poor self?

Campitor: It depends on the rewards and the event. We would need to start talking to figure out what exactly would happen.

Astra: What Camp said! Usually for community creative contests, we provide the prizes as well as perform the judging. For simple in-game events like hide-and-seek or trivia, I provide you with Megaphones and simple prizes to hand out, which can be supplemented with other prizes that you provide. If you're interested in running an event, you can always PM me and/or Camp about it!


Can you bring in the Refine Event Rave next week? Please

Campitor:  Currently Shadow Refine and Generous Hammer refine events are active.


could you possibly re-consider applying the discount skill with mastela? i've read in one thread here back in 2017 that it is because its quite "unfair" for slims. but does that really matter now?

 Campitor: Yes we can crate a shop on the npc that offers the mastelas at DC prices but only appears with max DC.



what the list monster in spotlight right now?LOL

Campitor: Current Spotlight is Mora and Eclage.

Xealot: Here is the monster list:



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Posted 11 April 2019 - 10:55 AM


Help expand this list by letting me know if any towns/kafras were forgotten


alb2trea 62, 69 (near Sunken Ship Kafra)
alberta 29, 238 (near north Alberta Kafra)
alde_gld 220, 166 (near Luina Kafra)
aru_gld 171, 261 (near Valfreyja Kafra)
aru_gld 302, 103 (near Valfreyja Kafra)
aru_gld 303, 357 (near Valfreyja Kafra)
aru_gld 58, 186 (near Valfreyja Kafra)
aru_gld 94, 52 (near Valfreyja Kafra)
auction_03 147, 40 (near Mail Annex Kafra)
bat_room 148, 153 (near Battlegrounds Waiting Room Kafra)
einbroch 52, 201 (near west Einbroch Kafra)
gef_fild10 76, 340 (near Orc Dungeon Kafra)
gef_fild13 251, 117 (near Britoniah Kafra)
geffen 198, 124 (near east Geffen Kafra)
glast_01 198, 275 (near Old Glast Heim Kafra)
harboro1 291, 198 (near Rock Ridge Kafra)
izlu2dun 109, 58 (near Byalan Island Kafra)
izlude_a 133, 149 (near Izlude 2nd channel Kafra)
lasagna 206, 188 (near Lasagna catfra)
lhz_in02 228, 284 (near Lighthalzen Hotel Kafra)
lighthalzen 193, 320 (near north Lighthalzen Kafra)
lighthalzen 92, 248 (near north west Lighthalzen Kafra)
mal_in01 172, 34 (near Malangdo Culverts Kafra)
malangdo 182, 139 (near Malangdo storage NPC)
malaya 69, 79 (near south west Port Malaya Kafra)
mjolnir_02 85, 359 (near Mjolnir Dead Pit Kafra)
moc_paraup 12, 185 (near Eden Group Kafra)
moc_ruins 64, 164 (near Morroc Ruins Kafra)
mora 50, 131 (near Mora storage NPC)
morroc 168, 261 (near north Morroc Kafra)
pay_arche 58, 124 (near Archer Vilalge Kafra)
pay_gld 303, 191 (near Greenwood Lake Kafra)
payon 178, 226 (near north Payon Kafra)
prontera 146, 87 (near south Prontera Kafra 1)
prontera 148, 34 (near south Prontera Kafra 2)
prontera 164, 326 (near north Prontera Kafra)
prontera 277, 197 (near east Prontera Kafra)
prontera 35, 212 (near west Prontera Kafra)
prt_fild05 290, 227 (near Prontera Culverts Kafra)
prt_gld	146, 113 (near Valkyrie Realm Kafra)
sch_gld 102, 201 (near Nidhoggur Kafra)
sch_gld 145, 82 (near Nidhoggur Kafra)
sch_gld 292, 248 (near Nidhoggur Kafra)
sch_gld 297, 100 (near Nidhoggur Kafra)
sch_gld 85, 315 (near Nidhoggur Kafra)
yuno 277, 219 (near north east Juno Kafra)
yuno 332, 108 (near south east Juno Kafra)
dicastes01 188, 206 (Center of Dicastes)
te_alde_gld 220, 166 (TE Kafragarten Realm)
te_prt_gld 140, 113 (TE Gloria Realm)


yuno 149, 187
	Reason: another NPC is covering it
malaya 231, 204
	Reason: Eden NPC is covering it
Can we get these locations for Guild Storage NPC please?


