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Fixing Homunculus so they are Relevant

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#1 Darkxealot


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Posted 31 January 2021 - 12:30 AM

As it stands i think most people who have endured playing a Geneticist can agree the non S homunculus are useless...and we are forced to use them for an excruciatingly long period of time cause 10% exp gain is a joke.  The problem stems specifically from the lack of experience gains, all characters end up out leveling the homunculus and then it just sits there as you have reached content that cart cannon can handle and your useless pet just floats around not even able to attack thing anymore.


They have effectively turned a class feature into a cute pet...they act as buffers and insignificant or random healers.  This is so ridiculous when you have afk plays just leeching xp in Mid TI and other places they literally just stand there i would call that pretty automated but that is beside the point.  We need 2 things to make these CLASS FEATURES relevant again given how painful they are to manage at the moment, the shift right click thing has to go its too cumbersome to sick your homunculi onto something and continue using your own skills.  Instead of giving them auto attack i suggest they are given attack my target, that way you are actively playing they are actively attacking, DONT GIVE THEM ATTACK WHAT ATTACKS ME...this will just reinforce AFK leveling.


The next problem is the experience either reduce the experience need significantly, or increase the experience they receive to something in the way of 50% there is absolutely no reason for them to be as crippled as they are right now, you got hundreds of items that break all kinds of individual instant casting ME that seems fair.  The experience hinderance is so unnecessary and ultimately does nothing but make Homunculus completely irrelevant to the point that there is no point even bothered to make one.  They cant be sold or traded, why have they been turned into such a joke.  If you turned Warlocks Jack Frost into a ring that barely extends beyond themselves, players would be upset.  The idea is a class appealed to people for specific reasons and you neutered the class into being one thing a money sink that can use only cannonballs to progress.


From personal experience I was able to finish Alchemist from 92, Complete 99 levels of Biochemist, and now 110 Gene. and my homunculus through all that has gained 3 levels.  The fact that Homunculus are targeted first when you use a wing is insane they are almost assuredly dead on arrival so they cant be out during TI's because those require warping due to the mobby nature and the afk players.  Mine for instance cant tank anything, struggles to damage things let alone kill anything without immediate support.  Because my character has out leveled in such a significant way that if i fight the monsters it can handle the experience is almost nothing and since they get only 10% of that well not hard to do some simple math and figure out that you are wasting your time.


This should be a priority fix you have crippled a class as to be almost unplayable I don't see to many Geneticists running around its all Warlocks, Gunslingers, GX, Priest, Rune Knight and AFKer who cares what class they choose to idle with.  You have to do something this is obscenely stupid. Here is the number barrier i am referring to 81-99 you require 190,939,096xp that's a fair bit here's the worst part take the high end of the creatures you are killing, we will round to 10000xp for the sake of easy math, remove a 0 so he gets 1000, means I need to kill 190,940 higher end monsters.  For the record that means my character will have achieved 10x that resulting experience.  The 10000xp number is a very generous one at that, it is unlike you will consistently be pulling in mobs of that difficulty till 140's which means there is 40 some levels of pure suck.  Treating everyone who plays like they are 175 with Billions in gear is ridiculous you don't judge the median on the highest height the bar will go. FIX THIS ASAP PRIORITY 1.

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#2 IDexter


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Posted 31 January 2021 - 01:27 AM

As much as I want them to fix this, I don't think they ever will.

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#3 gabbyjay13


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Posted 31 January 2021 - 05:08 PM

Wasn't there some type of item that makes the old AI in effect for a limited time that they were going to try and hotfix?  Maybe I misunderstood what I read early on in the first few weeks of the "let's kill gene" movement.  I could have sworn Camp or Astra said that there was an item that Gene could craft to take off the "braindead" effect and make them active again.  Maybe I dreamt it...  Oh well, it was a good dream.

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#4 YongkySH


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Posted 31 January 2021 - 08:05 PM


Its on later gene class rebalance
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