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Leaf Cats, Jing Guai, and Leib Olmai Oh My!

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Posted 08 November 2019 - 05:34 PM

So as some of you have noticed the Bounty Board implementation has been finished.


Some history behind this project. It started a suggestion from a community member and had an initial implementation back in 2014-2015 by Oda and Holden. That community member championed some suggested improvements over the years to the project which we implemented this year. The very basic concept for them can be boiled down to, they are a carrot designed to lure players from area to area to experience content near their character levels.


Bountyboards are not the only way to explore Ragnarok Online and we would like to discuss the Adventurer's Guild as it has not been updated in awhile. 


The basic concept behind the Adventurer's Guild is to promote party play by allowing the accumulation of kill counts by parties regardless of character level. They are meant to be an open ended leveling option unlike bounty boards but are also not meant to stack with bountyboard kill quests.


During the live streams today players asked about providing a VIP EXP distribution option to the Adventurer's Guild system. What other improvement would you like to see to adventurer's guild? What areas would you like us to focus on adding quests to first?

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#2 CaptainSunbear


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Posted 08 November 2019 - 05:46 PM

One of the ideas I had in regards to the Adventurer's Guild was to add one for different stages of the game. I am aware this might be a thing already but that's one of the opening statements for the ideas.

When I started iRO 2 years ago and tried the bounty board system, I ended up outleveling one of the board or most of the boards at that level range by the end of the 150 monster kills for the various missions.

I propose for the early levels to give a reasonable amount of EXP for clearing an area, such as maybe 30 monsters of each type to encourage people to go from one area to another. The Early Game Proposal I have written is as such:


Prontera/Geffen/Morroc/Payon Deserve to have Adventurer's Guild. Expanding to EVERY SINGLE TOWN is what the Bounty Board did where they added a single mob or very few mobs to fight in the early game while keeping them with 150 mobs thus rendering any other town's BB missions somewhat unexplored because you explored one map and stayed there and outleveled the level range for that town's board in some cases.


BB Reward System provides very little zeny and it has been declared to be something that is to encourage exploration but not as a leveling method. Ideally we want to make the rewards something that will REWARD people for DOING the adventurer's guild quests because it will make them explore some of the towns and should they want to explore. Hence why Bounty Boards are for exploration, while Adventurer's Guild is gonna get people out there into different areas.


Ideally, rewards should be something that will not contribute to inflation but contribute to one's further improvement. Items to be rewards are: Novice Red Potions, Novice Fly Wings, And SOME Free kara teleport to encourage people to go to the next areas such as payon geffen prontera or morroc for further Adventurer's Guild quests.


The idea here is to have the Explorer's Guild be something of a "Come explore or have someone come show you the areas" thus rewarding with sufficient exp. It would be enough exp to encourage players to complete it. Furthermore I thought an incentive to doing these early game adventurer's guild missions would be to add an achievement system. When I first began I had to run most of the bounty boards if not all (that I could) with every single class and I took note of their advantages and disadvantages as such. In some cases, having the low matk disadvantage vs a monster with higher mdef proved to make my character take longer in clearing out the boards, and given this was one of the EXP approaches I took early on (while exploring the server of course) I realized some of the missions were NOT efficicient and I would have benefitted from having someone help. Thus if we add achievements to this for clearing all the missions with the Adventurer's Guild, we are incentivizing people to go fight the monsters with their character and even if they struggle, they could have friends to complete it with or take time and once they get checked off for having completed this and experiencing this difficulty, it will be a lesson for them.


I do agree that the Adventurer's Guild in Lighthalzen works as intended, keeping the 140-160 level players out but allowing the players from the 160 range and onwards to participate with the early ranges and NOT allow them to stack with the bounty boards. This feels like a bit of a limitation. Maybe we can not apply that to some of the early level maps and add that into the late game where the leveling maps are just reduced to a few areas such as NCT/Verus/Bio4/Bio5.


