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Can you please tell us what happened with this game on Gravity?

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Posted 08 December 2021 - 12:24 AM

Title says it all.


Don’t get confused from my message count. I’m an old player (Carrett, I’m sure no one will remember me though), who played this game for 6 years straight. I saw the first times. I remember launcher issues, that first laggy update which was fixed in 4 days, AoV update, complaining people and such. Yet I also remember all those comfy moments, amazing friends, new players, Zanbee, Njoror (HAIL HYDRA!), and others.


But everything went bad. EVERYTHING. Game bugs couldn’t be fixed. AoV made everything broken and didn’t respect old content properly. It became a grindfest. Not saying that it wasn’t before, but it became too grinding based that it made the game boring. Classes were broken, and Gravity “fixed” this by making some other classes broken as well. People left. Then devs left this game to its current state. A shadow of its former past.


I just can’t understand how Gravity messed this game up, this much. How? Was it a team change? An economical deficiency? Bad planning? Complex game engine? What was it? After all these years and moments, we old players would appreciate an answer. Please.


What happened?

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