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Do card-powered and gear-powered auto-casts of skills still use the skills' original requisites?

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#1 Larry321


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Posted 06 April 2021 - 09:02 AM


For example, Champion Card auto-casts Occult Impaction.

And according to iRO Wiki, each cast of Occult Impaction uses a Spirit Sphere.


So my question. Do Champion Card's auto-casts of Occult Impaction still require a Spirit Sphere? Obviously if I am not a Monk or Champion, I wouldn't be able to Summon Spirit Sphere. Does that disable the auto-cast? Or will the auto-cast nullify that requirement and happen anyway? How about other card-powered and gear-powered auto-casts of skills? Do they still require the skills' original requisites?



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#2 ZanRen


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Posted 07 April 2021 - 05:04 AM

usually catalysts are still needed for those skills, some examples i can think of right now, water ball needs water, and aspersio needs holy water. i think even the extrimity fist from the rings also needs spheres.


for spirit spheres, there are ways to get it even if you are not monk class.


i dont have that champion card, so i cant be sure though. probably needs it.

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#3 Leonchascon


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Posted 07 April 2021 - 06:46 AM

Most autocast dont need catalyst or anything champion card is no exception, im too lazy to look for it but i remember some official server first Champion card (or maybe sakray) video and the guy had no problem autocasting it



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#4 Ashuckel


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Posted 07 April 2021 - 06:56 AM

catalyst items are generally ignored, while skill usage conditions are required(water field for waterball,priest buffs not affecting players with undead element, etc)

it is still kind of on a case by case basis, the card mentioned in this case looks to be able to cast the skill ignoring the requirements based on other servers, it doesnt exist on iRO(afaik) to check it out here.
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#5 4853121207141913140


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Posted 10 April 2021 - 02:14 AM

sanctuary proc from pendant of harmony required a blue gemstone, not sure if this is still the case

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