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Do magical attacks count as ranged attacks?

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#1 Larry321


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Posted 24 January 2023 - 02:20 AM

If yes, does that mean cards like Noxious Card, which boasts 10% resistance against ranged attacks, reduces magical attacks? How about Horn Card?


I play PvM only. Is Noxious card considered as a PvP card?

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#2 pimpineasy


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Posted 26 January 2023 - 12:22 PM

Your best off with the standard raydric & hordemiln combo or deviling & gaster card & alice for PVM


Noxious is consider a pvp card because players use ranged skills more often then pvm mobs. 


I'm pretty sure ranged reduction doesn't work on elemental that's why Valk shield is 20m and horn is 1m ill test for you after server maintenance. 





Does seem funny they advertise the "Biggest Balance patch ever" but we are still using the same card sets since classic with most cards being useless fodder stuck in pre-classic era. Mobs also not using skills like poison and earth to promote the armor use in the lower lvls or higher lvls if supporting low mob economy or even getting a low lvl earth poison dungeon. Nor did we get new map updates moving around mobs type specific like race, element, size or updating loot tables.


Getting people onto cool maps and good dungeon content is the way. Eden & boards also seem to point you to mobs & maps but not all in your level range or that have a drop table with a useable card or item for leveling?? they also seem to have never updated the New Player Experience for lower tier maps mid tier maps like Alberta, izlude, Geffen, morroc & dungeons. For Example, payon dungeon & surrounding maps scales well lvl 10-20, 20-30, then 30-40, 50-60 while offering 'some' usuable loot, but then you look at something like pyramid, izlude dungeon, Geffen. There Floor 1 is a complete waste! Or missing a tile sets like why geffen on 3 lvls? it should scale more like payon... geffen dun 02,03 should be geffn dung 04, 05.

There content is just all over the place or over compensated and not as streamlined as payon. 


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Posted 26 January 2023 - 01:30 PM

No, magic attacks are not considered ranged attacks. Pneuma, a skill which makes you immune to ranged attacks, will not block any magic targeting you (or the ground you're on).

Noxious card is in fact a PvP oriented card. While I haven't tested it extensively, from what I remember ranged damage reduction does not work against monster auto attacks that are ranged. I've used a character with 100% ranged reduction, and they were still damaged by long range monster auto attacks, ones that were blocked by pneuma. It may still block monster skills that are ranged, but I haven't tested it against those.

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