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Chaos / Thor ?

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#1 EngAlb


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Posted 14 January 2020 - 10:00 AM



I played Rag back in 2005-2009, Brazilian server.


Right now Im trying the Transcendence server, but Im seeing some people saying they are waiting for the Chaos Server to come back from a huge maintenance on Feb/2020.

So im trying to figure out what server will be better to play and have some fun as a new/returning player.


Where can I find some info about these other servers, Chaos and Thor or any other that may be available?

xp/item rate drop / WoE and PVM conditions / Subscriptions and cash items / etc...


Feel free to share your opinion about the servers as well.



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#2 ninJedi


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Posted 14 January 2020 - 11:27 AM

I'd say the most fun is where the people are at, RO is a social game and it's really the player interactions that bring out the most memorable experiences.

Aside from Ragnarok:Transcendence, there's only iRO-Renewal (both Chaos & Thor servers). There were others. were.

Here's what renewal has for now:
Love-hate relationship with kRO (we love their content, they hate sending us updates on time : P)
Forum memes in community events
Gioia in lutie lab trauma
1x Exp/Drop rates
Base 175/Job 60 Lvl cap
Expanded classes, rebirth, and Third Jobs
WoE is eh (inconclusive)
PvM is "wow i'm so stronk" (because it's not that difficult to make yourself overpowered Ft.CashShop items)
Access to more content because of the lvl cap and server age
:. everything else you can find on

The most important thing to note though,
games are meant to be enjoyed as an experience; you can read all the reviews and critique out there, but whether you like playing either of them will still be up to you and how the game feels when you play it.

Ps. I'm batman (an anti-social emo hipster) so I play on thor
Jk :v

Of course, there'd be nothing wrong with playing on all of them at the same time :heh:

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#3 Delsavior


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Posted 14 January 2020 - 01:58 PM

I missed out on a number of years for ragnarok in general. When I had gone back to start on renewal it was pretty fun (this was shortly after 3rd jobs were in) but I felt like I missed out on a huge chunk of the game just due to everything already being out at the time, older areas that I hadnt explored I had to explore solo or with a buddy. Prices are all over the place due the game just having the time to grow the economy. Think I quit around lvl 114? or so, most my friends had basically gotten bored around then as well. Think max lvl at that time was 120 or 150... cant really remember.


I rejoined due to the RO:T server, its a bit buggy, and crashes almost daily, and honestly for a server with a max lvl of 99, I feel the exp is a bit too fast.

There are many things I would love to see added to RO:T (Cmon give my homunculous 2 simple commands of defend itself and attack with me)

But for now, its a nice enjoyable experience, vaguely reminds me of the iRO beta days.

The markets not inflated (yet), and most the cash shop items can be purchased fairly cheap through vendors (VIP being 130-150k is very affordable imho)

People are partying which is nice to see, as when I played on Renewal, it was pretty rare to see people on my trip to 3rd job, as most were already doing the 100+ areas, rest were rather antisocial(or bots) .


As ninJedi said, RO is a social game, These people rushing off to max lvl or dual accounting for the sake of not partying with others, are more or less ruining their own experience, and will likely run back to Renewal when its open. For now, play RO:T, see if its right for you, then go try Renewal when its alive, and make the choice.


Since this servers updates are so young, I plan to stick around and try out all the new areas I missed out on when they arrive.

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#4 nyyaan


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Posted 14 January 2020 - 02:04 PM

If you want to WoE, Thor. If you dont want to WoE, either server is ok. They both have the same updates and you will probably be playing alone with your alts.

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