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Item Description Questions. +

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#1 losveratos


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Posted 11 November 2019 - 06:24 PM

A couple of quick questions that I was hoping you fine people here might know.


1. (Costume Enchant Stone Box) https://www.divine-p...chant-stone-box  


    It seems that there are several different boxes of enchant stones. The one without a number shows that it contains SP Absorption Stone in the description but Divine Pride says that it doesn't contain it.

    So I'm wondering is it inside the box without a number or is it only in box 5/6?


2. (Work Cap) https://www.divine-p.../19407/work-cap


    I made a +10 Work Cap and I was contemplating making it +12 or higher but then I noticed that the description doesn't say +10 or higher. It just says +10 and only +10 to get the 100% def bypass. 

    Is this a remnant of a time before +11 and higher were available? Is it correct that only at +10 the effect works and higher than that it stops? Is it just a mistake in the text is what I'm asking basically.


3. (Spare Card) https://www.divine-p...5536/spare-card


    It says in the item description that it allows a chance to have a blank card dropped but in the scripts it mentions and old purple boxes. I've noticed that script on other sites as well(that I won't link here)

    Is it just a mistake on Divine Pride or is it a left over from a previous "Rental" version or something?



This final question is an aside.


4. Items such as OPB, OCA, OBB, MCA, and so on.


    Do they receive updates to their contents? If a new zone is introduced or a new instance or something, are those cards added to OCA or MCA? Are their new unique generic drops added to OPB or OBB?

    As an example, if I wanted to get one of the "True" mob cards, would you be able to open one in an OCA with a low chance or no?



Thanks again for the time you took to read and double thanks if you're able to provide any answers. It's all very much appreciated ^_^

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#2 deforte


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Posted 11 November 2019 - 06:49 PM

1. according to description it have sp absorb but did not get one, until now, the closest thing i got is hp absorb and plenty of aspd stone. so maybe its just for 5 and 6 box thingy


2. just people have a leeway to upgrade at any level they want.


3. not worth it though but blank card drops once in a while and its like a super troll xD


4. no update so far but mr. campitor mention about bRO updated contents of OCA/MCA and other things somewhere in the patch notes.

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#3 YongkySH


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Posted 11 November 2019 - 07:51 PM

2. The item came from jRO (japanese RO). iRO is based on kRO (korean RO).

Item there on jRO have an upgrade limit of +10, thats why it only states that upgrade level of +10 only. But it will work here on iRO as long as the gears is at least +10
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#4 losveratos


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Posted 14 November 2019 - 03:43 AM

Thanks for your feedback guys. I appreciate it ^_^

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