Campitor: Most should have been implemented with this maintenance.


will we get new loading screen?
remove account bound restriction on mini boss and MVP cards?

​Campitor: I questioned the webteam regarding the new submission website for loading screen contests. They say that the website will be finished some time in May. Regarding the card binding there is no current change planned.


Is it possible to have Gear Swap tweaked to recognize Arrows and Cannonballs?

​Campitor: We will send the request to the studio.


Any news on the remaining Illusion Dungeons?  :p_idea:  Wish more people did them  :p_sad:

​Campitor: Frozen Illusion Dungeon will arrive in May.


Any news on Rune Improvement? Or anything RK related?

​Campitor: All the improvement patches should be arriving as a single large patch during the 3rd/4th Quarter.

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 11:21 AM

Please allow gear swap for non-weapons while under Dieter's Pyroclastic ty

​Campitor: We will send this feedback to the studio.


The MVP tomb timer is messed up. I can not calculate MVP's next spawn time. Can you look into it, please?

LikeDark Lord, it says that he died at 17:12. But, I was reading it at 6:00 AM PST time ???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Please check that during the next maintenance!

Thank you

​Campitor: We will begin testing this.


CAn you update Alora Npc +8Headgear > costume exchange to
include MVP drop Headgears
Community headgears
Zodiac Crowns and diadems please.

​Campitor: This is a good suggestion.


can you bring back kiel on MVP summoner?
thats a yes or no question
the choices are yes or no
not accept another long and bulshit answer
can you bring back kiel on MVP summoner?
answer: no

​Campitor: Short Answer.. Not right now. Yes later.
Long Answer: Were not happy with the current MVP summoner mechanics and need to rework it completely to be in a better state. Currently any mvp that gets added to it gets devalued pretty quickly as it is farmed alot. That is a less than ideal situation and needs to be resolved.


What I want to know is why did your team set a 10 secs cool down for the gear swap QoL update? What is the point?

​Campitor: We are currently in discussion with the studio about reducing this time limit.

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 11:31 AM

1. I would like to request the ff costumes to be enchanted at Malangdo:
Costume Elder Devil Horn
Costume Low Pony
2. Would it be possible that Proof Potions' effects would stay whether I go to Eden or change towns or relog/dc? The effects always vanish when I go Eden or warp to other towns or relog/dc
3. Would it be possible that Trans Candies' effects would still stay whether I relog/dc or warp towns?
4. Would it be possible to show Guild Window and Status Window on Replays? The Gear Swap System Update wont allow me to view the Status Window on my Replays.

1. Yes we have added it to the list for the next enchanter update.
2. We will bug report this. We can only make effects persist through death not zone changes.
3. We will bug report this. We can only make effects persist through death not zone changes.
4. Are they old replays or ones made after the update?