Due to the nature of the Adventurer's Guild (the one in Lighthalzen makes me notice this) I know early game Adventurer's Guild would have issues since the early game monsters that newbies fight are ALL in the Bounty Board, which is why I proposed Prontera, Payon, Geffen and Morroc since these areas have low level monsters. In addition to that, I also propose that we have the kafras add the general warps to: Payon, Prontera, Morroc, and Geffen. Reason being these locations are the ones that have weak low level monsters in their area and if anyone wanted to stray away from the early leveling spots, they'd have to actively go to prontera and select a different area. 

In the end, the Novice Red Potions, Novice Fly wings and Kafra Teleport Tickets will not create any inflation but will help the player reach their own goals. I do want to add that these Novice items and tickets would be only in the early stages of the leveling to help people move forward and incentivize them. For further incentivization, I was told to add some Zeny, but that's another story should this post even receive any sort of agreement. I just felt exploring the map and leveling was too difficult because I felt forced to stay and complete the bounty board for each city and I just outleveled the board and couldn't move forward or I was provided with too little exp trying to clear all the boards at once. Thus shortening the missions and keeping the rewards fresh to incentivize players to go complete the Adventurer's Guild areas would encourage people to move around and learn. They'd also be collecting different loots and having a shot at different monsters while at the same time possibly contributing to the market. This could be added to the Adventurer's Guild as a subtle message about useful loots from these monsters, etc. 

maybe the VIP exp distribution should be fine, it can work as an incentive, given there is no cooldown on these missions then it becomes a matter of "i can go faster with VIP' which is a thing people like to do.
As for areas to focus on, I think we would like to see one added to Verus, I think NCT board goes up to 175 so there's no need for one there and given we have the Lighthalzen Adventurer's Guild already providing Bio3/Bio4 Missions, Verus is the only other area that could use a place to level up to 175. It would be nice to give people choices of where to go, should they be solo or they be in a party.

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#3 Jeneeus


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Posted 08 November 2019 - 09:28 PM

During the live streams today players asked about providing a VIP EXP distribution option to the Adventurer's Guild system. What other improvement would you like to see to adventurer's guild? What areas would you like us to focus on adding quests to first?

Thanks for mentioning about the VIP EXP Distribution. It would not only help some players to level up easily but also help to contribute WarpPortal to keep the services up and running.

As for the areas, I think the "needs 10k zeny to warp" towns should be first. Since iRO is based in US, I prefer to do Rockridge first. As for my personal bias, I rather want to have Port Malaya first. :heh:
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#4 Hikari


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Posted 08 November 2019 - 09:39 PM

I personally think a few revamped Bounty Boards desperately need looking at (psst Scaraba board) first before we go into revamping the Adventurer's Guild, but I would agree that expansion towns or illusion dungeons would be a very nice start.

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#5 Ashuckel


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Posted 09 November 2019 - 02:54 AM

Instance monsters would also be a nice addition to the possible kill quests. And depending on how accessible/spammable is the instance and the monsters in it, scale the rewards apropriately.
Then even if an instance does not yield the most appealing item rewards, it can still be run as an extra exp source, and kinda aids the struggle of support characters leveling a bit.
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#6 Guarocuya


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Posted 09 November 2019 - 09:20 AM

Instance monsters would also be a nice addition to the possible kill quests. And depending on how accessible/spammable is the instance and the monsters in it, scale the rewards apropriately.
Then even if an instance does not yield the most appealing item rewards, it can still be run as an extra exp source, and kinda aids the struggle of support characters leveling a bit.


This ^ I second this motion

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#7 Ostarion


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Posted 09 November 2019 - 03:49 PM

Would there be a way to change the mechanism of the board. I actually like the bounty boards the way they are as tied to the monsters and how many of them to kill, but for the adventurer's guild, would it be possible to tie the kill count to the map instead of the specific monster?


The main reward should be experience with perhaps a minor item or zenny reward.


