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Need Help Guys with further RK Build.

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#1 Digitalchaplain


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Posted 10 September 2021 - 12:15 PM



For present moment i have RK 99/70  with stats about 96 str 50 dex 50int and about same amount of vit.Used BB for leveling

So questions is next:

1.Which way do i need to choose, Ignit,Dragon Breath or Thousand Spear.Please notice that it is first time when i play Knight and Ragnarok,this is my first expirience in game,some guys in past tell me what kind of skills i need to learn and help me with leveling, now they are not playing so i don't know what they planned with my current stats and skills.As i understand i have one free reset for character,so i can use it in the case if i can't make smth with current build.

2.I have about 20kk and Eden equip only.If it possible pls  show me equip,stats and skills for each build.I don't know any common builds besides BB.I understand that final equipment will cost over 1kkkkkk  , so pls give me list of middle cost equip.


Ps. I know that i take your time, but if it possible help me to understand which direction i need to move)



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#2 bearl


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Posted 10 September 2021 - 01:15 PM

to be honest. 
bowling bash all the way till you're like 130.

then you choose what you really want to play. 
& you start farming for zeny to purchase the required gears.

Farm hunterfly,marduk whatever that earns , do your own research on market.
telling you whats worth today, makes it worthless tomorrow as more people read and start farming 

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#3 CharBestGrill


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Posted 23 September 2021 - 06:35 PM

I would prefer the DB route but it requires you to attain certain gears. To make DB RK viable you need to reach the following:


temporal boots dex footgear + 120Dex and reasonable HP/SP which will become acceptable around lvl 130

sp leeching gears like vanargand, cath von, skin of ladon, thanatos weapon, evil dragon armor

hp leeching gears like quad malicious weapon

atleast fire db lvl 10 or water db lvl 10


then worry about how much db it takes to kill your mob. you can improve by using fallen angel wings, four leaf powder, menblatt cards, archer skeleton cards, and other range modifiers.


for the time being keep your current str and do bowling bash/brandish/clashing spiral. do not invest any further in str and just invest it in dex

then look for cheap tb dex available and worry about better enchantments later. you need that -0.5 fixed casting


hp and sp leeching gears are your top priority as they would save you alot. cath von is expensive and vanargand requires +9. invest on either of them since these things can be shared with other characters. vanargand can be combo'd with fenrir chain to reduce delay and i think it gives teleport. i prefer cath von when you could 1 shot things while vanargand when killing large mobs.


It is hard to recommend a non-OCP way but if you want it this way then you could try to build yourself around the Urj and Pertz sets available in mora. If you add in an OCP storm stone you could play around with these sets and have fun like aura blade then spam db for 10 seconds.


if you are thinking of end game you could always do a stat reset in the end with 10 reset stones which could be traded for with eden merit badges. Just make sure you get the skill tree you wanted as that would require either neuralizer or the free 1 time mesmerist. learn about the end game gears and the base stats they require. the magic numbers are those divisible by 18 and 120.


As much as I like hundread spears for PvP WoE I kinda find the Exp to SP used ratio lacking in the PvM department and for it to be viable you would need an overupgraded old rune circlet which is an expensive one to make. Level to max first before you worry about using it.


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#4 Digitalchaplain


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Posted 04 October 2021 - 01:16 PM

Thx guys for informative replies!

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#5 deopane0


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Posted 14 October 2021 - 01:53 PM

Watch Captain Sunbear's streams on Twitch! They are right now doing a DBRK route with f2p gear and selling cards and other things he'd farmed on his knight with a merchant to make zeny to buy gear that aren't from the cash shop


Right now he's on day 7 of the DBRK route, I've watched the full first day and second day, and it sure helped me level up with gears used, stats and skills used also, besides he has a lot of tips on helping new/old players to get into the class so it's pretty cool xD


If you want to enter his Discord community to ask questions and have some guidance, it's on this link and don't worry, Captain Sunbear always try to help when he's online ^^

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#6 senpousenpou


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Posted 14 October 2021 - 04:17 PM

my RK gear for leveling until lvl 150 (Booster Character event Last time):


+7 Veteran Sword [1] w/ Sword Guardian Card

Attacker Booster Plate Set (Armor, Garment, Shoes)

Catherina Von Blood

Seraphim Coronet (+ 175 ATK why not ? + Large SP pool)

+7 Illusion Armor Type-A

+7 Temporal STR Boots

+9  Heroic Backpack

2 Toy Ring

damage around 150k++ on lasagna dungeon floor 2 & 3 (With Fire Elemental Converter + Turisus Runestone)


Leveling Spot :

100-110 : Magma Dungeon 2

110-120 : Juperos

120-140 : Abyss Lake

140-150 : Lasagna Dungeon


After level 150 i change my Bowling Bash Build to Dragon Breath Build, why ? because someone sold cheap Fafnir Scale

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