Still waiting:
1 - Events from past of kRO
2 - Cowraiders cards
3 - Can't use Rodex for some OCP itens. https://forums.warpp...s/#entry2618676
4 - Enchant for thanatos weapons.
5 - YSF Boss?
6 - Complete the minor updates that we never see, like, infinity space?
7 - Jejecap?
8 - New sprites?
9 - Something like re-enter instance with 2 mins, when, u got dced?
10 - Nightmare Old Glast heim(MYTH)
11 - Update MCA/OCA content.
12 - Reset/Decard DLE.
13 - Bio 5 costumes exchange for shadow enchants.
14 - New shadow itens.
15 - Complete the shadow lower headgear set, we don't have atk/matk stone lower.
16 - Trade/sell with mini boss cards, that's not hard, deviling, maya purple, dark illusion, remove the account bound of them.
17 - Pet update(evolution, hunger bar)
18 - Humunculus update(exp share, autofeed, increase level)
19 - Bank system, for the love of god.
20 - VIP room? :) No new benefits, the system is the same of raise of server, no even a 50% more of exp, it happens with event only.
21 - Overweight penalty (50% to 70%)
22 - LVl 185/65?
23 - Next illusion?
24 - Revision of gears? Like yin yang talisman combo with Magic Sword, that didn't have any of of script combo. If won't bring the full effect, remove the description, this sounds really annoying, sometimes new player read and thinks it works and blah.
25 - New card descriptions?  Example: Gaster card
Class: Card
Weight: 0
Reduce damage on normal monsters by 25%.
Increase damage on boss monsters by 50%. 
Why u need revision of all description, and when finally add to server, this work means nothing?
26 - Illusion enchants
27 - Turn in updates please? We just roll with same and same monster, come on, we have more monster with range level, why we have the post of suggestion of mob, if we just see the same and same. 
Ball/rune seller, repairman eden npc at Eden Mail Annex Station? We are asking for this some mounths.
28 - Can u guys do something with nospam02.cfg to reject spam at RODEX? It's really annoying. It's an alternative, the real problem is, no policies about this, no solution, we have only methods for "fix" the private messages for now. We can help u guys with this?
29 - Improves on desocket npc, meh, click click click click click, but a try again and the time of use of this will be really better.
30 - Eve natalia update?
31 - Bounty updates?
32 - Brute weapons? You can see them here:
33 - Calf weapons? You can see them here:
34 - Can u guys remove the mail access at kafra in Eden Mail Annex Station? just storage and cart option please.
35 - Exclusive access to dungeons for vip? Like we have byalan for low level character, it's harder to improve something like this that keeps the server alive? The benefits of vip ins't flashy.
36 - Vicious weapons conversion for EMB?

37 - Racing cap event, please?

38 - Improve the sell skill with commas please, it's hard to see the price is wrong, the actual format is really complicated.
39 - After the last update, when u see card arts, the game is crashing, why? The same thing with instances, so many ppl trying to enter at geffen magic tournament or OGH and then, appears the message on map "the blablabla of party blablabla entering bla bla bla", the funny part is, character stucked, no teleport to inside instance. I can't confirm if it happens to every instance, can u guys trace this?
40 - I think I'm asking too much, but @autosell command make much easier to ppl put vends, unfortunally I put my merchant at morning, and when I come back from work, dc'dl. :( Is not possible in anyway to improve this?
I'm really happy to see the new updates, some people hate the marriage/adopt with same gender, keep working on improvements, don't hear the limited people that only follow their own beliefs.
I'd suggest to, put a plain with all our suggestions inside, maybe a topic? put a status of this. Because, we have things that we ask 1 year ago, and the answer is: "We will consider this", "We will request this", "Waiting kRO", "Don't know how works this on kRO", we really appreciate when we see someone working on our suggestion, BUT, when u say "it'll be on at february calendar" and nothing happens, plus, you forgot the suggestion, well. I really don't like when people treat me like this.
My oppinion, I played so much for 5 years, I'm just logging for some minutes nowdays, most of time I do central lab, and if I got disconnect. Alt + f4 and go play another game.
Wow! So many things, but, we need to consider this.

1. Which events we can request them.
2. We have a fix proposed but are still waiting on feedback from studio.
3. Each item will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
4. We will be asking the studio about this. I believe Thanatos Weapons were part of the 15.X update group. Which we are due to receive additional content for in June.
5. When the studio assists us in getting it working.
6. When the studio provides the data.
7. Which exact Jejecap do you want to see?
8. The new 3rd job sprites are being implemented as part of a future update.
9. I will check to see if we can make the instance idle time longer.
10. Later in the year according to the studio.
11. Our OCA/MCA is up to date.
12. We can most likely do enchant resets for items. But decarding enchants is not possible.
13. We can add the costumes to the break down npc.
14. .. maybe. I need to check what the studio has ready.
15. The costume enchant system is due for an update but we need the data from the studio.
16. There are no plans to change the binding status of these cards at this time.
17. This is a future update. We need the studio to provide the data.
18. This is a future update. We need the studio to provide the data.
19. I do not believe that a bank system exists on any official server at this time.
20. This is a future update. We need the studio to provide the data.
21. This is a future update. We need the studio to provide the data.
22. This is a future update. We need the studio to provide the data.
23. May
24. The effect should be grayed out indicating that it has no effect. If it is not we will fix it.
25. We will make sure that the slotting information is up to date.
26. Comes with the may Illusion of Frozen Update.
27. We will review the TI monster list.
28. Nospam cannot change mail messages. At most it could prevent key words from displaying but it cannot kill the mail. If you are getting spammed I can and will update server side filters.
29. We will put it in a while loop.
30/31. Bounty boards are currently in the project queue for testing. We can then look at other npcs/
32. This is a future update. We need the studio to provide the data.
33. This is a future update. We need the studio to provide the data.
34. Yes
35. We would like to do more dungeons in this manner. But we need studio support for creating more monsters.
36. Were planning a EMB rebalance and want to finish that before we add more EMB resources.
37. Can you provide more data on this event?
38. We will ask the studio if this is possible.
39. Usually these issues happen on a card/card basis or instance by instance basis. We need to examine each item/instance to figure out whats happening.
40. We can't really do the @ commands as usually those are related to... servers which shall not be named.

