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Bounty Board revitalization feedback and suggestions

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Posted 29 July 2019 - 09:49 PM

So far the update has felt counter productive, the EMB per 4 turn-ins is an excellent change and removes penalizing the player for not completing everything in the board, no matter how rare it is, or how far out of the way you need to go to get that one last count. In exchange, though, I believe the level reductions are too tight and hurting people that like staying in a specific area for more than 5 levels at a time, the closer the monster is to the end cap of the board, the less viable leveling on that monster becomes.

If a monster is lv.59, and the player is lv61, why are they penalized while even the level range experience system hasn't yet? Players should be leaving hunting areas to new ones of their own volition, not because the board kicked them out, but because they feel ready for stronger monsters. So my petition for this is to increase the caps to around -5 of the lowest monster and +5 of the highest monster, and/or should come out to 25-30 level range boards with some overlap, instead of flat 20 chunks.


Don't forget to add boards for newer content. When I heard about the update, I thought how great it was going to be as a player who regularly does boards to explore other content versus spamming Gramps all day that I'd have more places to go, yet the only new one has 1 monster that's worth doing, which is Cursed Wanderman. Cursed Gravekeeper is in the wrong board range, Corrupted Priest takes too long to complete 150 count (which may not be as big a problem anymore, but maybe shouldn't be included anyway), and Cursed Box experience is just plain terrible.


Actual board suggestions:

Izlude 30-55: Byalan Level 1-3 monsters and Pirate Skels

Izlude 45-70: Level 4-5 monsters

Izlude 105-130: Level 6 monsters


Geffen 80-100 -> 75-105

Geffen 100-120 -> 100-130, Take Gargoyle from lower, add Cursed Gravekeeper and Wraith Dead

Geffen 130-160: Restless Zombie, Restless Ghoul, Matt Drainlair, Sweet Nightmare, Cursed Wanderman


Alde/Lutie 30-55: Marin, Cookie Green and Red, Cruiser, Myst Case

AldeBaran 55-80: Dustiness, maybe take a few closer Mjolnir mobs from Prontera board

AldeBaran 75-100: Bathory, Cramp, Penomena, High Orc, Punk, Clock, Alarm, Rideword

Payon 100-130: Resentful Soldier, Nine Tail, Munak, Bongun, Sohee


Prontera 140-165: Frozen Wolf, Taffy, Watcher, Zombie Guard, Immortal Corps


Morroc 1-25: Drops, Condor, Picky, etc

Morroc 20-55: - Familiar, Muka, Peco Peco, All the Ants
Morroc 50-75: Sandman, Frilldora, Hode, Mummy, Mimic, Matyr, Minorus, Isis, Verit
Morroc 70-95: Zerom, Requiem, Marduk, Pasana
Morroc 110-135: Regular Ancient Mummy, Nightmare Minorus, Nightmare Mummy, Nightmare Verit 

Morroc 125-150: Nightmare Mimic, Nightmare Ancient Mummy, Nightmare Arclouse, (maybe Incarnations of Morroc unless you plan to implement a Dimensional Crack board)


Alberta 80-110: Dragon Tail, Spring Rabbit, Pest, Permeter, Solider, Freezer, Heater, Assaulter, maybe hub town for expansion town boards


Expansion Towns - Will add at a later date
Comodo 35-60: Thara Frog, Megalodon, Raggler, Galapago, Seal, Sea Otter
Comodo 50-80: Golem, Flora, Alligator, Grove, Stalactic Golem, Trijoint, Megalith
Comodo 90-110: Medusa (no idea what else to add but should stay anyways)
Umbala 60-85: Wootan Fighter and Shooter, Parasite, Dryad, Wooden Golem, Wild Rose, Stone Shooter
Juno 70-110: Most of Juno should stay as is, but maybe add Holden and Geographer
Einbroch 75 - 110: Metaling, Porcellio, Pitman, Noxious, Teddy Bear, Venomous, Mineral, Obsidian

Veins 95-120 - Stapo, Magmaring, Muscipular, Drosera, Galion

Veins 120-145: Flame Skull, Ragged Zombie, Zombie Slaughter, Banshee, Necromancer

Veins 125-150: Kasa, Knocker, Salamander, Imp
Lighthalzen - Should stay as is, except Rachel would deserve Anopheles more
Rachel 85-120: Anopheles, Anacondaq, Hill Wind (Yellow), Desert Wolf, Roween,  Siroma, Snowier, Gazeti, Ice Titan
Rachel 110-140: Vanberk, Isilla, Hodremlin, Echio, Agav, Seeker
Rachel 130-160: Angry Snowier, Angry Gazeti, Angry Ice Titan
New World and El Dicastes: Good as is, maybe add Bradium Golem but not important
Mora: Add Fire Condor, Fire Sandman, Fire Frilldora, Fire Golem to existing board or add another, maybe combine all color licterns if such a thing is possible
Verus 140-175: Repair Robot, Exploration Rover, Turbo versions, Recon Robot, Green Cenere, Smelly Zombie, Smelly Ghoul
Lasagna 1-20: All the field monsters
Lasagna 15-35: Spore and Scout Basilisk
Lasagna 140-175: Combat Basilisk Red, Green, Jungle Mandragora, Fruit Pom Spider


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