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Sugestion to bring new players - Seasonal Server!

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Posted 18 January 2021 - 11:56 AM

Hello I am Heldrick, as a mmorpg player and still lover of the genre, I would like to see you guys from Warp Portal doing the same as other mmorpg companies are doing do to mantain the game alive and very well populated without having to add really new content to it.

And how they do it?
Well its a simple idea, but I dont know if its a very simple and easy to implement but for players look simple. You create a new server called Seasonal Server. As the name says it will have a amount of time to play in it.
And why new and old players would want to play in this server?
Because this server will have fast progression with a custom exp rate, it will give good items from a progression box (just like the welcome pack, but better with more exp booters, good items like exclusive season titles, permanent mounts and end game gear and items do upgrade it) and in the end of the Season the character will be automatically transfered to the main account mantaining all the goods he/she got for playing the Season.
The rewards can be easy thing to add to the game database, like titles, mounts that are already in the game shop, old costumes (or new costumes and maybe accessories because in these days is not that expensive to pay for a 3d designer and animator to create something for you...) maybe even a custom cape with a symbol of the Season Theme. After that you guys can implement custom boxes to be abble to open in different stages, not only normal levels but Master Levels too, then add these items to it. You can even give a full sets in this special leveling box, from low level blue sets to Serenia set, it will make the experience even cool.
As a rules for this server you can set to give the box only for the first character ever created or even put a limit to create only 1 character. The exp should be x2 or maybe x3 so every player can enjoy at its own way, leveling with monsters and dungeons or quests.

Well, thats my sugestion to bring new players and bring back old players, I hope you guys take care of it and I would like to see more sugestions to make this idea better from the players comunity too. Oh and don't forget to interact in the social midias so they can know about this  ;) 
See you guys in Midgard!

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