We having a list going with the suggestions from these FAQs and are working down the list. Unfortunately we sometimes can't complete them in a timely manner or something would block it. We should work at improving communication under these circumstances.

To @all gm/cm team:
- U guys work at every game of warpportal support or only ragnarok? more than 1?
- Where u guys from?
- Hobbys?
- Have pets? xD

Astra: I mainly focus on RO1 and RE:START, but acted as intermediary CM for ROSE Online before it closed. We're all from California, USA. My hobbies include art, music, martial arts, and rowing, and I have one little pupper~

Magus: Just RO for me, and from California.

Campitor: In my time here I have worked on Requiem, ROSE, Maestia, RO2, Eternal Destiny, Crimecraft, and Dragon Saga. But since joining the production team I have exclusively focused on RO1
Cordite: I've interacted with most of our titles. Hobbies are Paintball, Auto-Sports (F1 / FIA Rally as a spectator), Martial Arts (formerly practitioner, now spectator) and Video Games.The only pets I keep are unsuspecting neighbor sims trapped in my Sim's basement. 
Jello: Hobbies include DRAWIN', learning an instrument and annoying Magus. Sadly, no pets yet  :p_cry:


Is it possible to import some jRO Events here on iRO?

​Campitor: Unfortunately I have been told due to many of the jRO events being Collab based we are unable to request them.


Now for my actual FAQ question:

Campitor did you go over the numbers I posted on the first post regarding stuff like GMT and Ghost Palace? If you need more numbers and data go for it, just wanna know if you had a chance to review the number of shards for the sakray card or any other change to ease that content for newbies so that it isn’t discouraged.

How about marriage? Any thoughts yet? I’ve a quest if you’re interested in hearing it. Might be good for all and people wouldn’t scoff at “heh paying 10 dollars to get married in iRO” which has been mentioned to me previously.

Last but not least about malangdo culvert, why not enable the obtaining of silvervine fruit through the Grade A~E coins to enable the non-VIP players so they too can enjoy the content or some other alternative?

Bonus: GMT accessory enchants in the near future? Same idea as the ghost palace enchants, have the NPC outside available for enchants. This would at least give players more options than having to settle and be looking at OCP gears. Notice the discontent in the “refuse to continue paying for power creep” thread. Figured I’d ask this one due to that thread.

And thanks for answering Campitor. Keep up the good work

​Campitor: We have not yet reviewed everything and are still working on many other projects. Giving away item mall items is always a tricky proposition and takes some very careful consideration before we can implement. If GMT has an enchant system on kRO we can ask when we can expect it.

Campitor, there are changes planned for improve the TI? If yes, how soon they will hit the live?
* by "changes" I mean any kind, not just adding a new level range.

Can we have one spotlight for each level range? As example; one in Juno(70-120), one in NCT (150+?) at the same time. So everyone can enjoy it.

​Campitor: We will review TI for more adding more monsters.
We try to target areas that have a wide range of possible monsters for as many levels as we can.

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 11:55 AM

My yggberries stock is about to run out.
Please do RAFFLES.

​Campitor: Raffler will return in May

is it possible to have a cross server BG?

​Campitor: Unfortunately no.

is it possible that in the next ocp box this item will be added with something sure to achieve?

​Campitor: We will have a test version of the new OCP box on Sakray on Monday.

Mastelas on a regular npc shop again (aka discount able). The old restriction doesnt make sense anymore in the current market.

