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Gear Progression

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#1 Joatmon


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Posted 01 June 2021 - 11:28 PM

Hey! So I just got back to the game after 4-5 years and I've been mostly playing my Gene and a Doram and am looking to invest in some gears for the Gene so it can start funding my habit of leveling new characters incessantly.


I've been searching through the forums to try and find some good information on what the different builds look like and instead found myself struggling to put together fragments of information about new gears that I'm not familiar with. I was hoping I could get some help trying to piece things together.


My Gene is max level and is currently sitting on a build of:

95 Str

1 Agi

95 Vit

120 Int

120 Dex

3 Luk


+8 Cylinder Headband

+9 Shooter Faw 

+7 Triple Kingbird RTE

+6 Temp Dex Lucky Day


I'm steadily earning money and need to know what steps I need to take to upgrade my damage as fast as possible, with a preference for the cheapest gears first. My current goals are to be able to 1-2 shot Big Bells in NCT (Leveling my Homun), Clearing the Illusion Dailies (MVPs Included), and take on OGH, in that order (sorta).

What should I go for first?

-Chemical Gloves?
-Improved Temp Boots?

-A better weapon? (And if a better weapon, should I take the Saphir Hall, a Crimson Mace, or something else?)

-Something else entirely?


Other than what will give me the highest bumps in DPS (I'm assuming a weapon), what would the base goal for gear look like?


I've been hearing Seraphim Coronet with Temporal Ring + Temp Dex RM but am unsure what is needed for instant cast outside of this. I'm assuming with my current build and these items it is instacast?


Bonus: The more gear I can share with other ranged damage classes the better, especially Doram, SC, and Maestro

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#2 Ashuckel


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Posted 02 June 2021 - 04:54 AM

more impactfull gear upgrades:

temporal rings and temp dex with either SoL(more beneficial towards acid bomb spam) or RM(40 int for cast speed and CC damage)

Saphir OS weapon

Seraphim Coronet

"Dresses" As in the 40% dmg towards element/race ones. Abyss applies to most percentage of monsters in the game, and instances. Icefall if you want to rush some NCT boost.

Aside from Weapon and the RM temp dex, all of it is usefull on all classes pretty much.

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