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Malangdo Octopus Festival 2022 Video Guide

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Posted 14 February 2022 - 07:42 AM



Try out the new costume! They did some last-minute fix/changes hopefully you can still be able to get 1


Portrait That Repels Bad Luck (Main Quest)


  1. To Begin, hunt for Octopus Legs!
  2. Head to Eden to instant warp to Malangdo using
  3. In  Malangdo, Talk to Festival Staff
  4. Talk to Chulho
  5. Talk to SangPil at Alberta
  6. Help him get some stuff
  7. Hunt for 3 Savage collect 3 manes                                                                                                                                                3 Stem worms collect 3 Tough Scalelike Stem at North of Lighthalzen                                                                               1 Willow and get 1 Solid Trunk at West of Alberta
  8. Return to SanPil to claim Small Brush
  9. Go Find Papyprus in Payon
  10. Hunt 10 Mandragoras, get 10 Stem at North of Geffen                                                                                                                 Hunt 2 Poring, get 2 Sticky Mucus at South of Prontera
  11. Return to papyrus and get Soft Hanji     
  12. Hunt 1 Picnic Octopus and  5 octopus legs
  13. Also get an Inkball
  14. Return to Chulho and get 1 Chulho's Portrait
  15. Return the next day to continue quest                                                                                                                        (Repeat Step 10 to 13 for Daily Quest x5 Times!)
  16. Exchange 5 Portraits to get Event Costume, however, the machine is broken!
  17. Talk to Witness
  18. Find Clueless the Dog, in front of Malangdo Dungeon
  19. Receive the at New Year Head gear!


Visit event link for more  guides for sidequest,  get event  consumable









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Toze & Davium - Waves


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