Revision of VIP perks and bonuses?

​Campitor: We will enable DC pricing for lvl 5 discount on Mastela Fruit.
If you have suggestions regarding VIP we would be happy to hear them.

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 11:59 AM

FAQ's are weekly or mountly nowdays?

Campitor: They should be weekly. Unfortunately I have been out most fridays due to real life obligations unrelated to work. But that should be on pause for now.

Why has the monster pool for Turn Ins become stale for the past half decade when there's clearly monsters that fit the range and can be put in there.

​Campitor: We will add revisiting the TI to our to do list.


Might as well ask this while there's time:

Are there any immediate plans to revamp the Bounty Boards? What about Merry Badger? What about Eve Natalia? Eat Gear? Any ETA?

​Campitor: Currently bounty board revamps is under going the testing phase. Once it passes testing we will start rolling it out. Similar projects are planned for other older npcs.

Can we add normal Bradium and Carnium to Etc. Eden Merrit Badge exchange?

Right now they just feel so useless despite the fact that kRO keeps adding them to drop tables of high level monsters and even MVP's. Even the latest illusion dungeon has it daheck. It's a burden to carry around too because of its weight.

I just wish it had more value.

As a little flavor text, you can even say that "the smiths in eden are now accepting normal bradium and carnium to aid in their attempt in researching how to synthesize their own HD Bradium/Carnium for refining eden gear etc etc..." or something like that

Tbh, I do wanna suggest normal ore >> enriched/hd ore conversion but even that sounds too farfetched for me

​Campitor: What would you think of being able craft HD Bradium and Carnium with silvervine?

any possibility of fixing Spider Chariot respawn time to its original 2 hours? It's respawning every 24 hours.

​Campitor: We will check with kRO to make sure the respawn is right.

Please change MVP rewards from OPB(etc) to EMB, thanks 
also any update regarding with the GOH/TC after Earth Shaker?? https://forums.warpp...r-earth-shaker/

​Campitor: Currently we are working on an EMB rebalance that we will post about when were closer. Before we consider adding them to MVP drops we want to finish this rebalance project. There has been no feedback regarding Earth Shaker. We will bring it up again.

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Posted 11 April 2019 - 12:23 PM

Is it possible for Costume: Detective Hat, Puppy Headband, Bunny Band and Blank Eyes that came from Alora's box to have to 30% Experience Point Boost and make them equipable at level one. 
Speaking of old costume headgear, found two three (possibly more) Adventure's Costume Hat from the 9th anniversary quest that I no longer want nor need and is just taking up space. Can't drop nor sell to a NPC, could you make it possible to be able to get rid of it.

​Campitor: If the other alora costumes have that effect we can do this change. We will make the adventurers costume has sellable to npcs.

Is it ok if we get those Pea Knutz in Knut Knordby's dream map edited to become Looter-type monsters?

​Campitor: There are no plans to adjust Pea Knuts

how about fix Gx dagger switching , When ?

​Campitor: Studio has stated that this is intended and the way it is on kRO. However we are asking if users can select which slot to switch via a setting. We cannot promise if this adjustment will be accepted.


What happen to the USRC?? (United States Ragnarok Championship)
Is there a possibility to revive this old classic in the 2019?
Will someday the RWC comes alive again? (the world championship)
After a short research, found some servers still host their own championship.

the last time i found was the RWC (iRO did not participate so far i know)

​Campitor: Unfortunately as far as I know RWC stopped in 2013. We are looking at partnering with other versions to do version versus version pvp matches.

how about homun update?

​Campitor: This update is not yet given a finalized schedule but is on our wish list.


OCP Boxception when?
(600KP) - Gives you a random selection of 3 ocp box.

​Campitor: Usually this box comes with Black Friday Sales, which occur in late November.

When all illusion dungeon will come? Any of u guys can say something? Ty

​Campitor: We are currently going down the Illusion Dungeon List.

The Earth, Water and Fire versions of the Mild Wind Hats have all a 5% proc chance each, however the Wind one, Libra Diadem, is much much lower (supectedly 0.5%). Normalize it as the rest please?

​Campitor: We will investigate this hat versus the others.

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Posted 12 April 2019 - 03:27 PM

Jejecap is out on sakray, but...... nothing inside game, maybe, next OCP?

