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Movementspeed from Ninja

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Posted 03 April 2020 - 04:36 AM



Ninja has three skills to increase his Movementspeed:

Its 15% from his active skill Thief's Stealth (Lv1)

Active: Storm Stepping 15% MS for 1m 40 sec on level 3 (the skill has 2min 10 sec Cooldown)

Passive: "Dodge Master Lv 5 : 13% MS


Sooo thats: 28% free MS thats already enough; because of the MS cap you dont really need more.


Storm Stepping is very annoying to use because you have 30 seconds where your MS is lower than normal (if u are not MS-capped otherwise) so most people dont use that skill.

I would suggest to increase the duration to 5 or 10 minutes and/or change its Effect to something else.

Now since Evade and Aim will be fully removed from stats that active skill should do something else. Storm Stepping could also interpreted as more damage (Storm).


And maybe if it gets changed then change Dodge Master to 15% MS because 13% gives such an odd number off MS that you have to add 5% somewhere else..


The topic is called MS form Ninja so this fits here aswell: The skill Storm Stepping "let you travel with extreme speed". 

The problem that i see with that skill is that it costs 30 Skillpoints for each stage and it has a 1 MINUTE Cooldown. Im kinda okay with the Skill Points if the Cooldown would be decreased by 50 Seconds. Its an important skill in PVP (if it had lower CD) and in PVE its funny to use.(+ i think the damage doesnt fit the description: it says 400% on lv1 (600% on 5) but it does damage like its 100% only, even tho the skill description says you attack with increased physical attack power so maybe it could be a little phys dmg buff for some seconds like the fever buff from savage when he uses headspin +seven/aerial kick)


Let me hear your opinions about this

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