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What's a good stat and skill build for ME Arch Bishop?

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#1 LanceAko


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Posted 02 July 2020 - 05:34 PM

I can't seem to find good, updated information online about this so I'm asking here.

Like 9x INT, 5x DEX, 9x VIT, and the rest in LUK?; or something like that? Do I even need any DEX with insta-cast ME? Is Xellie's guide still up-to-date?

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#2 Hiraishin


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Posted 03 July 2020 - 10:31 AM

The build I have on my AB is as follows:

For Demon and Undead | Others
UH: +10 King of Spirit Circlet (this baby makes you cast so fast you wont miss insta cast and it helps with casting all your buffs too). | +10 Sacred Crown (For ET non mobs) | +9 Shrine Maiden Hat (In case you cant afford KoSC).

MH: Sunglasses slot [card of your choice]

LH: Mob Scarf

Ar: +9 Abyss Dress | Other Dresses

Shield: Exorcism Bible

Weapon: +9 Holy stick [card of your choice] | Thanatos staff

Garment: Skin of Typhon [Antique Card]

Shoes: Shoes of Punishment | Temporal Int shoes [ Nightmare Verit card]

ACCR: Valk Drop [scaraba]

ACCL: Valk Drop [scaraba]



Stats: The way I build my stats was in relation to the mob scarf and Skin of Typhon. Manipulate stats to get the most of your gear multipliers.


Skills: Max ME, Imposito and Basilica. The rest is up to you. I have a hybrid build in which I use the char and stats for 100 perfect dodge. So My 3rd job skill are support skills and my only killer skill is ME. So far the only thing I will never kill are holy property monsters, everything else drops like its hot. Some with more effort than others, but they all fall.


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