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Enchant Stone and Costume Gear Rework

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#1 Scuba


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Posted 26 April 2019 - 03:19 AM

The current system for enchanting costume gear lacks a lot to be desired. 


Costumes - What isn't working

  • Costumes need to be manually added to the enchanter when they are introduced in the new loot crates.
  • Costumes need to be destroyed to obtain a random stone.
  • Stone use comes with a failure rate. Multiple factors of RNG
  • Benefits from enchantment are minor relative to the cost, risk, and odds.
  • Redundant costume sinks via costume boxter and enchanting npc.

Costumes - Suggested Improvements

  • Add a special slot to costumes (Headgears that take 3 positions get 3 slots)
  • Earn Costume Merit Badges through monthly tasks. 
  • Use "Costume Merit Badges" to purchase specific enchant stone boxes (ie. Garment Box $$$$$, Upper Box $$$, Mid Box $$, Lower Box $)
  • Compound enchant stones as you would a Card or Darklord Essence into the costume.

Toning down the multiple factors of RNG would be a lot more enjoyable. By implementing the costumes in this way, it would reduce the amount of reactive hotfixing to the enchanter NPC. Granted, it would take work to re-script costumes to include slots. Players are rewarded for owning several different looks, which serves multiple purposes... 1) Increase the amount of costumes people buy and trade in game. 2) Add usefulness to costumes players might not wear regularly.

I would recommend a long reset on these quests due to so many people having multiple accounts with 12-27 characters on them to farm events. I would also recommend 1 of the gears be randomly selected from a list of the current costume box. The good thing about this system is that if the staff forgets to add a list of costumes to the random rotation, players won't complain about it.


We get a lot of cool new costumes in the game, but the amount of time, effort, and money that goes into enchanting just one gear is enough to never want to do it again. I use the same HP% enchantment lower on everything. It would be nice to be able to enchant multiple costumes for that sweet 2% damage boost without spending 600m every time to do it (2b+ for garment enchants). There are lots of costumes I'd like to wear but just don't because I need my enchanted ones. Would be nice to actually flair characters differently.

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#2 Nirvanna21


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Posted 26 April 2019 - 11:31 AM

Personally I wouldn't mind them doing away with ONE of the two RNG factors, but not both.


And with that said, the one I would probably like to do away with the most would be the RNG of enchanting itself. There should still be a rarity for obtaining enchants. For example, ASPD Garments should still be top notch enchants, they are vastly better than +1 Str.

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#3 Scuba


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Posted 26 April 2019 - 12:51 PM

I would agree. The factor that I would prefer be eliminated would be the random chance of your enchantment working. It is a painstaking process to obtain any enchantstone, let alone the one you want. Then once you have your stone in hand there is a coin toss chance that you lose it with nothing to show for. RNG is still preserved within the type of enchantstone box you purchase, and the price of the enchantstone box is proportional to the impact that slot has for practical purposes.The price could be 100 badges for an enchantstone box the $ sign in the example does not strictly equate to 1 badge or something. It could be priced so that a player with 12 characters could get one or two garment enchants a month.


I would substitute rarity with cost, garment costumes being most expensive because they are the most impactful. However, in the current game state I would not say the importance of any enchant is vast with exception to the aspd stone. 1% leech vs 1% atk seem reasonably close in power level when you put it next to an Abyss Dress, Fafnir, or EDA for example. Those small min-max percentages are very low value by comparison. That is why I believe preserving rarity of more-or-less inconsequential effects is of low importance. Thats not to say they aren't impactful - they are just not 2b+ impactful. Been using the SP stone on my RK as my sole SP sustain and it keeps me topped off.


Also, I am not making the suggestion as a player who is still needs to get costume enchantments. I have all the enchants I need, they are just on specific costumes. There is nothing to really keep me participating in the costume market because it would mean replacing a costume slot I already have with effects. So a system like the one proposed would give me reason to participate in this aspect of the game again. Kawaii Hat Simulator Online.



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