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Returning Veteran - Totally lost

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#1 SirDavidPaladin


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Posted 20 October 2022 - 06:55 PM

Hello! I'm an old Ragnarok player waaaaay back in the time of Philippine Ragnarok Online and I've dipped my toes in and out into ragnarok games over the years, but never really fully returned. Recently, I learned my nephews in Toronto have been playing a while and they pulled me and my wife (who I met in the streets of Prontera almost 2 decades ago now) along with them. But they don't play the same time as we do so can't really consult them all the time.


So this is where I now.

I started making a crusader, and I am truly lost. I don't know what gear to get, what cards, where to level properly? Right now I'm level 60+ just whacking along

comodo dungeon and got myself a thara frog card that I don't know what to slot into. 

Can anybody help me get my bearings straight? My goal is to revive my old Rapid Smiting Paladin from the olden days and maybe get to Royal Guard. Any help and advice is very much appreciated. 

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#2 EdwardEG


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Posted 21 October 2022 - 04:37 AM

As a sader, you are best to solo Hode for bounty board till lv 80. Start to get your eden equipment as a starter

Alternatively, If you have 2 magical stones which u can trade Eden merit Badges, you can use it for 3 days VIP and then do overlook water dungeon quest that will help you in between Lv 60-80s

Once u reached Lv 80, you can start to solo Roween on the right side portal of Rachel for bounty boards or Dark priests in GH churchyard until you rebirth.

You may also do Eden Levelling Quests 71-85 boards (and 86-99 boards in 2nd floor) that which offer exp quests

Once you rebirthed, starts all over again and repeat the levelling process until you are ready to change to RG

Once you become RG, start doing Royal Banquet 16.1 quest then use the Honor Medals to get Noblisse set (each set offer different skill buff: cannon spear or Genesis Ray). There is Eden Levelling quest that starts from Lv 100-140. When you reach lv 125, You can do 16.2 Terra Gloria quest and get Imperial Equipment set. Then when you reach Lv 150, do 17.1 Illusion quest to get Grace Equipment set.

This is just my opinion. There are alot of infos u can find from this forum if u search for general levelling and farming. Hope it helps

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#3 EdwardEG


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Posted 21 October 2022 - 07:17 AM

My goal is to revive my old Rapid Smiting Paladin from the olden days and maybe get to Royal Guard.

In my opinion, i would just pick skills that offer AoE capabilities.

Get Grand Cross build. It's quite costly i know but when you can mob, the efforts are well paid off. Heal + GC build which focused on INT,VIT,DEX as sader and pally and then when you get RG.. you should do Genesis Ray + Inspiration build which still uses INT VIT DEX build. The recent update is making these skills stronger now

I see that you are just recently starting to play. Have you tried creating Booster character? The event is on-going right now, you can use it to claim free booster boxes contain items+buffs+equips, tickets for instant changing job without doing job quests and also if you are still considering GC + Genesis Ray, you might want to choose Booster Spear + Defiant set armor set
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#4 Zoltor


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Posted 23 October 2022 - 05:33 AM

Saders a really bad 1st character(if you still have your original count, with other characters, fine), as their equipment is expensive, and they are potion addicts until fairly late in the game.  With that said though, I would go spear quicken build until 80, either fighting Harpies outside of Juno or The Payon Dungeon monsters.


Once you hit lv 80, change over to a Grand Cross build(you can get free skill resets from Hypnotist in Izlude, north side of square). Then head over to Geffen, pickup the two Petite bounties. Outside of west Geffen gate, go left 1 for the sky petites, and north one for ground petites.


For equips, the most important eauip atm is a upper headgear called Catherina Van Blood. This costs 250m or so, but GC costs so mush SP, this is needed for smooth leveling. As for the Thara, if you go to these places, you wont need it for the time being.


Other equips to looke out for, is the Sader Shadow set, as they boost GC damage among other benefits, which is a 2 piece set, that starts out at like 70m each


Hey saders aren't cheap, and they only get more expensive later on.



PS. If this is your 1st character, I strongly suggest putting it on hold, and creating a Rogue instead(dagger build), while saders are a money pit, Rogues make you money, infact so much, that this one character will beable to fund all the characters you make in the future, all by himself.

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