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#1 Jerbear


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Posted 16 June 2022 - 08:00 AM

Zayaan and I are gauging interest for Star Emperor leeching services at Abyss Glast Heim for 175+ characters:



In this video, the Star Emperor generates 4,273,606,377 (4.27b) EXP in one hour for the leeching Arch Bishop (Arch Bishop is using Battle Manual x3, VIP, +EXP gears as displayed) with Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Miracle activated (double EXP, more damage, etc.). This is 2,136,803,188 (2.13b) EXP in 30 minutes. In 1 hour the AB goes from 175 at 0.2% to 179 at 77.9%. The Arch Bishop's status window is overlaid in the bottom right corner to show live EXP gain.


Leeching Service Fees :


  • 0.5 Zeny per 1 EXP gained based on 1% guild tax for the Star Emperor (VIP active, NO EXP costumes or additional EXP boosting items/gears)
  • 250m upfront Zeny deposit will be required to begin leeching. This upfront deposit will be deducted from the total EXP gained at the end of leeching. If the cost for the EXP gained is less than the initial deposit, the excess Zeny will be returned.
    • ​If a 'large' order is placed, a higher upfront Zeny deposit may be required (for example, wanting a leech from Level 180 to Level 185).
  • ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT : If a Polluted Wander Man Card is found during the course of the leech, you will be discounted 250m Zeny from your service charge for each card found! If it's a lucky day and you accrue several discounts that exceed your total costs, the leech will be completely free.


Using the above video example, the Star Emperor at 1% tax with VIP active generated 7,851,963 guild tax in 30 minutes at the expiration of the Arch Bishop's Battle Manual x3. This is equivalent to 785,196,375 EXP gained (multiply 7,851,963 * 100). At the aforementioned service rate, you would be charged 392,598,187 Zeny for the leech.


However! You will only ever be charged at this base rate tracked within the Star Emperor's guild. This means if you decide to use a Battle Manual x3, your own VIP, your own +EXP leeching gears, etc. you will still only be charged 392m Zeny but will actually receive well above that in EXP. Again, using the video example above, the Arch Bishop would only be charged 392m Zeny but received 2.13b EXP in return. The Arch Bishop is paying .18 Zeny per 1 EXP gained.





1. What if I only want to leech for 10 minutes?

  • This is perfectly acceptable. You would be charged Zeny based on the 1% guild tax tracking for the Star Emperor. As you are paying per EXP gained, you are not forced into a time commitment--the amount you leech is entirely up to you.

2. Do you have an example of this "1% guild tax for the Star Emperor" that will be used to track how much Zeny a leech will cost?

  • Yes. unknown.png 7,295,769 guild EXP = 729,576,900 total EXP gained - or a charge of 364.5m Zeny.
    • In reality, the leecher will gain at least this amount of EXP (thus, 0.5 Zeny = 1 EXP). However, if you use VIP/EXP boosting items/gears on your leecher, the EXP gain will be significantly more yet cost exactly the same. It is highly recommended to use as much EXP boosting benefits as possible if using this service.

3. How do I know how much you are going to charge me? What if you say I'm being charged a certain amount but you were really lying to me to scam me?1!1!!?!

  • Before each leech order, the Star Emperor will leave & rejoin guild to be at 0 EXP in the guild window. For full disclosure, the leeching character will also be invited to the guild to monitor the EXP gained by the Star Emperor for the service fee charges. This entire process will be fully transparent to the leecher so they know exactly how much EXP was generated by the Star Emperor.

4. If I want to leech but do not want to actively watch my character, how will you know if I died?

  • Leeching services will come with personal protection for your character. A support character will be parked at the leech spot to ensure your leecher does not die from respawning monsters. In the event your character does die, we will compensate (free leech time) to make up for the unfortunate event.

5. Is there a minimum level requirement to leech?

  • Yes. Your character must be at least level 175 to be able to enter Abyss Glast Heim.

6. Will you leech lower level characters?

  • Possibly in the future. We will look into leeching characters in maps like Illusion Turtle Island starting at level 160+, but for now this leeching service only applies to characters that are 175+.

7. Will you leech at other maps, such as Nogg Road 3F?

  • We can, however, it is highly unrecommended. Nogg Road 3F is less kind to Star Emperor leeching as reflect will instantly kill it, thus lessening effective uptime. Gear breaking would also lead to further downtime. Additionally, the leecher will not have any safe spots to 'AFK' and will be in constant danger of dying if not geared properly. The leecher will have to be teleported around with the Star Emperor using Giant Fly Wings or Mistress Wing, which is not ideal. Abyss Glast Heim provides minimal defensive gearing (allowing the leecher to maximize +EXP gear or come in completely ungeared) and allows for the Star Emperor's support characters to be parked with the leecher to protect it.

8. What if I don't have good +EXP gears for my characters?

  • Worry not! With a Zeny deposit (equivalent to 2x the market value of the borrowed EXP gears), we will rent you our own set of +EXP gear for a small fee (50m Zeny per 30 minute usage). Your initial Zeny deposit will be returned with the returning of the +EXP gear.

9. What if I want to "buy 1 Level"? How is this calculated?

  • This is calculated exactly the same. Bring your EXP boosting items/gears (if applicable) and a 250m Zeny deposit and you will begin leeching. Once you have gained your level and wish to stop, we check the EXP gained at 1% guild tax on the Star Emperor and you will pay the difference (your initial 250m Zeny deposit will be deducted). If the EXP gained is less than the initial 250m Zeny deposit, you will be given the excess Zeny back.

10. Are there any discounts?

  • Yes! Frequent customers will be given both priority to leech availability and potential discounts for being frequent customers. Additionally, as stated above, any Polluted Wander Man Cards that are found during the course of your leech will discount you 250m Zeny from your leech for each card found. If it ends up being a lucky day, your leech may be completely free of charge.

10. How do we contact you to discuss further?

  • Discord is the preferred method:
    • zyn#1874
    • Jerbear#0697
  • Forum PM to this account (I check infrequently, however)

Edited by Jerbear, 17 June 2022 - 07:28 AM.

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#2 vividort


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Posted 16 June 2022 - 01:02 PM

Sick, this is very well made props to you guys

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#3 FishDeity


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Posted 17 June 2022 - 06:19 PM

very creative, could probably also sell this service to level guilds for guild storage too

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#4 markoh1988


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Posted 17 June 2022 - 07:07 PM

suddenly remind me of bio4 leech service.. hahahaha well played

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#5 yamasakai90


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Posted 17 June 2022 - 07:56 PM

Gotta say thumbs up for this service!

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#6 Zayaan


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Posted 18 June 2022 - 01:57 AM

As a rough estimation it would take 3.5-4b for a 175-185 leech and take about 5 hours (over 2 days) to complete


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