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ReBalancing BS stuff in the game

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#1 AlVonWolf


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Posted 10 May 2020 - 05:53 PM

Ive started playing ragnarok almost the same year it came out.

i started playing private servers at 1st, and then started playing only Official iRO after i got sick of losing everything from wipes and server shut downs .

And i can say: a lot of class change jobs need re balancing, there is just too BS 


Warlock job change quest: is the worst do far


Can we just remove this quest and have it auto clear. this is the most BS/RNG/ "pay to win cash items"  job change I've ran into so far. i done some of the others job change gunner + was easy, Sorcerer was ok, ninja+ was alot of RNG but it was fun, rune knight was boring but able to do cause of alot of Hp, but Warlock is just straight BS. ive spent a few days working on this quest , just doing a little here and there, cause i needed to go buy "pay to win items" and now i need a lifter box and i need stronger heal items witch means Aloe or pay for C.Whites witch cost more then they should. and after all that it may still waste more hours of my life from me. Plus ive had to reskill and im hoping i can free reskill right before the final part to change my skills back to the play style i want.


Thats its, random Rant time.

Thinking of leaving game for good. there is just to much Bull -_-. ( Off Topic,sort of: my ninja+ even with cash shop items is hot garbage that dies way to easy. makers of game put way to much value in the skin skill for ninja and left the job class with no HP. my 100 ninja with no gear on and 20 vit has about 2000hp. most monsters of that lvl has a chance to 1-3 shot him. "WTF" . After adding cash shop items and upgrading them to the safe lvls he has just under 7000hp, just a straight up pop sickles. If you lag or not notice Casda skin skill is off for a sec a you die, the game is just way too unbalanced in way to many areas) and most players i know that play this game still, are mostly solo players like me and they hate almost everything late game. (stop balancing for just groups of players.)  Most of my other friends that played for years had left the game saying they need much more and better quality of life changes and much better UIs. I'm pretty sure the game is running out of legs to run on. The companies that own/work on the game wont get off their asses and make the changes the game needs. Like a option to make a one time payment to add 1 more characters for good or changing many of the job change quest that i always hear players complain about for years now.  i know players i show this game to who leave and never come back from just the job change quest making them want to kill themselves.  not joking. i had one friend punch his tv and trash it after one of the later job changes. i know i normally spend $30-100 a year on this game, but im slowly getting drained, every time i start playing this game i just get reminded if the Bull -_- that is all over the place. and its is a top down game, alot of the stuff i find as BS has nothing to do with players skill normally. Its just -_- RNG where you get curse for 2-5mins and can do anything or having to go to a field to hunt mobs that are well over your lvl range for a job change. Ragnarok is slowly becoming just another case of a game the could of be so much more, but wont because of the dumb -_-s that own it. oh well. feel free to make my mind up for me by banning my account i already feel like -_- for spending 150$ on the Fire Sale to get them pay to win that "doesn't feel like it helps much at all for late game solo players". 


 I don't know what you guys should do. Do better rebalancing i guess. 

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#2 3505170703074552307


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Posted 11 May 2020 - 06:43 AM

git gud

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#3 Vossthereaper


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Posted 11 May 2020 - 10:54 AM

git gud

What kind of stupid insult in that?

Git gud? If you have to valid insight into a problem on the forums or in the game itself then just don't respond man.

as was mentioned above in his post I've seen what he is talking about first hand.

If your response was just some trolly garbage about how the world isn't fair cry me a river ill be the bad boy who shouts the hurting true to this complainer on the forums then take it elsewhere bud as your response solved nothing just like when you mom opened up to your dad and created you.

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#4 aTID2


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Posted 12 May 2020 - 08:20 AM

git gud

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