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Mechanic class Element Cannon Ball & Useful Item Crafting

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Posted 12 July 2020 - 05:37 AM

Blacksmith don't have any worth at forger because Crimson Weapon that come with random Element and Weapon can endow with Element Scroll made by Sage with 100% Success rate.
While Archer can made there own element arrow and gunner class have lot of variety of element bullet.
Alchemist and Geneticist can made most of useful Item like HP&SP Potion, Element proofing potion,+1~10,+20 buff food,etc and even they can make Bomb,acid,Homunculus for there own use.
Only thing that have some useful is Blacksmith can repair equipments outside town but most high end Weapon Can't be destroyed or Broken and Mastersmith can refine Weapon with just more success rate than NPC with normal ore but Overpowered by NPC that can refine Weapon&Armor with Enrich and HD ore,Certificate,Blacksmith blessing with refine event that increase success rate and equipment cannot be broken only apply to refinement NPC.(not fair for Mastersmith)
I want to make suggest list for mechanic which do not have any craft skill.
1 make mechanic have ability to make debuff,Element Cannon ball (fire,water,earth,wind) that Geneticist can use too.
2 some item for repair or protect equipment useful while in Endless tower situation useable by all class.
3 some item temporary change/endow Element to armor that can or cannot stack with Element proofing potion.
4 improved FAW that long last and attack monster with more skill or heal/repair/buff for mechanic/Madogear like Homunculus since Heal don't work on Madogear consume magic fuel.
5 make Repair skill that normal When casting this skill, the mouse converts to a skill targeting 'lasso' to aim the skill, which can make it difficult to use in a dire situation. change to self only heal without to choose target since only few mechanic are party together.
6 about crafting ability that mentioned in 1-4 ethier make mechanic have new crafting skill or new quest skill to make those item. Or make Crafting NPC that can only access by mechanic class.
Thank for reading please share and tell what you thinking about this suggestion hopefully this will make some improvement to mechanic class.

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