Otherwise yes, Illusion dungeons, Instance monsters and global project regions should hopefully be prioritized, as well as generally out of the way places such as those that require you to complete a quest to access it like the Amatsu Dungeon or the Nameless Island with commensurate xp rewards.

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#8 Squishyyy


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Posted 10 November 2019 - 04:20 AM

When I made a character from level 1 a few weeks ago, I was unfamiliar with bounty board and eden. It had been implemented, but I feel like there could be some streamlining it to have an Eden NPC direct you there. If such NPC exists, feel free to remove this post. 



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#9 HappilyAnnoyed


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Posted 10 November 2019 - 08:23 AM

I like the idea of this but I think it would be cool if there was more to do on these boards besides killing. The Eden boards have collection quests but you need to kill to get those items. Idk but adventuring shouldn't be just find and kill it.
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#10 UpgradeAlpha


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Posted 11 November 2019 - 08:32 PM

Instance monster for Bounty Boards are great. but IRO should get the patch first, on being disconnected in the instance and not getting back inside or the ones with being relogged back inside the map.

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#11 tlc9711LOgo


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Posted 12 November 2019 - 03:09 AM

Bountyboards are not the only way to explore Ragnarok Online ....


Well, the irony is that Lighthalzen is now a ghost town...u fail GM

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#12 ninJedi


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Posted 13 November 2019 - 09:27 AM

Discussed this idea on tigress' thread but can't access it anymore so I'll just repitch it here:

As an added feature to further boost it's difference to the bounty board quests, focus on giving adventurer's guild non-killing/hunting-related quests.

Item collection type
Let people use monster drops for item collection quests in exchange for exp. There are some strong concerns for botting-related issues here, so, as a counter-measure, we can limit the item list to instance-only drops (or other drops from sources that have long cooldowns/uncommon encounters/droprates). There is also a rumoured anti-cheat system for next year's relaunch so we could loosen the restriction then if that said system works well.

List of applicable items (other people can suggest more):
> Sarah's grocery instance food items (ex. Lucky Soup, Morroc Red Wine, etc.)
> Old Glastheim items (ex. Glast Decayed Nail, Glast Horrendous Mouth, etc.)
> Faceworm instance (Merchant Prince's Box drops/Timeless Items[the source for this whole idea]; ex. Old Ring, Old Pill, etc.)
> Hazy Forest drops (ex. Mysterious Seed, Lope's clue, Round Feather, etc.)
> ...

> Opening up new opportunities in the player economy. Players that want to level without hunting can bulk-buy the items from other players, while those that want to earn a little extra zeny on the side can sell the items to them.
> Slowing down server-zeny generation. Having the items exchanged for exp will give players incentive to not sell the items to tool dealers for zeny instead; because then those items will probably be worth more zeny through the player market (promotes zeny circulation instead of zeny generation). This impact can also be strengthened by expanding the item list to include more expensive stuff.
> Giving non-combatant builds an easy leveling option (if they have a means to get the items in their own ways). Ideally, there should be another group of quests dedicated for those builds, but, as an added alternative, they can make use of this as well -- since they won't need to deal with being forced to complete a task that they can't solo for each turn-in.

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#13 ALSJ


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Posted 19 November 2019 - 12:17 AM

I like the idea of Item Collection quests involved with Adventurer's Guild Quests. But due to bot concerns, I have to wonder; is it possible to arrange an item collection quest that requires a sort of buff to be applied, first? Then, while this buff is active on the character, killing certain monsters will cause a drop to immediately appear in your inventory?


I'm not sure how well this works, but I'm reminded of an old Anniversary Event Quest that involved players using a Mercenary and having it amass a killcount. Is that a possibility, or would the player be able to cheese it out by killing everything instead of the mercenary?

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#14 LordYggdrasill


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Posted 19 November 2019 - 12:35 PM

I have a question though, for the suggestions posted in this thread, when will you look and evaluate all these? Think changes like distributing all on base/job will be made right after the long maintenance?

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