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Some skills must be fixed (invoker)

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#1 Artema


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Posted 09 May 2020 - 03:39 PM

Well.... as we are now with this new update, the x-spam was heavely nerfed.. .is intended that our mage class must use all of their skill tree to play now.


But most of them don´t work in the way that  they supose to be for example:


-The skill Fortress: is a magician skill that shot in a straight line and don´t have an Aoe damage the skill say that will hit in lvl 10 a total of 14 enemies but rarely hit like 2 or 5 even if they are in the lightning magnet :Emo_17: .


-The Skill Rain of Fire: has almost the same issue as the fortress skill some hits do not connect properly :Emo_19: .


-The skill Detection don´t do the magic reducction as its should be at lvl 5 100% of it :Emo_22: .


-the skill Chain lightning: was super nerf as is considerated an X-spam skill but also monsters that they don´t are X resistance have full reducction too making the skill worthless :Emo_18: .


there is also some others skills that don´t do what they supose to do for example:


-Staff Mastery: as only give base damage 35% of magic atack barely goes up 200 magic attack base (a joke actually) compared with others skill that gives Final magic/phys attack percentual % for example (Nation Fury) Summoner  or (Claw Mastery) Jester those gives a very good amount :Emo_14: also with this new feature enemies will still reduce damage by their new system.


-Blessing: same fate as Staff Mastery :Emo_17: .


I hope the GM staff do something about it as they intended that we don´t rely on X-spam, they should give us that all skills work properly :Emo_19: .





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#2 Elijazz


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Posted 11 May 2020 - 05:14 AM

Try to send the message through discord. But I am telling you, incoming "if you don;t like the game just don't play it" message will appear after. Goodluck and have fun. 

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