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New Player finding it hard to stay.

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Posted 22 August 2019 - 10:29 AM

Not gonna try to counter arguments when you give wrong impressions. Only pointing out negatives without pulling real features.

The game has problems but there is one difference when a game is fun in F2P way and achievable since newbie... We're talking about iRO being fun or not for newbies. What can you do to promote to RO newbies? Why newbies need to top up and farm in certain class for smooth gameplay? Why they are limited to certain drops and maps to level?

I'm not arguing ROM is better at anything gameplay wise. Only They have better ways to invite players and invest many game features/events to do. RO is 17 years old, One Piece is 20 years old but is it best manga to read than finished/cancelled manga? ROM can die anytime but it's an example game that I'm having fun with any class to play, any build to try, any method to level/farm, any method to +10 or obtain equips without $$$. Any RO server can be designed like that with simple events and small customizations.

You gotta be kidding when you said RoM is an example game that your having fun, with blah blah blah ... to +10 or obtain equip without spending $$$.

What fun with any class are you talking about? What any build to try are you talking about? What any method to level/farm are you talking about? In RoM, everyone is auto farming and afk. I bet that you log in RoM and talk to less 10 people daily. You can even Auto in ET. There are a lot less skills and items in RoM which means there are less builds to try our. The world map is small and each mini map is tiny, so people always fight for the same limited farming slots. Orc ladies? Harpies?

And ... players can play it without spending money? It’s the same in iRO. If you mean that OCP is now a must to stay competitive, then who are you kidding to? RoM has bi-weekly Gachas. RoM also sells Praying cards and Valk box weekly. RoM is easily 8x times more expensive to stay competitive than iRO.

I bet that you won’t even play RoM more than 5 years ... many people already quit. Don’t believe me? Go join SEA Facebook and enjoy drama there lol
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