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An honest opinion about the game changes over the last few years.

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Posted 22 September 2021 - 12:36 PM

Hello everyone, my name is Schiffer, and some of you may know me from the European server from back then. I’ve been around this game for a lot of time, I would say that I kinda grew up with dragonica/dragon saga. It’s been a while since i returned from the EU ban and in this post I want to express my honest opinion about the changes that this game has undergone. I have no intention of insulting or disrespecting anyone with this post, this is only my personal opinion and thoughts of the game. Those who want to express their own opinions please be civilised.


Before the EU ban


 Arcardia part 1: The Arcadia part one was an update that had to do about the new city and a new storyline, a continuation after elga and galaxy. For the first time i enjoyed doing quests, and there was a new cool city for me to explore. I felt like they were just what I needed back then. Also, I loved the part that you needn’t do any F7 or F1 to level up, the quests gave enough exp to level up. Actually all the quests from that point on would give a lot of exp. This is something i loved.


 Arcadia part 2: Oh boy, this one was by far my favourite. The new systems were what I wanted the most. The new socket system was more player-friendly. Though, it left a little hole in the windy farm part. Still I enjoyed playing and as a bonus getting the items I needed for the socket cards. Also, there was the new element redesign. The demolition element was removed, thank god. From that day one, you choose your element more like strategy than luck as it was before… if you were lucky enough to find demolition element then you were unstoppable… kinda broken. The old element system seemed ridiculous to me, so big thumbs up for this one.


During the EU ban


 Arcadia part 3: I experienced this part of the game only after the EU ban was lifted. In this part of the update we see the ending of Arcadia saga. There is the new end game dungeon and the new weapons and armours. The idea to split the dungeon into mini dungeons as instant maps was actually brilliant in my opinion. As a dragoon, I experience disconnecting problems even when I don’t cancel skills. In a dungeon like elga’s i used to disconnect after a certain amount of time, but in this dungeon this problem was fixed…

 but, there are a few problems. First of all, the dungeons themselves need some more polishing and bug fixing. Maybe a better background and some better music too? Also, the fact that you can’t use some skills is unacceptable. I can’t accept the fact that because of “lore” you can’t use awakening skills in the dungeon, or that other skills are nerfed. Truly unacceptable to limit my gameplay.
Then, the “mini” bosses… I wouldn’t call them mini at all. They have way too much HP. This is ridiculous. They are not difficult bosses, they are tanky bosses. It takes way too much time to deal with them, and again, not because they are difficult, but because of their unbelievably huge HP.  Starting from 100 million and going all up to 200 million? This doesn’t look normal to me. Elga’s final form has like 69 million HP, and it was an endgame final boss. I don’t think mini bosses should be at the level of an endgame final boss… There is also the thing with their item drop rate… If they are supposed to be so time consuming to kill, I would suggest increasing their drop rate. But I would prefer the lower HP option on these bosses.
Then, there is Destiny, the new endgame final boss. The design itself was bad, like the colours and textures… The boss is way too anticlimactic. No challenge. Just like the mini bosses, it only has a ridiculous amount of HP, 500 million to be exact. The only thing you need to do is spam attacks and wait about 40 minutes until the boss is dead. It doesn’t move, it’s slow to attack, the range is small… it’s like a punching bag that just takes too much time to break. Not fun. In the beginning I actually thought it would be a boss like lavalon, or Paris, or elga, but I got this. A still target with limited skills and animations, and just too much HP… There wasn’t even a cool cutscene like Elga or Paris in the end… or the beginning of the fight.
The new armours and weapons are… okay I guess. I expected a new design, but oh well… This isn’t much of a problem.


tl;dr: Too much HP doesn’t make a boss difficult, it makes it annoying. More skills and unique animations make things more interesting.


Dragon Saga Evolved: here i found few things i found interesting, but many that I disliked.

 What I liked: The fact that mobs can now critical and that bosses have some new stats, no groggy mode, and they are always on the ground.

 What I disliked: The fact that dodge and block stats were removed instead of reworked, the Dmg. Reduction, Def Reduction, and Time Reduction, damage drop, and the complete destruction of the so called “x spam” classes. Destroyers are not fun to play anymore in my opinion… and Invokers are completely useless now. Same for summoners.

 What we asked was for balance, but the most part of the Evolved update downgraded the game. The way things went didn’t fix the problem with the “x spam” classes, it just ruined them. Honestly, I’m not sure if any class is good anymore…  I believe the whole evolved thing should have never happened, and instead the Dragon Saga team should have worked on some classes to make them better for the game, not break them. I saw that back when this happened there were a lot people who protested and now that I saw for myself I understand them. I truly hope this game will have a brighter future,


Thank you for your time.

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Posted 22 September 2021 - 01:25 PM

Thank you for your feedback.


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Posted 16 June 2022 - 09:07 PM

yeah it is very sad, just rework all x-spam skill then?

i like the concept of destroyer that can do gatling gun, sniping, RPG, etc, its so much fun before, but now, it cant contribute well to the team, thief class did better, 

snipping got nerfed, why shotdown skill act different in sentinel and destroyer class, 1 considered as x-attack, and one doesnt?

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Posted 17 June 2022 - 12:57 PM

As I already said in another topic, we have no plans to remove the X-Atk resistence of the monsters.
Also we have no plans to rework any of the X-Atk considered skills.


Topic closed.


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