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Battle or ME ?

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Posted 31 May 2020 - 11:18 AM

Hello, I am starting to play and I was thinking of becoming a priest, the question is whether to do ME or Battle? What do you recommend and what build? Thx

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#2 Phantasyworld


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Posted 01 June 2020 - 06:34 PM

Before answer you, what game iRO Chaos or ROT?


Well to be honest both build are fun to play, and as can see both servers have the same renewal formulas, so dont worry about it, but since the balance patch, ME is OP since now you can damage anything, i doing like 4k-8k per wave (4k Damage to non-Demon / undead Race) damage in Low Turn In with eden gears and Holy Stick (non upgrade, cards or enchants) only VIP buffs and Priest buffs lol.

Now about Battle Priest is not a good idea, you can kill very easy 1 vs 1, but nothing you can do it in late game, unless you dont care leveling 1 vs 1 and outside turn ins alone until lv 175/60 or get perfect Dodge gears.


Anyway ME is the way to go xD, AoE and High damage, no need for supplies (just blue gems), doable as support in partys, and probably you can do it soloing instances like OGH (i have the feeling i can do 500k+ more damage with only a few items, just now i test my damage with 2 Valk drop x 2 Scaraba Card in my AB LV 101 and my damage jump insanely from 8K to almost 70k LOL!...)and not expensive gears need in early game, (but at same time is a pain in the ass if you are poor in early game since you dont have any kind of damage, so my advise is use Scaraba scrolls, those mercenarys are cheap like 900k-1M, tanky and good damage)


My actual build in both servers RO1 and ROT is this one:


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