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[Creative Contest] Egg Painting Contest

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#1 CMMayari


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Posted 06 April 2021 - 10:27 AM


Ragnarok Online & Transcendence

Egg Painting Contest

April 6th - May 2nd, 11:59 PM PST

Open to all Ragnarok players!


In celebration of Easter this month, we are holding an Egg Painting Contest! Break out of your shells and show off your skills by creating
Ragnarok-themed eggs that are to dye for. We are egg-cited to see what kind of creations you come up with!




You can paint or decorate the egg to participate. It doesn't need to be a real egg- you can use a plastic egg, clay egg, etc. Please make sure that however you decide to decorate the egg, that it's iRO-related! Here are some suggestions on what you can do:
- Character: can be NPCs or your in-game character!
- Monster
- Items/Equipment
- Motif: story scenes or places/locations from the game!
Post your submissions in this thread! In your entry, please include the following information:
Title (optional):   
Character Name: 
Chosen Participation Prize: (see below for details)

Entries will be judged based on skill, concept, uniqueness, and general execution by a panel of judges from the WarpPortal Staff.





Please read the rules carefully before posting!

Breaking any of these rules may result in removal of entry or disqualification.

  • Only one entry per user! Please do not submit multiple entries, including across alternate accounts. Multiple entries made using alternate accounts will be disqualified.
  • Make sure YOU made it! All entries must be made by the submitter specifically for the purposes of this contest. Work previously submitted to any other contest will not be accepted. 
  • All entries must be rated PG-13. Excessive violence, strong language, or NSFW content will not be permitted.
  • Must be iRO related! Content of all entries must be related to international Ragnarok Online and its contents. If it is not recognizable as iRO-related, it may be removed.
  • Follow the forum rules. Please follow the rest of the general forum rules when participating in this contest - no inappropriate content, no bullying, flamebaiting, abuse, etc. Any entries containing these unsavory elements will be immediately disqualified.
  • Make sure your work is able to be seen. All entries must be able to be accessed publicly to be considered for the contest. Imgur is a good host for images, you may use any of your choice as long as the image shows up here.
  • No reserving spots. "Reserve" posts will be removed by VMods and staff. Please do not reserve posts, just post when you are ready.
  • Expectation of effort.  A certain level of effort is expected of these entries. Any entry that is deemed to be of low effort or done solely to gain a prize will be removed, and the submitter will be notified of this and given the chance to try again. Excessive instances of this will be considered spam and the submitter will not be allowed to submit again.

The rules may be changed at any point in time as potential issues arise. For any other questions or concerns, feel free to PM me!



Contest ends at 11:59PM PST on Sunday, May 2 and 5 winners will be announced once the judging has concluded.
All qualifying participants may receive one of the following costume hats:

  • Costume Gray Bunny Band
  • Costume Pink Bunny Hairband

In your entry, please specify which one you want by referring to the color of the headband.
The 5 winners will receive the following Grand Prize:

  • One of the following costumes:
    • rNG8lAo.png
      Costume Drooping Bunny
    • evhFruM.png
      Costume Easter Egg Shell

Good luck, everyone! We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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#2 CMMayari


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Posted 07 April 2021 - 02:09 PM

Hello all! I have updated the prize section with an announcement of what prizes will be available.  :ok: Thank you!

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#3 Kriztal0202


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Posted 08 April 2021 - 10:45 AM

Question: Does it have to be a real egg or can I make one with clay and paint it? (Or any other materials)
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#4 CMMayari


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Posted 08 April 2021 - 11:27 AM

No, it doesn't have to be a real egg.  :) You can make one with clay if you prefer! Or even a plastic egg, etc. 


Thank you for asking for clarification! I'll update the post with that.  :no1:

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#5 Hawkseye


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Posted 10 April 2021 - 08:10 PM

Title (optional):   La Eterna Pascua
Character Name:  HawksEye
Server: Poring (Transcendence)
Chosen Participation Prize: Costume Gray Bunny Band




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#6 6607200909072527700


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Posted 11 April 2021 - 10:35 PM

Title (optional):   Eggring Served
Character Name:  WaratahAM
Server: Chaos
Chosen Participation Prize: Costume Gray Bunny Band




Edited by 6607200909072527700, 11 April 2021 - 10:36 PM.

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#7 Spatacus


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Posted Yesterday, 08:17 AM

Title :  Eggyra in the nest
Character Name: G O D A I
Server: Chaos
Chosen Participation Prize: Costume Pink Bunny Hairband


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#8 elfzsy


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Posted Yesterday, 02:32 PM

Title :  You follow me to the real world? Eggyra! Tame you!
Character Name: newiie
Server: Chaos
Chosen Participation Prize: Costume Pink Bunny Hairband
olala, you follow me to the real world?

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