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[Suggestion] Card Collection & Card Album

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Posted 15 July 2019 - 07:49 PM

Remember when i started the game i got 1 card album and i wanted to get all cards, then it expired and i never again get a card album and didnt collect cards, that was 4 years ago lol. but always wanted to colect them so i have an idea but since development end dunno if it can be done, or what u can modify or not, but ill tell you anyway


my idea was to make the card album permanent so people can collect all the cards they want


also adding tiers to unlock bonuses, for example


if u got the first 20 cards you do 25% more damage in the first dungeon (wolf cave)

if you got the first 40 cards you do 50% more damage in the first dungeon


or something like if u get half of the cards avaliable in izule u get the 25% more damage for izlude dungeons


this will motivate new people to collect them and to do dungeons since almost no one do them cause they are rly hard earlier and alone


it could be other bonusses in form of buff



but the main idea is what you could do with the 30 days Card album. since it comes in almost every membership pack along with the elite membership, you could make it a buff just like elite membership



but this buff would get stronger the more card u got, if u get it max then it would be as having 2 elite membership

, since there are like 500 different cards the max buff would be getting something like 50000 cards in your card album

with a max of 100 card of each max


this would give a reason to collect the cards and would help new people to get zenny by selling them like they sell DNA



is not the final product but you got the idea, is like using the card album you activate the buff and that buff will get stronger the most cards u got 


thats it lol

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Posted 15 July 2019 - 07:51 PM

btw it could be even extra stat points or idot know xD


the problem is like i said i dunno what u can or cant do in the actual state of the game u.u, hope something like this can be done

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Posted 16 July 2019 - 09:50 AM



Thank you for your detailed recommendation.  While we cannot guarantee any changes it helps us to know our player's interests for the future. 

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