The event of racing cap(s):


About kRO events, I will look them. 
I'll see all @Sigma posts hahahah

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Posted 12 April 2019 - 04:35 PM

What is Yggdrasil Acension (OCP)?

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#10 GetsugaHollow


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 05:53 PM

Can we receive the balance of Kunai Splash? Already have a good time that became long-range attack on the kRO but for this server it still remains as physical attack... 

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#11 Pivorus


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 06:16 PM

i hope janeway will comeback some time. i want to transfer to chaos.

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#12 andxres


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 06:35 PM

Can you give us new instance (NOGH) instead illusion dungeon? I don't like endless grinding to level up.

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#13 andxres


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 06:37 PM

>Read April-May Schedule

RIP Classic RIP restart ahahahahahaha

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#14 deforte


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 06:50 PM

thief wearing elemental damascus have no weapon sprite and double dagger with crimson dagger have sword sprite. its been a year that i reported those error and still an error after months of vacation lol. when you gonna fix it guys?

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#15 Fuuton


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 07:28 PM

Isn't it time we get a Summoner MvP change? i remember you guys saying you were gonna keep up with this back in Oda's day but it always gets passed up : (

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#16 Diskence


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 07:29 PM

Whatever happened to Rune Knight Runestone update along with Mechanic update? 

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#17 andxres


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 07:47 PM

Whatever happened to Rune Knight Runestone update along with Mechanic update? 


-They try to forget ask it.

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#18 ninJedi


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 08:58 PM

​Campitor: What would you think of being able craft HD Bradium and Carnium with silvervine?

That would be really cool :no1:

I honestly don't feel the need to make anything above +10 just yet but I think the other players would really enjoy that.

Those with lots of normal carnium/bradium can finally vend them to others, and those that feel they need more hd ore can finally make their own.

Just wanna suggest, I don't know what's planned but since it's "crafting" that involves cash shop, I think it would be best if it would be 100% chance to recieve somewhere around 1~5 pcs + then rng roll for additional ores per craft attempt. Or maybe just fixed amount per craft is ok too lol

A chance for receiving nothing after spending real money to craft a chance item sounds like it would be too wasteful to entice players. Especially since successfully getting the ores doesn't necessarily mean your items-to-refine are guaranteed a success.

Interested to see how this works out.

Question: What's that EMB rebalance? Maybe it's too early for the heavy details, but can we atleast get a short outline about what it's mainly about? Is it just about adding/removing emb trade options?

Edit: According to that spotlight list Xealot posted, the old spotlight is still active? (faceworm, geffen tourna, etc.)


Edited by ninJedi, 12 April 2019 - 09:30 PM.

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#19 YongkySH


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Posted 12 April 2019 - 11:18 PM

Is our Bloody Branch MVP list as updated as kRO one? And if not, can it be updated?
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#20 IgnotusCarl


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Posted 13 April 2019 - 01:08 AM

Where's the Party UI update? You posted it ages ago that it'll be included in the 2nd quarter.


Bank System? It was implemented years ago in kRO and we've been informing you since then that it exist.


It's new UI too.

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#21 YongkySH


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Posted 13 April 2019 - 01:30 AM

Where's the Party UI update? You posted it ages ago that it'll be included in the 2nd quarter.


Bank System? It was implemented years ago in kRO and we've been informing you since then that it exist.


It's new UI too.


how much is the maximum bank storage? 21 billion in 1 account?

Edited by YongkySH, 13 April 2019 - 01:30 AM.

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#22 Ashuckel


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Posted 13 April 2019 - 02:09 AM

that bank was implemented and removed short after due to a plethora of issues with it

Edited by Ashuckel, 13 April 2019 - 02:09 AM.

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#23 YongkySH


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Posted 13 April 2019 - 02:37 AM

that bank was implemented and removed short after due to a plethora of issues with it



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#24 KianS


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Posted 13 April 2019 - 02:37 AM

Can we change Costume Whisper’s Blessing to what is in jRO?


Edited by KianS, 13 April 2019 - 02:38 AM.

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#25 7460181126215735827


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Posted 13 April 2019 - 03:37 AM

enriched hammer again ? why not mad bunny i think we just finished enriched event last few month ago.

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