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Give meaning to enchanting again please.

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Posted 27 April 2022 - 02:20 PM

Hello there guys, there is an opinion of mine I want to state about a serious problem of this game, the “difficulty” to be precise, and give a suggestion.

 I remember that long ago at mid to end game when you managed to get your weapon to +15 or so, it actually meant something. The monsters and the bosses were actually much easier to kill, but of course there were some exception where you needed to be even stronger. But still, I considered the game to be on normal mode on a +15 weapon. Now, if you managed to get +20, then you actually became extraordinarily strong, you could do pretty much everything… and I mean, that was the point of enchanting. The difficult thing was to actually reach this enchant level, which used to be extremely difficult back to my boomer days. And I believe it was fine. It wasn’t something everybody should be able to do, at least not easily. It’s something you needed to work hard to get, and it was fine! It was fun! it was like a dream to have a +20 weapon and be extremely strong.

 What happened? This… thing is gone now. How come I have a +20 legendary grade fifth hero weapon and take so much time mobs and bosses? I am supposed to have the BEST weapon in the entire game for my class. I even have a decent element attack and still struggle with mission bosses, let alone dungeons. It doesn’t seem right to me. This obviously happens because of a decision that was made long ago that allowed everyone to have a +20 easily, even today. As a way of fixing this problem I’m talking about, I believe the development team had to hyperbuff the monsters and especially the bosses. But at least, please give meaning to enchanting again. My suggestion is this:

 Raise the enchant level to… idk, +25? Something like that. But actually make it hard to reach… make new scrolls for that, and do not give them for “free” like the other ones from the daily quests.


 Basically the current +20 is equal to the old +15. I believe the enchant level should go higher for an equal enchant level of the old +20.

 Having the max enchant level should make the game easy, not hard to normal! For those who want a “challenge”, the expert mode in dungeons is the perfect thing to do. It gives good exp, is hard, and has good rewards.

 Thank you for your time.

*note: If you want to comment something on this and state your opinion please be civil. 

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