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MVP Summoner Revamped

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 10:04 AM

I'd like to propose the introduction of a permanent (or regularly scheduled) MVP summoner event.
The old event was based on bringing a set of item to summon a specific MVP, that a party was able to fight it in a separate area.

As an improvement and balance of the event, I'd change the summoning requirement to a kill count of monsters (that seems to be very popular in the latest events) in the map where the MVP normally belongs to.

To make an example:
  • The player speaks with the NPC and get prompted with a list of MVPs to select from
  • For each MVP there is a kill count quest to complete that will be displayed in the quest windows (numbers are just an example):
    Valkyrie Randgris = 50 Skeggiold (Black) / 50 Skeggiold (Blue)
    Detardeurus = 100 Gold Acidus / 100 Blue Acidus
    Ifrit = 100 Kasa / 50 Salamander
    Kiel-D-01 = 100 Alicel / 100 Aliot
    Golden Thief Bug = 1000 Male Thief Bug / 500 Cramp
  • After completing the kill count the player + party members are warped to a separate room where the MVP is summoned (same as old quest).
  • A cool-down time on all party members can also be implemented before they can take part to another quest (endless tower like).
This will give a chance to anyone to get the MVP they like, even if it's usually camped.
The kill count has the advantage, compared with the previous implementation, that you have to actually kill monsters in the home location of the MVP, and cannot be purchased as the items.
To balance and prevent abuses, the number of monsters to be killed and the cool-down can be adjusted, depending on the MVP.
If there is a concern that a big party can quickly kill the monsters and run an MVP for each member, it can be requested that each of the characters that want to be warped to the room with the MVP needs to have the kill count completed and will be affected by the cool-down after.

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