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Chaining Instances

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#1 Fuuton


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Posted 27 July 2019 - 09:22 AM

To add a bit of flavor into this deadzone, i thought it would be cool if people listed what kind of instance chains they like to do and how they go about doing it. I like to see what new types of combinations i can come up with, whether it be spamming the same instance X amount of times with one gum, or figuring out which instances i can successfully fit into one gum. I enjoy hearing about others' too, and i figured it might be dope to compile a list so that people who want some extra form of challenge can use this as a sort of check-off list for their personal achievements.

Gearlists are unnecessary as far as specific details go (revealing gear is not required if you so choose), but if there is some tactic that is useful knowledge for saving gum time then it would be cool if you would include it in your post.

Personally, i run a full gen account so my gear switching/shuffling is a bit simpler than someone spamming multiple different classes across various accounts. I also seldomly run my suras, which arent on the same acct but do match the gens in terms of numbers. What i've figured out so far though is that you can do the following with complete success using 1 gum:

Useful Tips to know in Advance:
- Popping gum a couple of hits before first MvP's death. It really helps if you can limit that number to 1-2 hits before death because sometimes, every second matters.
- Studying enemy HP
- Studying your damage and increasing it as you are able
- Counting 'hits' until death (Example: 1 acid bomb or 1 cart cannon = 1 hit)
- Presetting /organize "party names" with copy & paste
- Presetting the amount of supplies you will need for each instance
- Knowing the instance well enough to the point that you know the quickest way to navigate through it and which things, if any, can be skipped.
- Knowing when you need to log out with gum'd character so that you can set up an alt character for party creation
- Presetting save points and warps as needed


Wolfchev -> TWO -> C-Lab ||||||| (MS sura tanks set up in advance for wolfchev for 0 problems)

TWO -> C-Lab -> Ghost Palace ||||||| (Bring HPB to speed-greed shards)

TWO -> TWO -> TWO ||||||| (Gear/degear 3 times over the course of roughly 30 hours. Run all before global cooldown timer AND after global cooldown timer. 193 aspd/double attacking gear highly recommended for system message)

GMT -> GMT -> TWO ||||||| (EXTREMELY TOUGH, in terms of time. Must have high damage. If done properly you will have 10-45 seconds left on gum by the time TWO is dead. Must pop 1 hit before Fenrir, run back to npc and then degear for GCD timer. This is the only chain that i actually have to grab storaged gear and 'gear on the run' or while waiting for GMT's queue message to open up. By the time im finally fully geared, im already in round 1. There is literally a 30 second window of time that is lost and results in failure if not done correctly due to GMT's rather lengthy queue time. Also, you absolutely must have 193 aspd/double attack for the system message in TWO.)

GMT -> GMT ||||||| (Pop gum at Dwigh/Fei, about 1-2 minutes leftover after finishing 2nd GMT)

Wolfchev ->TWO -> GTB spamming in ET x3 ||||||| (Be quick about making your alt parties/logging out and you're good)

Charleston Crisis -> Bakonawa -> GTB ET x3 ||||||| (Burning for Bako plants)

Bakonawa -> Summoner -> C-Lab ||||||| 

In terms of chains, this is about where im at so far. Im hoping they'll shift the spotlight over to Morse/Isle/DT soon, so i can sample/test those as well since i havent done any of them, savor DT just once.

Feel free to tack on to this thread with any chains/any classes if you're into it.

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#2 junioran


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Posted 27 July 2019 - 11:09 AM

When i was hard farming for cards i tried doing some combinations of instances in 1 gum like some hardcore players do, stuff like gmt + wolfchev + buwaya + clab + summoner in 1 gum, but worrying about my clear times was making me burn out way too fast so i decided to keep it "simple". Central Lab every day on 19 chars, and on ET days it looked like this:


Genetics/Rangers/Sorcs/Rebels --> ET 1-15 x3 or ET 1-5 x3 + Clab.
RKs --> ET 1-50 x2 then 1-85 once.
GXes --> ET 1-5 x3 + Clab.
Low lvl chars --> ET 1-5 x3 then log out for next week.

Then on Wolchev days (every 3 days) it would be Wolchev > Summoner > Clab, or Wolfchev > Summoner > ET 1-5 x3 if it was an ET day.

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#3 LordYggdrasill


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Posted 28 July 2019 - 01:40 PM

GMT -> CL -> Bijou is a good way of chaining 3 instances with one gum, pop it at fenrir battle and you can take down as many as 5 MVPs with one gum. Though sometimes you get mini bosses or Atroce in CL, it’s still overall very efficient and doable.
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#4 Zayaan


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Posted 28 July 2019 - 02:05 PM

I used to do 5-6 Wolfchev runs per gum on RK if logging out counts. I didn't kill Pallies and HPs though

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#5 Fuuton


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Posted 28 July 2019 - 02:32 PM

I used to do 5-6 Wolfchev runs per gum on RK if logging out counts. I didn't kill Pallies and HPs though


oooo i like this one. im going to try it out although i think i'll be slower due to using sura for tanking.

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