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Endless Tower Basenent

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#1 andxres


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Posted 26 May 2019 - 04:08 AM

Near iro anniversary, astra and jello wondering what kind event that Camp prepare. Suddenly, camp missing from office and appear in game. They investigate camp on alberta and find out camp has been possessed by satan of morroc. To save him, they recruit player to form party to venture to the deepest of rune midgard. Can we save camp and find out the truth?

- Same ET rule. (GTB shield prohibited)
- given 3 chance to enter.
- normal mode has 4 hours to complete,hard and solo mode has 2 hours to complete.

-Normal Mode:like normal ET rule
-Hard Mode: can't active token, debuff every floor, nasty trap each floor. GTB gear effect off.
-One Man Army: solo only, follow hard mode rule.

Floor Structure:
-Normal Floor
Like usual ET instead climbing we descending. There are few trap (increase per difficulty).
-Boss Floor
Small map which nearly impossible to hide. I suggest 30x30 map.

Floor Map
Floor B5: Edgga and Giant Octopus
Floor B10 Bijou and Amdarais feat Root of Evil
Floor B15 Queen Scaraba and Gold Queen Scaraba
Floor B20 Kiel and Thanatos
Floor B25 violent and Mutant C.
Immune to physical and magic. Remember persona 3 battle?
Floor B30 daehyun,kades,evil believer and stefan.
Floor B35 celine kimi and faceworm queen at full health.
Unbuggable faceworm queen and killing kimi at the sametime. Oh don't forget you fight them at same time.
Floor B40 Kraken and Gioia
You expect waterball won't hurt you but jupitel thunder will kill you. Fun battle.

Floor B45 1 random bio 3 mvp and 1 random bio 4 mvp
Ultimate challenge of facing 2 bio mvp at the sametime.

Floor B50 Satan of Morroc (Child form) and 10x hp valk,ifrit,and baphomet.
Want an ultimate challenge? How about surviving power up earth quake spam by mvp who has high hp. You need 12 party to split damage of earth quake spam.

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#2 MikeWolf


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Posted 27 May 2019 - 11:52 AM

This is interesting, I like the concept. 

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